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All abstracts by Ala A. Aldahan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Tracer Application of Chemical Speciation of 129I in Arctic Seawater
Hou X, Luo M, Fan Y, Gwynn JP, Karcher M, Aldahan A & Possnert G

(2011) Anthropogenic Contributions of 129I and 85Kr to Global Reservoirs: Current Distribution Patterns and Projected Increases
Snyder GT, Moran JE & Aldahan AA

(2009) Impact of Mineralogy on Groundwater Chemistry along in the Southeastern Part of the UAE
El Saiy A, Murad A & Aldahan A

(2009) Speciation of 129I in Environmental Samples and its Application
Hou X, Possnert G & Aldahan A

(2009) Seven Years Record of 127I and 129I in Precipitation
Aldahan A, Persson S, Possnert G & Hou X

(2009) 10Be and Climate Variability during 1900-2006 AD Reflected in Varved Lake Sediments
Berggren AM, Aldahan A, Possnert G, Haltia-Hovi E & Saarinen T

(2005) The <+>129<$>I Anthropogenic Budget: Sources and Sinks
Aldahan A, Alfimov V & Possnert G

(2004) Riverine 129I in the Baltic Region
Kekli A, Aldahan A, Possnert G, Meili M & Alfimov V

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