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All abstracts by Emily Bernhardt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Tracing Uptake of Gaseous Elemental Hg Released from Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining into Trees and Soils of the Peruvian Amazon Using Mercury Stable Isotopes
Bergquist BA, Szponar N, Krystal N, McLagan D, Gerson JR, Fernandez L, Vega C, Bernhardt E, Mitchell C & Wania F

(2020) Tracing Atmospheric Mercury in the Peruvian Amazon Using Hg Isotopes
Szponar N, Vega C, Mclagan D, Gerson J, Bernhardt E, Mitchell C, Wania F, Fernandez L & Bergquist B

(2018) Temporal Fate and (Bio)transformations of Cu- and Au- Based Nanomaterials Chronically Added in Freshwater Mesocosms
Avellan A, Simonin M, Geitner N, Colman B, Cooper J, Bossa N, Spielman-Sun E, Bernhardt E, Wiesner M, Unrine J & Lowry G

(2017) Long Term Behavior of Metal Nanoparticles after Low Dose Chronic Addition in Simulated Freshwater Wetlands
Avellan A, Spielman-Sun E, Simonin M, Colman BP, Cooper J, Geitner NK, Bernhardt E, Wiesner M, Unrine J & Lowry GV

(2013) Are There Unique “Nano” Effects from Exposure to Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles? – Yes and No!
Lowry GV, Ma R, Levard C, Colman BP, Bernhardt ES, Brown, Jr. GE & Wiesner MR

(2013) Impact of Natural Sulfidation of Silver Nanoparticles on Bioavailability and Biouptake
Stegemeier J, Lowry G, Dale A, Levard C, Schwab F, Colman B, Bernhardt E, Casman E & Weisner M

(2010) Biogeochemical Consequences of Changes in Root-Derived Carbon Inputs to Soil in a Forest Exposed to CO2 Enrichment
Phillips R, Finzi A & Bernhardt E

(2009) Impacts of Nanosilver on Microbial Activity in Wetlands and Streams
Colman B, Auffan M, Richardson C, Bernhardt E & Wiesner M

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