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All abstracts by Dan Berggren Kleja in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) A ZnHAsO4 Phase Controls As(V) and Zn(II) Solubility in a Multi-Contaminated Soil- a Study Combining µ-XRF, µ-EXAFS and Geochemical Equilibrium Modeling
Sjöstedt C, Kristofferson Å, Gustafsson JP, Heldele A-S, Kessler V & Berggren Kleja D

(2019) Geochemical Modelling of As Solubility at Oxic and Anoxic Conditions – From the Laboratory to the Field Scale
Berggren Kleja D, Tiberg C & Jarsjö J

(2017) Mobilization of Particulate, Colloidal and Dissolved Pb and Fe in Contaminated Soils – Effect of Metal Speciation and Soil Type
Löv Å, Larsbo M, Cornelis G, Sjöstedt C, Persson I, Gustafsson J-P & Berggren Kleja D

(2015) Stabilization of Copper and Arsenic in Contaminated Soils Using Zero-Valent Iron – Evaluation of Long-Term Effects
Tiberg C, Gustafsson JP, Kumpiene J, Mench M & Berggren Kleja D

(2013) Chromium(III) and Bismuth(III) Complexation to Organic Matter: EXAFS Spectroscopy and Equilibrium Modelling
Gustafsson JP, Geranmayeh Odomieh A, Sjöstedt C, Persson I & Berggren Kleja D

(2010) Iron Phases in Soils and Softwater Lakes as Determined by EXAFS Spectroscopy
Sjöstedt C, Gustafsson JP, Persson I, Berggren Kleja D, Hassellöv M & Borg H

(2007) Mechanisms of iron(III) Binding to Organic Matter and its Competitive Effect on Trace Metals
Gustafsson JP, van Schaik JWJ, Berggren Kleja D & Persson I

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