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All abstracts by Lars Borg in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Coordinated Geochronology of an Apollo Regolith Fragment
Crow CA, Borg L, Cassata W & Pomeroy S

(2020) Investigating Zn and Ga Isotope Systematics on the Moon
Wimpenny J, Sio C & Borg L

(2019) Origin Assessment of Uranium Ore Concentrates: Sm Isotopes as a New Nuclear Forensic Signature
Shollenberger Q, Borg L & Brennecka G

(2019) The Meteorite Dichotomy and its Implications for Early Solar System Evolution
Kruijer T, Kleine T & Borg L

(2019) Reassessing Gallium Isotopic Evidence for Volatile Loss from the Moon
Wimpenny J, Borg L & Sio C

(2019) The Timing of Early Solar System Reservoir Separation
Jacobsen B, Liu M-C, Hertwig A, Marks N, McKeegan K, Kruijer T & Borg L

(2019) Iron Isotope Compositions of Lunar Highland Rocks and Mare Basalts
Sio CKI, Wimpenny J & Borg L

(2017) Nucleosynthetic Heritage and Origin of Mars
Burkhardt C, Kruijer T, Borg L & Kleine T

(2016) 182W–142Nd Constraints on the Early Differentiation of Mars
Kruijer T, Kleine T, Borg L, Brennecka G, Fischer-Gödde M, Irving T, Bischoff A & Agee C

(2016) Earth's Higher-Than-Chondritic 142Nd is not due to Early Global Silicate Differentiation
Burkhardt C, Borg L, Brennecka G, Shollenberger Q, Dauphas N & Kleine T

(2016) Uniform yet Distinct Isotopic Reservoirs in the Early Solar System: Evidence from Er and Yb Isotopes in Refractory Inclusions
Shollenberger Q, Brennecka G & Borg L

(2016) The Isotopic Character of Early Solar System Events
Brennecka G, Borg L & Wadhwa M

(2016) Noble Gas Systematics of Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 10416
Cassata W, Hilton C, Borg L & Agee C

(2015) A Renewed Search for Extant 126Sn: Te Isotopics of Allende CAIs Obtained by HG-ICPMS
Brennecka G, Borg L, Romaniello S, Souders AK & Wadhwa M

(2015) The Sm and Nd Isotopic Composition of Chondrites and the Earth
Burkhardt C, Borg L, Brennecka G, Dauphas N & Kleine T

(2014) Sm-Nd Systematics of Lunar Ferroan-Anorthosite: Constraints on Moon Formation and its Early Evolution
Boyet M, Carlson R, Borg L & Horan M

(2013) Evidence for Supernova Injection into the Solar Nebula and the Decoupling of R-Process Nucleosynthesis
Brennecka G, Borg L & Wadhwa M

(2012) Analysis of 33 Uranium Ore Concentrate Samples: A Case Study in Nuclear Forensics
Marks N, Hutcheon I, Robel M & Borg L

(2008) What We are Learning About the Moon from Lunar Meteorites
Gaffney A & Borg L

(2007) Excess 176Hf in Early Crystallised Meteorites
Thrane K, Connelly J, Bizzarro M, Borg L, Ulfbeck D, Meyer B & The L-S

(2005) Meteoritical Evidence for the Timing of Surface or Near-Surface Liquid Water on Mars
Borg L & Drake M

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