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All abstracts by Marc Blanchard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Direct Prediction of Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation from Molecular Dynamics Trajectories: Application to Metal Alloys, Silicate Melts and Hydrothermal Fluids
Blanchard M, Pinilla C, Rabin S & Vuilleumier R

(2023) Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Stable Sr Isotope Fractionation during its Incorporation in Aragonite
Mavromatis V, Brazier J-M, Blanchard M, Méheut M, Schmitt A-D & Schott J

(2022) Iron and Silicon Isotope Fractionation in Silicate Melts Using First-Principles Molecular Dynamics
Rabin S, Blanchard M, Pinilla C, Poitrasson F & Grégoire M

(2021) First-Principles Investigation of Equilibrium Iron Isotope Fractionation in Fe1-xSx Alloys at Earth’s Core Formation Conditions
Pinilla C, De Moya A, Morard G, Rabin S, Roskosz M & Blanchard M

(2021) Density Functional Theory Modeling of the Structural and Isotopic Properties of ZnO Surfaces
Lubani J, Blanchard M, Méheut M, Fantacchi S & De Angelis F

(2021) Influence of Trace As or Ni on Pyrite Precursors and Nucleation Kinetics at Low Temperature: High Resolution Mineralogical and Crystallochemical Analysis
Baya C, Le Pape P, Baptiste B, Brest J, Landrot G, Elkaim E, Noel V, Blanchard M, Ona-Nguema G, Juillot F & Morin G

(2021) Direct Prediction of Isotopic Properties from Molecular Dynamics Trajectories: Application to Sulfur Radical Species
Blanchard M, Vuilleumier R, Desmaele E & Pokrovski GS

(2021) “Critical” Trace Elements in Major Minerals: Old Questions, New Approaches and Geochemical Applications
Pokrovski GS, Blanchard M, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2020) First-Principles Modeling of X-Ray Absorption Spectra Enlightens the Processes of Scandium Sequestration by Iron Oxides
Chassé M, Blanchard M, Cabaret D, Juhin A, Vantelon D & Calas G

(2019) Deciphering Molecular-Scale Mechanisms Governing Scandium Dynamics in the Critical Zone
Chassé M, Blanchard M, Cabaret D, Juhin A, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY & Calas G

(2019) Theoretical Equilibrium Iron Isotope Fractionation Factors between Silicate Minerals in the Context of Magmatic Differentiation
Rabin S, Blanchard M, Pinilla C, Poitrasson F & Grégoire M

(2019) Formation Mechanisms of Trace Metal-Bearing Sulfide Minerals in Acidic and Saline Environments
Le Pape P, Ona-Nguema G, Juillot F, Blanchard M, Noël V, Ikogou M, Brest J, Battaglia-Brunet F, Casiot C, Bargar JR & Morin G

(2019) Constraints on Iron Isotopic Fractionation from DFT Calculations and NRIXS Spectroscopy
Blanchard M, Pinilla C, Morard G & Dauphas N

(2019) Computational Modelling of Iron Isotope Fractionation in Solid and Molten FeS Metal Alloys
de Moya A, Pinilla C, Morard G & Blanchard M

(2019) Deciphering Non-Traditional Isotope Fractionation during Solid-Fluid Interactions: Kinetic/thermodynamic Challenges and Pathways Forward
Schott J, Mavromatis V, Saldi G, Blanchard M, Méheut M & Oelkers E

(2017) New Constraints on Xe Incorporation Mechanisms in Olivine from First-Principles Calculations
Crépisson C, Blanchard M, Lazzeri M, Balan E & Sanloup C

(2017) Theoretical Investigation of Zn Isotope Fractionation
Ducher M, Blanchard M, Pietrucci F, Ferlat G & Balan E

(2017) Oxygen, Carbon and Calcium Site-Specific Isotopic Fractionation in Apatite
Aufort J, Ségalen L, Gervais C, Paulatto L, Blanchard M & Balan E

(2016) Iron Equilibrium Fractionation Factors from Ab Initio, NRIXS, and Lab Experiments: The Path Forward
Dauphas N, Roskosz M, Blanchard M, Alp E, Hu M, Baptiste B, Morin G, Zhao J, Hu J & Tissot F

(2016) Effect of Iron and Trivalent Cations on OH-Defects in Olivine
Blanchard M, Ingrin J, Balan E, Kovács I & Withers A

(2015) Effect of Fe on the Nature of OH-Defects in Olivine
Ingrin J, Blanchard M, Balan E & Kovács I

(2013) First-Principles Investigation of Equilibrium Iron Isotope Fractionation in Oxide and Sulfide Minerals
Blanchard M, Pinilla C, Poitrasson F, Méheut M, Lazzeri M, Mauri F & Balan E

(2013) Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation Factors in Liquids from Path Integral Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Pinilla C, Blanchard M, Ferlat G, Balan E, Vuilleumier R & Mauri F

(2013) Structure and Reactivity of Nanocrystalline Iron Oxides in the Environment
Morin G, Maillot F, Adra A, Blanchard M, Ona-Nguema G, Wang Y, Menguy N & Brown Jr. GE

(2012) Complementarity of Computational Molecular Modelling and Experimental Techniques to Study Trace Elements Geochemistry
Blanchard M

(2011) First-Principles Simulation of Arsenate Adsorption on the (1-12) Surface of Hematite
Blanchard M, Morin G, Lazzeri M, Balan E & Mauri F

(2010) Theoretical Investigation of Iron Isotope Fractionation between Pyrite, Hematite and Siderite
Blanchard M, Poitrasson F, Méheut M, Lazzeri M, Mauri F & Balan E

(2007) Silicon Isotopic Fractionation: Assessments from First-Principles Methods
Méheut M, Blanchard M, Balan E, Lazzeri M & Mauri F

(2006) Arsenic incorporation in FeS2 Pyrite
Blanchard M, Wright K & Catlow R

(2004) Computer Modelling of Hydrogen Defects in Spinels
Blanchard M, Wright K & Gale J

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