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All abstracts by Michael Berg in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Using Machine Learning Approaches to Study Arsenic Redistribution in Groundwater
Haaf D, Nghiem AA, Renard P, Berg M & Winkel LHE

(2023) Spatially Resolved Iron Mineral Phase Evolution and Arsenic Retention in Microfluidic Models of Zerovalent Iron-Based Water Filters
Wielinski J, Jimenez-Martinez J, Göttlicher J, Steininger R, Mangold S, Hug SJ, Berg M & Voegelin A

(2023) The Fate of Phosphorus in Groundwater Systems
Neidhardt H, Shao W, Li Y, Rudischer S, Eiche E, Schneider M, Pham T, Pham V, Biswas A, Berg M, Guo H & Oelmann Y

(2022) Aquitard Controls on Gaseous CH4 Production in an Arsenic Contaminated Aquifer
Lightfoot AK, Stopelli E, Berg M, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2021) Arsenic Mobilization by Anaerobic Iron-Dependent Methane Oxidation
Kappler A, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Schneider M, Rathi B, Straub D, Vu D, Pham T, Pham V, Lightfoot AK, Kipfer R, Berg M, Jetten M & Kleindienst S

(2020) Arsenic Mobilization and Retention Mechanisms along an Iron Mineral Dominated Redox Gradient in Delta Sediments of Van Phuc, Vietnam
Schneider M, Stopelli E, Glodowska M, Rathi B, Eiche E, Kontny A, Berg M, Kappler A, Göttlicher J, Winkel L, Bostik B, Nghiem A & Neumann T

(2019) Potential Role of CH4 Oxidation Coupled to Fe(III) Mineral Reduction for As Mobilization in a Groundwater Aquifer in Hanoi, Vietnam
Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Rathi B, Berg M, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2019) Hydrochemical Investigations on Arsenic (Im)mobilisation in Groundwater: Example of Van Phuc, Vietnam
Stopelli E, Vu Thi D, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Glodowska M, Rathi B, Trang PK, Viet PH, Winkel L & Berg M

(2019) Iron Mineralogy along Redox Gradients in an Arsenic Contaminated Aquifer in Van Phuc, Vietnam
Schneider M, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Rathi B, Eiche E, Kontny A, Berg M, Winkel L, Kappler A, Viet P & Neumann T

(2019) Arsenic Sorption on Holocene and Pleistocene Aquifer Sediments
Rathi B, Sun J, Stopelli E, Barron A, Schneider M, Vu D, Eiche E, Pham VH, Bostick B, Prommer H, Cirpka OA & Berg M

(2018) Microbial Arsenic Mobilization in Groundwater Aquifers of the Red River Delta, Vietnam
Patzner MS, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Kipfler R, Winkel L, Cirpka O, Eiche E, Kontny A, Neumann T, Rhati B, Pommer H, Vu D, Tran M, Thrang P, Viet PH, Berg M, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2018) Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand As Mobilization in the Groundwater of Hanoi, Vietnam
Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Patzner M, Kipfer R, Winkel L, Berg M, Cirpka O, Eiche E, Kontny A, Neumann T, Rathi B, Prommer H, Pham Hung V, Vu D, Vi Mai L, Pham T, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2018) Nanoparticles in Sewage Sludge: Natural, Incidental or Engineered?
Kaegi R, Voegelin A, Gogos A, Sinnet B, Vriens B, Winkel L, Hug S & Berg M

(2018) Geogenic Arsenic and Manganese in Anoxic Riverbank Groundwater along the Amazon River
de Meyer C, Kipfer R, Wahnfried I, Roeser P, Rodriguez J & Berg M

(2017) Multiscale Characterization and Quantification of Arsenic Mobilization during Injection of Treated Coal Seam Gas Co-produced Water into Deep Aquifers
Rathi B, Siade A, Donn M, Helm L, Morris R, Davis J, Berg M & Prommer H

(2016) Nationwide Screening of Trace Elements and Technology-Critical Elements in Waste Water in Switzerland
Vriens B, Voegelin A, Kaegi R, Winkel L, Hug S, Buser A & Berg M

(2015) Quantifying Reactive Transport Processes Governing Arsenic Mobility in a Bengal Delta Plain Aquifer
Rawson J, Prommer H, Neidhardt H & Berg M

(2015) Determination and Quantification of Arsenic Sorption Characteristics in the Pleistocene Aquifer of Hanoi, Vietnam
Rathi B, Neidhardt H, Berg M, Davis JA & Prommer H

(2015) Sorption Behavior of As on Iron Phases at a Migrating Redox Front
Neidhardt H, Berg M, Frising A, Stengel C, Winkel L, Kägi R, Trang P, Lan V & Viet P

(2014) Modeling Reductive Dissolution of Iron Oxides and Associated Arsenic Mobility Under Varying Organic Electron Donor Loads
Rawson J, Prommer H & Berg M

(2013) Volatilization of Methylated Selenium, Sulfur and Arsenic from a Wetland
Vriens B, Berg M, Charlet L, Lenz M & Winkel LHE

(2013) Selenium Distribution Linked to Monsoon Climate in the Chinese Loess Plateau
Blazina T, Sun Y, Berg M & Winkel LHE

(2012) Microbial Fe, Mn & As Redox Transformations and their Contributions to As Removal from Drinking Water in Household Sand Filters in Vietnam
Kappler A, Nitzsche K, Bhansali A, Berg M, Pham TKT & Pham HV

(2011) Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Vietnam: Delta-Wide Survey and 3D Geospatial Modeling
Berg M, Winkel LHE, Trang PTK, Lan VM, Stengel C, Amini M, Ha NT & Viet PH

(2009) Modeling Large Scale Geogenic Contamiantion of Groundwater, Combining Geochemical Expertise and Statistical Techniques
Amini M, Johnson A, Abbaspour K, Mueller K, Berg M, Winkel L & Hug S

(2009) Predicting Areas of Groundwater As Contamination from Surface Parameters and Geology at Depth
Winkel L, Berg M, Amini M, Hug SJ & Johnson CA

(2009) Controls on Groundwater Geochemistry & Arsenic Mobilisation Processes in Aquifers of Eastern Europe (Pannonian Basin)
Rowland H, Jimenez C, Omoregie E, Mertens J, Berg M, Baciu C & Hug S

(2009) Behaviour of As in Sequential Sediment Extractions Observed by µSy-XRF Analysis
Eiche E, Kramar U, Berner Z, Norra S, Berg M & Neumann T

(2009) Vacuum Extraction of Volatile Organic Compounds from Water for Compound-Specific Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis at the sub-µg/L Level
Amaral HIF, Brennwald M, Hofer M, Berg M & Kipfer R

(2009) Groundwater Geochemistry and As Content in the Eastern Pannonian Basin (Romania) – PCA Analysis
Jimenez C, Mertens J, Rowland HAL, Baciu C, Berg M, Furrer G, Hug S & Cordos E

(2008) Assessing Natural Attenuation of a PCE-Contaminated Aquifer Using a Combined CSIA and Groundwater Dating Approach
Aeppli C, Amaral H, Berg M, Kipfer R, Hofstetter TB & Schwarzenbach RP

(2007) Combining CSIA with Ground Water Dating: A First Step Toward the Determination of in situ PCE Degradation Rates
Aeppli C, Amaral H, Berg M & Kipfer R

(2002) Stable Isotope Analysis of Volatile Organic Contaminants at Trace Levels
Zwank L, Luzi S, Berg M, Schmidt TC & Haderlein SB

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