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All abstracts by Michael E. Boettcher in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Dissolved Lithium Flux and Isotopic Composition from Weathering of an Active Volcanic System, AsO Caldera, Japan
Washington KE, West AJ, Adkins J, Paris G, Hosono T, Ide K, Boettcher M, Amann T & Hartmann J

(2015) The Link between Sedimentary Sulfur Biogeochemistry and Growth Patterns of Cold-Water Coral Mounds (Challenger Mound, IODP Exp. 307)
Wehrmann LM, Titschack J, Boettcher ME & Ferdelman TG

(2009) Biogeochemically Cycling of C, S, H Across the P/Tr Boundary in Spitsbergen
Nabbefeld B, Grice K, Twitchett R, Summons R, Hays L & Boettcher M

(2007) Mo Isotopes in Modern Euxinic Environments: Water Column and Sediment Data
Neubert N, Naegler T & Boettcher M

(2007) Mineralization of Organic Matter in Surface Sediments of Temporarily Euxinic Basins, Baltic Sea
Al-Raei AM, Boettcher ME, Leipe T, Dellwig O, Hille S, Schnetger B & Segl M

(2006) Elemental Budget and Rheology of the Oceanic Lithosphere
Workman R, Boettcher M & Asimow P

(2002) S-Fe-Mn Biogeochemistry of Temperate Intertidal Sediments of the North Sea
Bosselmann K, Boettcher M, Theune A, Hespenheide B & Lilienthal S

(2000) Extreme Sulfur Isotope Fractionations during (Single-Step?) Bacterial Sulfate Reduction in Hypersulfidic Interstitial Waters of the Great Australian Bight, ODP Leg 182
Wortmann UG, Bernasconi SM, Boettcher ME & Hay WW

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