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All abstracts by Michael Bizimis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Unraveling the Molybdenum (Mo) Cycle at the Subduction Interface: A Case Study from the Ligurian Alps
Brown A, Codillo E, Scambelluri M, Schwarzenbach EM, Rojas Kolomiets E, Bizimis M, Marschall H & Dragovic B

(2023) Reassessment of the Drake Passage Opening Using Nd and Sr Isotope Systematics of Shark Teeth from La Meseta Formation
de Souza Franco G, Bizimis M, Scher H, Kim SL & Mors T

(2023) Depleted Peridotite in the Hawaiian Plume Caused an Increase in Buoyancy and Magma Flux
Beguelin P, Stracke A, Bizimis M, Ballmer M, Huang S & Willig M

(2023) Late-Pleistocene Paleodust Records from the Guliya Ice Cap (Northwestern Tibet)
Beaudon E, Griffith EM, Sheets J, Scher H, Bizimis M, Sexton J, Sierra-Hernández R, Mosley-Thompson E & Thompson LG

(2022) Heavy Mo Isotope Signatures and High B/Ce Reveal a Serpentinite Source in the Aleutian Arc Lavas
Rojas Kolomiets E, Jensen O, Bizimis M, Yogodzinski G, Ackerman L & Ryan J

(2021) Cerium Isotope Constraints on the Nature of the Azores Plume
Beguelin P, Stracke A, Genske F, Bizimis M, Beier C & Willig M

(2020) Lu–Hf Isotope Systematics of Carbonatites
Polák L, Ackerman L, Magna T, Bizimis M & Rapprich V

(2020) Cerium Isotope Constraints on Hawaiian Mantle Sources
Béguelin P, Bizimis M, Stracke A & Willig M

(2020) Depletion, Metasomatism and Water Distribution in the Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle
Bizimis M, Ashley A, Beunon H, Patterson S, Doucet L, Peslier A & Nadine M

(2020) Geodynamic Implications of He and W Isotopes in Iceland Hotspot Lavas
Jackson M, Blichert-Toft J, Halldorsson S, Mundl-Petermeier A, Bizimis M, Kurz M, Price A, Hardardottir S, Willhite L, Breddam K, Becker T & Fischer R

(2020) A "Missing Link" for the Macdonald and Arago Hotspots
Buff L, Jackson M, Konrad K, Bizimis M, Koppers A, Price A, Rose-Koga E, Konter J & Blusztajn J

(2019) Sampling the Volatile Rich Transition Zone beneath Bermuda
Mazza S, Gazel E, Bizimis M, Moucha R, Beguelin P, Johnson E, McAleer R & Sobolev A

(2018) A Heterogeneous Rejuvenated Magma Source in Kauai and Niihau, Hawaii
Beguelin P, Bizimis M, McIntosh E, Cousens B & Clague D

(2018) Water Systematics in the Samoan Lithosphere
Ashley A, Bizimis M, Peslier A, Jackson M & Konter J

(2018) Linking Boron to Sources in Aleutian Volcanic Rocks
Jensen O, Yogodzinski G, Bizimis M & Ryan J

(2018) Water Content of the Oceanic Mantle Lithosphere at Ridges
Peslier AH, Bizimis M, Snow J & Von der Handt A

(2017) The Shield-To-Rejuvenated Volcanism Transition in the Hawaiian Plume: Nd-Hf Isotope Systematics
Béguelin P, Bizimis M, McIntosh EC, Cousens B & Clague D

(2017) Heterogeneous Water Distribution in the Mantle Lithosphere beneath Hawaii
Bizimis M, Peslier A & Clague D

(2016) Why are Mantle Melting Residues Still Hydrous?
Schaffer L, Peslier A, Brandon A, Bizimis M & Matney M

(2016) Two Distinct Low εHf Components in Azores Lavas
Beguelin P, Bizimis M, Beier C & Turner S

(2015) A Sediment Trap Evaluation of B/Ca in Planktonic Foraminifera as a Carbonate System Proxy
Osborne E, Thunell R, Bizimis M, Buckley W & Cai W-J

(2015) Water Distribution in the Continental and Oceanic Upper Mantle
Peslier A, Doucet L, Bizimis M, Hui H & Schaffer L

(2014) H Diffusion in Olivine and Pyroxene from Peridotite Xenoliths and a Hawaiian Magma Speedometer
Peslier A & Bizimis M

(2014) Recycling of Oceanic Lithosphere: Water, fO2 and Fe-Isotope Constraints
Bizimis M, Peslier A, McCammon C, Keshav S & Williams H

(2013) Water Content of the Oceanic Lithosphere at Hawaii from FTIR Analysis of Peridotite Xenoliths
Peslier A & Bizimis M

(2013) Iron Isotope Fingerprinting of Mantle Mineralogy
Williams H & Bizimis M

(2012) Hafnium Isotopic Compositions of Abyssal Peridotites from the Southwest Indian Ridge
Mallick S & Bizimis M

(2012) Fractionation of Iron Stable Isotopes by Magmatic Processes: Progress and Potential
Williams H, Bizimis M, Moorbath S & Hibbert K

(2012) Seasonal Variability in B Speciation and B/Ca in Planktonic Foraminifera from the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela
Wejnert K, Thunell R, Bizimis M, Pellechia P & Astor Y

(2012) Inter-Mineral Mg Isotope Fractionation in Mantle Xenoliths
Stracke A, Tipper ET & Bizimis M

(2011) Basaltic Volcanism in NE-Russia; Evidence for Metasomatized Depleted Mantle Underneath Bering Sea Basalt Province
Ntaflos T, Tschegg C, Bizimis M & Akinin V

(2011) Asthenospheric Signature in Mantle Xenoliths from Enmelen, NE-Russia?
Ntaflos T, Tschegg C, Bizimis M & Akinin V

(2010) Subsolidus Cooling Effects on the Trace Element Systematics of Mantle Peridotite Pyroxenes
Bizimis M

(2010) Insight into Drake Passage Opening from Sediment Provenance and Thermochronology
Barbeau DL, Zahid KM, Gombosi DJ, Guenthner WR, Scher HD, Bizimis M, Davis JT, Brown AR, Gehrels GE, Reiners PW, Thomson SN & Garver JI

(2010) Origin of Sulfides and Pyroxenites in the Hawaiian Mantle: Insights from PGE and Re-Os Isotopes
Sen I, Bizimis M & Sen G

(2010) Apparent Oxygen Fugacity Structure beneath O'ahu, Hawai'i
Tibbetts NJ, Bizimis M, Longo M, Keshav S, Salters VJM & McCammon CA

(2010) Thermobarometery of Hawaiian Spinel Peridotite Xenoliths
Wallace S, Bizimis M & Tibbetts N

(2010) Chalcophile Elements in Peridotites as a Proxy for Sulfide Mineralization during Serpentinization
Gionfriddo C, Bizimis M, Sen I & Salters V

(2008) Local and Global Scale Systematics in the MORB Source Chemistry
Salters V, Mallick S, Bizimis M & Langmuir C

(2008) 1 Ga Old Plume-Derived Peridotite Xenoliths from Kauai, Hawaii
Bizimis M, Salters V, Huang S & Clague D

(2007) Li-Sr-Lu-Hf Isotope and Trace Element Systematics of Eclogites from Bulgaria
Savov I, Bizimis M, Halama R, Shirey S, Hauri E & Haydoutov I

(2006) Recycled depleted lithosphere in the enriched mantle?
Salters V & Bizimis M

(2002) Lu-Hf Isotopic Systematics of Subducted Ancient Oceanic Crust: Roberts Victor Eclogites
Jacob D, Bizimis M & Salters V

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