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All abstracts by Jerzy Blusztajn in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Thallium Isotopes as Tracers of Subducted Hawaii-Emperor Ridge in Kamchatka Arc Lavas
Shu Y, Nielsen S, Blusztajn J, Auro M & Wörner G

(2020) A "Missing Link" for the Macdonald and Arago Hotspots
Buff L, Jackson M, Konrad K, Bizimis M, Koppers A, Price A, Rose-Koga E, Konter J & Blusztajn J

(2018) Barium Isotope Evidence for Global Sediment Recycling in the Upper Mantle
Nielsen S, Horner T, Pryer H, Blusztajn J, Shu Y, Kurz M & Le Roux V

(2017) A Novel Tracer Method to Provide Principle Constraints on Seawater Iodine Redox Chemistry
Hardisty D, Horner T, Wankel S, Blusztajn J & Nielsen S

(2017) Thallium Isotope Systematics in Volcanics from St. Helena Island. Constraints on the Origin of the HIMU Reservoir
Blusztajn J, Nielsen S, Marschall H, Shu Y & Hanyu T

(2015) Coupled Organic & Inorganic Tracers of Particle Flux Processes in the Western Arctic Ocean
Schwab M, Rickli J, Blusztajn J, Manganini S, Harvey R, Vance D, McIntyre C & Eglinton T

(2014) Spatial and Historical Variations in Sediment and Organic Matter Supply to the Mackenzie Delta
Vonk J, Giosan L, Blusztajn J, Montlucon D, Graf Pannatier E, McIntyre C, Wacker L & Dickens A

(2014) Alteration of Volcaniclastic Deposits; Geochemical Insights on Mineralizing Environment and Climate during the Late Miocene in Antarctica
Panter K, Antibus J, Wilch T, Dunbar N, McIntosh W, Tripati A, Bindeman I & Blusztajn J

(2014) Time-Series Investigations of Settling Particle Flux and Composition in the Deep Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean
Eglinton T, Manganini S, Blusztajn J, Kim M, Hwang J, Montlucon D, Krishfield R & McIntyre C

(2014) Dependence of εNd on Sediment Grain Size, Indus Delta, Pakistan
Jonell T, Clift P, Giosan L & Blusztajn J

(2014) Deciphering Records of Chemical Weathering in the South China Sea
Clift P, Hu D, Boening P & Blusztajn J

(2014) Small Scale Pb Isotopic Heterogeneity in the Oceanic Upper Mantle Observed in Sulfides in Abyssal Peridotites
Blusztajn J, Shimizu N, Warren J & Dick H

(2014) Using Thallium Isotopes to Trace Slab Fluxes in the Aleutian Arc
Nielsen S, Kading T, Blusztajn J, Plank T, Prytulak J & Yogodzinski G

(2012) Towards an Improved Understanding of Paleoceanographic Proxies for Antarctic Intermediate Water Circulation: A Core-Top Perspective
Huang K-F, Oppo DW, Curry WB & Blusztajn JS

(2011) A “Hotspot Highway” in the S. Pacific
Jackson M, Hart S, Konter J, Koppers A, Staudigel H, Kurz M, Blusztajn J & Sinton J

(2010) Temporal Isotope Variations in Glacial-Postglacial Lavas from Northern Iceland
Mervine E, Sims K, Blichert-Toft J, Maclennan J, Blusztajn J & Gronvold K

(2009) (234U/238U) and (230Th/238U) Disequilibria in Fresh and Altered Kolbeinsey Ridge Basalts
Elkins LJ, Sims KWW, Prytulak J, Mattielli N, Elliott T, Blichert-Toft J, Blusztajn J, Devey C, Mertz D, Kelemen P, Murrell M & Schilling J-G

(2008) Evidence for a Heterogeneous Mantle at 9º30'N EPR
Waters C, Sims K, Perfit M, Blichert-Toft J, Blusztajn J & Fornari D

(2006) Progressive melting of a heterogeneous mantle source beneath 9-10°N EPR.
Sims KWW, Perfit M, Blichert-Toft J, Fornari D, Blustajn J, Ball L & Waters C

(2006) In searching for old lithospheric relict beneath North China craton: Sr-Nd-Os isotopic composition of peridotite xenoliths from Yangyuan
Xu Y, Blusztajn J, Ma J & Hart SR

(2005) A HIMU Source in Metasomatised Continental Lithosphere
Panter K, Blusztajn J, Hart S, Finn C & Kyle P

(2004) Lithium Isotope Compositions of Silicate Reference Materials
Blusztajn J, Rosner M & Ball L

(2000) Osmium Isotope Evidence of Increased Chemical Weathering Rates during the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum
Ravizza G, Norris R & Blusztajn J

(2000) U Series Isotopic Variability in Galapagos Lavas, Evidence of a Mildly Buoyant Plume
Saal A, Kurz M, Hart S, Blusztajn J, Layne G, Sims K & Geist D

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