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All abstracts by Y Liu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation between Metallic Melt and Silicate Melt
Li Y, Shi L, Kagoshima T, Sano Y, Gao Z, Sheng Z, Liu Y & Fei Y

(2006) A unified model for the Mesozoic and Cenozoic basalts, East China
Liu Y, Gao S & Zhang B

(2006) Iron isotopic fractionations between species in solution - from ab initio quantum chemistry calculations
Liu Y & Tang M

(2006) Coral REE characters as an indictor of sea level rise in the Xigong waters, Hong Kong
Peng Z, Liu Y, Wei G, Ang PO, He J & Liu G

(2005) 'Restitic' Quartz and its Melt Inclusions: A Record of Assimilation/melting Processes
Liu Y, Anderson A, Wilson C, Davis A & Steele I

(2005) Experiment Study on Validity of LCL and Critical Re for Groundwater Flow in a Single Fracture
Qian J, Wu J & Liu Y

(2005) Phase Transition Mediated Mantle Mixing: The Influence of Temperature Dependent Clapeyron Slope on the Heterogeneity Spectrum
Peltier R & Liu Y

(2004) Tectonic Evolution of the Central Higher Himalayan Crystallines in the Kharta Area, Southern Tibet: New Constraints from Geochronological Data
Liu Y, Siebel W, Massonne H & Xiao X

(2003) Laojunshan-Song Chay Metamorphic Core Complex and its Tectonic Significance
Liu Y, Ye L, Li C & Hu R

(2003) Formation of the Nb/Ta (and Zr/Hf) Deficit in the Continental Crust: Insights with the Precambrian Mantle-Derived Volcanics from North China Craton
Liu Y, Gao S & Wang X

(2001) Isotopic Geochemistry in the Vein-Type Copper Deposits in Lanping-Simao Basin, Western Yunnan, China
Liu J, Liu Y, Hu R, Li C, Zhang Q & Pan J

(2001) Some New Data on Mineralogy of the Stibnite-Antimonselite Series
Liu J, Liu J, Liu C, Qi F, Liu Y & Li J

(2001) ?On the MVT Pb-Zn Deposits in the Contiguous Area of Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan, China
Li C, Liu Y, Deng H, Zhou C & Hu Y

(2001) H2O Speciation in Dacitic Melts
Liu Y, Behrens H & Zhang Y

(2001) Relationships between Evolution of Rodinia Supercontinent and Forming of Dongchuan-Yimen Copper Mineralized Zone, Yunnan Province, China
Liu Y, Liu J, Ye L & Li C

(2000) U-Th Disequilibrium Studies of Historic Potassic Alkali Basalts in NE China
Zou H, Reid M, Liu Y & Yao Y

(2000) Fertile Lithosphere Mantle beneath Yangtze Craton: Evidence from a Garnet Lherzolite from Dahongshan Kimberlite, Hubei, China
Zhang H, Lu F, Liu Y, Zhou X, Sun M & Zhou M

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