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All abstracts by Bridget A. Bergquist in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) No Volcanic Trigger for Late Cambrian Carbon Cycle Perturbations?
Frieling J, Mather TA, Fendley IM, Bergquist BA, Cheng K, Jenkyns HC, Zhao Z, Dahl TW, Nielsen AT & Dickson AJ

(2023) Assessing Hg Deposition Pathways from the Atmosphere to Forest Plants and Soils Using Hg Stable Isotopes
Yiu F, Rahman N, Krystal N, Slater G & Bergquist BA

(2023) Assessing the Deposition of Atmospheric Mercury in Hawaiian Soils from the Big Island Using Hg Stable Isotopes
Cheng K, Zheng W, Zimmermann L, Derry LA, Slater G, Szponar N & Bergquist BA

(2023) Tracing Uptake of Gaseous Elemental Hg Released from Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining into Trees and Soils of the Peruvian Amazon Using Mercury Stable Isotopes
Bergquist BA, Szponar N, Krystal N, McLagan D, Gerson JR, Fernandez L, Vega C, Bernhardt E, Mitchell C & Wania F

(2018) The Timing of Redox Changes, CAMP Volcanism, and the End-Triassic Extinction from the Levanto Section (Northern Peru)
Yager JA, West AJ, Corsetti FA, Berelson WM, Thibodeau AM, Pinedo-González P, Rosas BS, Bergquist BA & Bottjer DJ

(2018) Persistence of Wildfire-Derived Pollutants in Indoor Environments
Kohl L, Meng M, de Vera J, Bergquist B, Cooke CA, Hustins S, Jackson B & Chan AWH

(2016) Mercury Mass-Independent Fractionation in Freshwater Plankton and Aquatic Systems
Bergquist B, Chandan P, Lee M, Mitchell C & Slater G

(2016) Terrestrial Mercury Biogeochemistry: A Need To Re-assess the Role of Dry Deposition of Elemental Mercury
Obrist D, Agnan Y, Zheng W, Bergquist B & Helmig D

(2014) Lead Isotopes as Tracers of Particulate Contamination in Lakes
Cheyne CAL, Thibodeau AM, Slater GF, Desrocher S & Bergquist BA

(2014) Mercury Isotopes Record Historical Penguin Population and Climate Changes in Ross Sea, Antarctica
Zheng W, Bergquist B & Xie Z

(2014) Mercury Inventories and Isotopic Signatures in Sediments from the Floodplain of the Connecticut River
Martini A, Thibodeau A, Bergquist B, Woodruff J, Yellen B, Owrang S & Varekamp J

(2014) Mercury Isotope Compositions in North American Forest Soils and Litters
Zheng W, Bergquist B, Weis D & Obrist D

(2014) Stable Hg Isotope Study of Monomethylmercury Sources in Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
Chandan P, Bergquist B, Fisher N, Baumann Z & Madigan D

(2012) Mercury Isotope Fractionation during Aqueous Photo-Reduction of Methylmercury in Presence of Dissolved Organic Matter
Chandan P, Ghosh S & Bergquist B

(2012) Estimating Isotope Fractionation Driven by Nuclear Size
Schauble E, Ghosh S & Bergquist B

(2012) Mercury Isotopes in the Precambrian
Bergquist BA, Ghosh S, Ono S, Hazen RM, Sverjensky D, Papineau D, Kah LC & Joel B

(2008) Utilization of Mass-Dependent and -Independent Fractionation of Mercury Isotopes to Understand Mercury Cycling and Bioaccumulation in Aquatic Systems
Bergquist B, Blum J & Jude D

(2008) Mass Dependent and Mass Independent Fractionation of Mercury Isotopes
Bergquist B & Blum J

(2007) Measurement and Reporting of Natural Mercury Isotopic Variability
Blum J & Bergquist B

(2007) Mass-Dependent and Mass-Independent Fractionation of Hg Isotopes in Aquatic Systems
Bergquist BA & Blum JD

(2007) Variation in Natural Mercury Isotopic Ratios of Coal Formations
Biswas A, Blum J & Bergquist B

(2005) Iron Isotopes in the Marine System
Bergquist BA, John SG & Boyle EA

(2005) Zinc Isotope Variations in Phytoplankton and Seawater
John S, Bergquist B, Saito M & Boyle E

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