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All abstracts by Anastassia, Y Borisova in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Origin of Pegmatites, Example of Pyrenean Variscan Pegmatites (Cap de Creus, Spain): Preliminary Results
Serrano J, Van Lichtervelde M, De Saint-Blanquat M, Borisova A, Druguet E & Gloaguen E

(2017) Making Earth’s Continental Crust from Serpentinite and Basalt
Borisova A, Zagrtdenov N, Toplis M, Bohrson W, Nedelec A, Safonov O, Pokrovski G, Ceuleneer G, Melnik O, Bychkov A, Gurenko A, Shcheka S, Terehin A, Polukeev V, Varlamov D, Gouy S & De Parseval P

(2015) Sulfur Radical Species Form Gold Deposits on Earth
Pokrovski G, Kokh M, Guillaume D, Borisova A, Gisquet P, Jean-Louis H, Lahera E, Del Net W, Proux O, Testemale D, Haigis V, Jonchière R, Seitsonen A, Ferlat G, Vuilleumier R, Saitta M, Boiron M-C & Dubessy J

(2015) Preliminary Experimental Investigation of Chromite Dissolution in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Melt
Zagrtdenov N, Borisova A, Toplis M, Tenailleau C & Duployer B

(2011) Possible High-Pge-Au Silicate Melt/Aqueous Fluid in Mantle Wedge: Inferred from Ni Metasomatism in Avacha Peridotite Xenolith
Ishimaru S, Arai S, Borisova AY & Tamura A

(2011) Distribution of Rare Elements in Mineral-Forming Environments of Rare-Metal Granites
Badanina E, Borisova A, Thomas R & Syritso L

(2011) Ore-Magmatic Hydrothermal Systems of Massive Sulphide Deposits of Southern Urals: Melt and Fluid Inclusion Data
Vikentyev I, Karpukhina V, Naumov V & Borisova A

(2008) Inclusions and Crown-Like Chrome Spinel in Chromitites from the Oman Ophiolite: Evidence for Hydrous MORB Melts in the Mantle-Crust Transition Zone
Borisova AY, Ceuleneer G, Arai S, Bejina F, Bazylev BA & Polve M

(2006) The effect of sulfur on vapor-liquid partitioning of metals in hydrothermal systems: An experimental batch-reactor study
Pokrovski GS, Borisova AY & Harrichoury J-C

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