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All abstracts by Neal Edward Blair in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Sediment Dynamics and C-Sequestration in the Midwestern USA Reservoir, Lake Decatur
Blair N, Papanicolaou T, Wilson C, Leithold E & Keefer L

(2016) Methane Generation in Lake Decatur, IL, a Midwestern U.S. Impoundment
Blair N, Kirton E, Williams J, Zeng Y, Vinson D, Keefer L, Schnoebelen D & Leithold E

(2016) Acetate Biogeochemistry of Methanogenic Coal Beds and Shales
Vinson D, McIntosh J, Martini A, Darrah T, Kirk M, Akob D & Blair N

(2015) Landscape Response to a Storm Event in the Clear Creek IA Watershed
Blair N, Ward A, Moravek J, Zeng Y, Cooperberg D, Bettis A, Prior K & Davis C

(2014) Organic Carbon Burial over the Last 10 kyr by the Waipaoa River, NZ
Childress LB, Blair NE & Leithold EL

(2014) ╬┤13C of Acetate in Powder River Basin Coal Bed Waters: New Application to Methanogenic Pathways in Biogenic Gas Systems
Vinson D, Blair N & McIntosh J

(2014) Coal Biodegradation Pathways: Evidence from ╬┤13C of Acetate
Akob D, Vinson D, Dunlap D, McIntosh J, Orem W & Blair N

(2014) The Degradation Chemistry of Fungal Necromass and its Potential Contributions to Long-Lived Soil Carbon
Schreiner K, Blair N & Egerton-Warburton L

(2013) The Fate of Small Active Margin River POC in the Marine Environment
Blair N, Childress L, Ginnane C & Leithold L

(2012) Improved Carbon Isotope Modeling of Biogenic Coalbed Methane Systems: The Nature of Initial CO2
Vinson D, McIntosh J, Ritter D, Blair N & Martini A

(2011) Deciphering the Offshore Biogeochemical Record of Holocene Erosion in the Waipaoa Watershed, New Zealand
Leithold E, Blair N & Childress L

(2010) Resolving Organic Carbon of Differing Diagenetic/Catagenetic States in Riverine and Marine Sediments
Blair N, Fournillier K, Leithold E & Childress L

(2010) Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotopes as Proxies for Late Pleistocene to Holocene Environmental Change in the Waipaoa Sedimentary System, New Zealand
Childress L, Leithold E, Blair N & Brulet B

(2001) ??Transformations of Organic Matter Associated with Clay Sized Particles on a Transect Across the Northern California Continental Margin
Ford ST, Leithold EL & Blair NE

(2001) The Fate of Kerogen in a River-Dominated Active Margin
Holmes JL, Blair NE & Leithold EL

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