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All abstracts by Tom Al in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Clumped Isotope Geochemistry Reveals Insights into Secondary Carbonates Mineralisation in the Michigan Basin, Ontario
Fosu BR, Jautzy JJ, Al T & Clark I

(2020) An X-Ray Spectrometry Method for Estimating Diffusion and Ion-Exchange Properties of Rocks
Morfin S, Hafezian G, Kumahor S & Al T

(2020) Diffusion and Ion-Exchange Properties for Conservative and Non-Conservative Ions in Granite: An X-Ray Radiography Method
Cadieux C, Morfin S, Maldonado Sanchez G & Al T

(2020) New Developments in Diffusion Measurements Using Laboratory-Based X-Ray Sources
Al T, Morfin S, Hafezian G, Cadieux C & Kumahor S

(2017) The Source and Paleofluid Evolution of Secondary Minerals in Low-Permeability Ordovician Limestones of the Michigan Basin
Petts DC, Diamond LW, Aschwanden L, Jautzy JJ, Al TA & Jensen M

(2016) The Occurrence of Methane in Private Well Water in Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada: Regional and Time-Series Results
Loomer D, MacQuarrie K, Bragdon I, Leblanc J, Loomer H, Connor D, Nason B, Lewey T & Al T

(2013) Investigation of Ancient Fluid Migration in Ordovician Carbonates in the Michigan Basin Using Secondary Minerals
Saso J, Caldas R, Diamond L, Parmenter A & Al T

(2013) An Absorption Method for Porewater Characterization in Low-Permeability Sedimentary Rocks
Celejewski M & Al T

(2012) Understanding the Origin of Porewater Geochemical Profiles in the Michigan Basin, Southwest Ontario
Al T, Clark I, Kennell L, Raven K & Jensen M

(2012) Estimation of He Diffusion Coefficients in Low Permeability Sedimentary Rocks
Mohapatra R, Al T & Clark I

(2012) An Absorption Method for Porewater Characterization in Low Permeability Sedimentary Rocks
Celejewski M, Al T, Clark I & McKelvie J

(2011) Diffusive Anisotropy in Low-Permeability Ordovician Sedimentary Rocks from the Michigan Basin in Southwest Ontario
Xiang Y, Al T, Cave L & Loomer D

(2011) Geochemistry of Fluids from the Bruce Nuclear Site: Evidence for a Geologically Ancient Ordovician Porewater System
Kennell L, Al T, Clark I & Jensen M

(2010) Measurement of Cation Exchange Capacity in Shale Using Radiographic Detection of Cesium
Cave L, Bea S, Al T & Mayer KU

(2008) Secondary Minerals in Tungsten Mine Tailings: Mount Pleasant, New Brunswick, Canada
Petrunic B & Al T

(2005) Arsenopyrite Weathering in Tungsten Mine Tailings: A TEM Analysis
Petrunic B & Al T

(2005) TEM/EELS Measurement of Fe<+>3+<$>+/&#931;Fe in Biotite Near a Fracture
Cave L & Al T

(2005) Quantification of Mn Valence in Minerals at the Nanoscale Using Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy
Loomer D, Al T, Weaver L & Cogswell S

(2005) Mercury Loss from Stream Water by Evasion and Sedimentation
Al T, MacQuarrie K, Fox D & Maprani A

(2005) Mercury Mobilization to the Aquatic Environment from Cyanide-Rich Gold Mine Tailings
Shaw S, Al T & MacQuarrie K

(2005) Trace-Metal Mobility during KMnO<->4<$> Oxidation of TCE: Column Experiments
Banks V, Al T, Loomer D, Parker B & Mayer U

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