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All abstracts by Antje Boetius in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Baseline Variability of Benthic Activity in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone as the Basis to Assess Environmental Impacts of Deep-Sea Mining
Janssen F, Boetius A, Haeckel M, Molari M, Wenzhöfer F & Yapan BC

(2021) Biomass and Activity of Microbial Assemblages Associated with Polymetallic Nodules and Implications for the Carbon Cycle
Molari M, Yapan BC, Otte JM, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Haeckel M & Boetius A

(2021) Benthic Microbial Diversity and Connectivity in Potential Polymetallic Nodule Mining Areas
Yapan BC, Molari M, Otte JM, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Haeckel M & Boetius A

(2017) Hydrothermal Exploration of the Gakkel Ridge, 2014 and 2016
German C & Boetius A

(2017) Microbial Dynamics in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Plumes of the Ultra-Slow Spreading Gakkel Ridge
Molari M, Wegener G, McDermott J, Bach W & Boetius A

(2017) Dissolved-Particulate Exchange in the Proximal Hydrothermal Plume at the Aurora Vent Field, Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Türke A, Bach W, Boetius A, Diehl A, German C, Köhler J, Mertens C, Monien P, Prause S & Sueltenfuss J

(2017) Geological Settings of Hydrothermal Vents at 6°15’W and 55°30’E on the Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Marcon Y, Purser A, Diehl A, Albers E, Türke A, McDermott J, German C, Hand K, Schlindwein V, Dorschel B, Wegener G, Boetius A & Bach W

(2017) Effects of Experimental Polymetallic Nodule Mining on Deep-Sea Microbial Communities and Functions (DISCOL Experimental Area, Tropical SE Pacific)
Janssen F, Vonnahme T, Molari M, Wenzhöfer F, Haeckel M & Boetius A

(2017) Mining-Induced Loss of Seafloor Integrity Compromises Ecosystem Functioning
Haeckel M, Vonnahme T, De Stigter H, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Marcon Y, Purser A, Haffert L, Köser K, Greinert J & Boetius A

(2017) The Ubiquitous SAR202 Chloroflexi and their Role in Deepsea Sediments
Carvalho V, Offre P, Rapp J, Pala C, Bach M & Boetius A

(2016) Effects of the Declining Sea-Ice on the Arctic Ocean Ecosystem: How Life Matters
Boetius A

(2015) Redox Gradients in Deep-Sea Sediments and Associated Microbial Communities: Methane Seeps and Large Food Falls
Boetius A

(2015) Theme 06: 25 Years of Geobiology – Zooming in on Planet Earth's Microbes
Boetius A

(2014) Factors Controlling the Efficiency of Microbial Methane Oxidation at Cold Seeps
Boetius A, Felden J, Ramette A, Ruff E & Wenzhöfer F

(2013) Algal Mats of the North Pole: How Sea Ice Melt can Cause Anoxic Spots on the Arctic Deep-Sea Floor
Boetius A & Wenzhöfer F

(2011) Changes in Microbial Community Structure Associated with Dynamics in Oxygen Supply at the Crimean Shelf of the Black Sea
Jessen G, Lichtschlag A, Donis D, Wenzhöfer F, Schubert CJ, Ramette A & Boetius A

(2011) Thermophilic Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Performed by Novel Microbial Consortia
Wegener G, Knittel K, Holler T, Krukenberg V, Widdel F & Boetius A

(2010) Novel, Mat-Forming Thiomargarita spp. Thrive on a Sulfidic Fluid Outflow at the Amon Mud Volcano (Eastern Mediterranean)
Girnth A-C, Grünke S, Lichtschlag A, Felden J, Knittel K, Wenzhöfer F, de Beer D & Boetius A

(2010) Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Cool, Warm, and Hot Guaymas Basin Hydrothermal Sediments
Biddle J, Cardman Z, Mendlovitz H, Albert D, Lloyd K, Boetius A & Teske A

(2009) New Insights into AOM by Stable Isotope Probing Combined with HISH-Nanosims and Membrane-Derived Lipid Analysis
Wegener G, Holler T, Kellermann M, Musat N, Kuypers M & Boetius A

(2009) Impact of High CO2 Concentrations on the Structure of Microbial Communities in Marine Sediments
Ufkes J, Ramette A, Haeckel M, de Beer D, Inagaki F & Boetius A

(2009) Distribution of Metabolically Active Microbial Communities in CO2-rich Marine Sediments
Yanagawa K, Sunamura M, Morono Y, Futagami T, DeBeer D, Urabe T, Boetius A & Inagaki F

(2009) In situ Measurements of Porewater Chemistry in Extremely CO2 Rich Sediments from a Hydrothermal Vent
de Beer D, Boetius A & Haeckel M

(2009) Sequestering CO2 in Marine Sediments – Geochemical Insights from a Natural Case Study
Haeckel M, Bigalke N, Boetius A, De Beer D, Rehder G & Savy JP

(2009) CO2 Leakage in the Deep Ocean and its Effect on Benthic Fauna
Boetius A, De Beer D, Haeckel M, Mertens C, Inagaki F, Nakamura K & Rehder G

(2009) From Whale to Chemosynthesis: Energy and Carbon Fluxes at a Deep-Sea Whale Fall
Treude T, Smith C, Wenzhoefer F, Carney E, Bernardino A, Hannides A, Krüger M & Boetius A

(2009) Structure and Function of a Cold Seep Nurtured by Seepage of Heavy Oil
Schubotz F, Ventura G, Nelson R, Wegener G, Knittel K, Wilhelm T, Zabel M, Kasten S, Boetius A, Reddy C & Hinrichs K-U

(2007) Methane Fluxes and Turnover in Permanent Anoxia: In situ Studies of the Dvurechenskii Mud Volcano (Black Sea)
Lichtschlag A, Felden J, Wenzhöfer F, Mohr T, Feseker T, Boetius A & deBeer D

(2007) Microbial Activity Associated with Asphalt Volcanism at the Campeche Knolls, Gulf of Mexico
Wegener G, Bowles M, Felden J, Wenzhöfer F, Schubotz F, Hinrichs KU, Zabel M, Bohrmann G & Boetius A

(2007) Black Sea Shelf Microbial Reefs
Arnds J, Knittel K, Boetius A & Amann R

(2007) Methane, Sulfide and Oxygen Fluxes at Methane and Brine Seeps of the Nile Deep Sea Fan (Eastern Mediterranean)
Felden J, Lichtschlag A, Grünke S, Wenzhöfer F, deBeer D & Boetius A

(2004) Microbial Processes in Gassy Sediments: Linking Rates, Organisms and Environments
Boetius A

(2004) Temperature and Pressure Regulation of Sulfate Reduction and Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in Hydrothermal Sediments of Guaymas Basin
Kallmeyer J & Boetius A

(2003) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane at Hydrate Ridge (OR)
Treude T, Boetius A, Knittel K, Nauhaus K, Elvert M & Krüger M

(2002) Lipid Biomarkers as a Tool for the Analysis of Anaerobic Methanotrophy in Marine Environments
Elvert M, Niemann H, Boetius A, Treude T & Knittel K

(2002) Diversity of Microorganisms Mediating Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
Knittel K, Lösekann T, Boetius A, Nadalig T & Amann R

(2000) Sulfur Isotope Biogeochemistry Related to Intense Microbial Sulfate Reduction and Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Marine Deep-Sea Sediments (Hydrate Ridge)
Böttcher ME, Boetius A & Rickert D

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