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All abstracts by Thomas Borch in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Iron Mineral Control on Soil Organic Carbon Cycling during Permafrost Thaw
Voggenreiter E, Patzner MS, Joshi P, Borch T, Bryce C & Kappler A

(2021) Microbial Iron Cycling during Permafrost Thaw
Bryce C, Patzner MS, Mueller CW, Logan M, Eberle A, Straub D, Kleindienst S, Hoeschen C, McKenna A, Barczok MR, Smith CE, Kinsman-Costello LE, Herndon E, Borch T & Kappler A

(2020) Can Reactive Iron Preserve Organic Carbon during Permafrost Collapse?
Kappler A, Patzner M, Logan M, Joss H, Mueller C, Scholten T, Byrne J, Borch T & Bryce C

(2020) Aerobic Microbial Respiration of Fe (II) Reacted Ferrihydrite-Natural Organic Matter Coprecipitates
Noor N, Zhou Z, Latta DE, Scherer MM, Borch T, Thompson A & Plante A

(2019) Dynamics of the Rusty Carbon Sink along a Permafrost Thaw Gradient
Patzner MS, M├╝ller C, Nikeleit V, Baur M, Bryne J, Borch T, Kappler A & Bryce C

(2019) Salinization and Radium Accumulation Assessment of Produced Water Beneficial Use in Western US Streams
McDevitt B, McLaughlin M, Blotevogel J, Borch T & Warner N

(2018) Field Assessment and Modelling of Radium Co-precipitation in Western US Produced Water Streams
McDevitt B, Cravotta C, McLaughlin M, Blotevogel J, Borch T & Warner N

(2018) Fe(II)-catalyzed Transformation of Ferrihydrite-Organic Matter Coprecipitates: A Closer Look Using Fe Isotopes
Zhou Z, Latta D, Noor N, Thompson A, Borch T & Scherer M

(2017) Does Fe(II)-OM Complexation Promote or Prevent Microbial Fe(II) Oxidation?
Peng C, Sundman A, Borch T, Catrouillet C & Kappler A

(2016) Understading Biochar Nitrate Capture to Tailor Nitrogen Cycling in Agroecosystems
Hagemann N, Schmidt H-P, Joseph S, Conte P, Kammann CI, Albu M, Obst M, Borch T, Kappler A & Behrens S

(2016) DOM Complexation of Fe(II) and its Effect on Fe(II) Stability Under Oxic Conditions
Borch T, Daugherty E, Nico P & Gilbert B

(2016) Historical Wastewater Management Recorded in River-Lake Sediment and Porewater Using Major Elements, 7Be, 210Pb, 87Sr/86Sr, and 226Ra/228Ra
Warner N, Burgos W, Drohan P & Borch T

(2015) Elucidating the Role of Non-Crystalline U(IV) in Uranium Roll-Front Formation
Bhattacharyya A, Campbell K, Roebbert Y, Weyer S, Bernier-Latmani R & Borch T

(2015) Temperature and Redox Effects on Iron Reduction Kinetics and Organic Carbon Transport in Wetland Soils
Pallud C, Schilling K, Schneider L, Borch T & Rhoades C

(2014) Microbial Chemolithoautotrophic Oxidation of Pyrite at Neutral pH
Percak-Dennett E, Roden E, Xu H, Konishi H, Chan C, Bhattacharyya A & Borch T

(2014) Coordination and Redox Chemistry of Aqueous Fe(II) and Dissolved Organic Matter
Daugherty E, Gilbert B, Nico P & Borch T

(2013) Impact of As(V) on Abiotic Reduction of U(VI) by Mackinawite
Troyer L, Stone J & Borch T

(2012) The Influence of Temperature on Carbon Chemistry of Organomineral Complexes
Lavallee J, Conant R, Obst M, Borch T & Regier T

(2012) The Structure and Reactivity of Iron-Organic Matter Coprecipitates
Shimizu M, Obst M, Kappler A & Borch T

(2011) Schwertmannite and Fe Oxides Formed by Biological Low-Ph Fe(II) Oxidation Versus Abiotic Neutralization
Larson L, Luan F, Troyer L, Borch T & Burgos W

(2010) Redox Transformation of Arsenic by Fe(II)-Activated Goethite: Impact of Humic Acids and Fe(II)
Borch T, Amstaetter K, Larese-Casanova P, Posth N & Kappler A

(2010) Impact of Redox Chemistry on the Fate and Transport of Arsenic and Uranium at an Abandoned Uranium Mine
Troyer L, Borch T, Larson L & Stone J

(2009) Phosphate Interactions with Iron (Hydr)oxides: Mineralization Pathways and Phosphorus Retention Upon Bioreduction
Borch T, Masue-Slowey Y, Kukkadapu R & Fendorf S

(2005) Reduction and Retention Processes within Arid Subsurface Environments
Ginder-Vogel M, Borch T & Fendorf S

(2005) Soft X-Ray Spectromicroscopy Study of Chemical Heterogeneities in Iron Precipitates Formed at or Near Bacterial Cells
Yoon TH, Borch T, Benzerara K, Fendorf S, Tyliszczak T & Brown Jr. GE

(2005) Poisoning of Iron Biomineralization by Surface Compositional Changes
Borch T, Masue Y & Fendorf S

(2004) Iron (Hydr)oxides and Electron Shuttles Govern the Fate of 2.4.6- Trinitrotoluene by a Soil Bacterium
Borch T, Inskeep W & Gerlach R

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