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All abstracts by Antoine Bezos in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Deciphering the Role of Sulfides and Volatiles in the Transfer of Copper Towards the Surface: Insights from the Volatile and Sulfur Saturated Magmas of Fatu Kapa (NW Lau Back-Arc Basin, SW Pacific)
Jeanvoine A, Park J-W, Pelleter E, Chazot G, Yves F, Bézos A & Hwang J

(2019) Behaviour of Metals in Slab-Decoupled Magmas. Example of the Fatu-Kapa Hydrothermal Fields (SW Pacific)
Jeanvoine A, Chazot G, Pelleter E, Fouquet Y, Bézos A, Guivel C & Langlade J

(2017) Mn/Ca Ratios as Proxy for Benthic Ecosystem Oxygenation: Culturing Study and Field Observations of Ammonia Tepida
Petersen J, Barras C, Mouret A, Nardelli MP, Metzger E, Bézos A, La C, Filipsson HL, de Nooijer LJ, Meysman FJR & Jorissen FJ

(2017) Structural Geochemistry of a Detachment Fault and Associated Volcanism
Storeide R, Hamelin C, Bezos A & Escartin J

(2014) Influence of Slab Composition on Th and REE in Arc and Back Arc Lavas: Subduction of Louisville Smts, Tonga
Michael P, Escrig S, Bézos A & Langmuir C

(2012) Control of Copper Enrichment in Lau Basin Magmas by Sulfide Segregation and Sulfur Degassing
Michael P, Bezos A, Langmuir C & Escrig S

(2012) Atypical Depleted Mantle Components at Mohns Ridge and along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near the Azores
Hamelin C, Bezos A, Dosso L, Escartin J, Cannat M, Mevel C & Pedersen R

(2011) A New Depleted Mantle End-Member Revealed by High Resolution Sampling along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Hamelin C, Bezos A, Dosso L, Escartin J, Cannat M & Mevel C

(2010) Insights from Comparisons of Two Lau Back-Arc Spreading Centers
Escrig S, Langmuir C, Bézos A, Michael P & Arculus R

(2008) Helium and Trace Element Geochemical Signals in the Southwest Indian Ocean
Gautheron C, Bézos A, Moreira M & Humler E

(2008) Oxygen Isotope Evidence for Slab-Derived Silicate Melt in Lau Basin Back-Arc Lavas
Bonifacie M, Eiler J, Stolper E, Bézos A, Michael P & Langmuir C

(2008) CO2/N2 in MORB Vesicles Using Raman Spectroscopy: Implications for Global Volatile Fluxes
Chavrit D, Morizet Y, Bézos A & Humler E

(2008) H2O and Cl in Basalts from Lau Back-Arc Basin
Michael P, Bézos A, Langmuir C, Escrig S, Matzen A & Asimow P

(2008) Hydrous Components in the Mantle
Langmuir C, Bézos A, Escrig S & Michael P

(2006) Hydrous mantle melting at ridges and back-arc basins
Langmuir C, Bezos A, Escrig S & Parman S

(2004) Variations in Mantle Composition along the Central Indian Ridge
Escrig S, Bezos A, Langmuir C, Humler E, Allègre C & Su Y

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