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All abstracts by Gregory Lumpkin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) REE3+ µ-Luminescence Spectroscopy Used to Quantify and Visualize Radiation Damage Accumulation – First Results of a Heavy Ion-Irradiation Study
Lenz C, Lumpkin G, Thorogood G, Ionescu M & Nasdala L

(2016) Radiation Damage in Nuclear Waste Forms for Actinides
Lumpkin G & Aughterson R

(2016) Quantification of Irradiation-Induced Structural Damage in Nuclear Waste-Form Materials Using Confocal Ln3+ Luminescence Spectroscopy
Lenz C, Nasdala L & Lumpkin G

(2015) Lightning-Induced Shock Lamellae in Quartz
Gieré R, Wimmenauer W, Müller-Sigmund H, Wirth R, Lumpkin G & Smith K

(2013) The Role of Th-U Minerals in Assessing the Performance of Nuclear Waste Forms
Lumpkin G, Giere R, Williams T & Geisler-Wierwille T

(2013) Structure and Radiation Damage in Y<sub>2</sub>Ti<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub> And Y<sub>2</sub>TiO5
Robinson M, Marks N, Carter D, Qin M, Middleburgh S, Thorogood G, Kuo E, Aughterson R & Lumpkin G

(2013) Experimental and Modelling Studies of Nuclear Materials
Lumpkin G, Aughterson R, Gregg D, Kuo E, Middleburgh S, Qin M, de los Reyes M, Thorogood G, Zhang Y, Zhang Z, Robinson M & Marks N

(2004) The Effect of Cs on the Structural and Hydrothermal Stability of Barium Hollandites
Whittle K, Lumpkin G, Ashbrook S, Cope E & Redfern S

(2004) Structural Phase Transitions and Solid Solubilities of (Nd, La)2(Zr, Ti)2O7 Phases
Harvey E, Whittle K, Lumpkin G & Redfern S

(2002) Assessing the Geochemical Behaviour of Ceramic Nuclear Waste Forms Using Natural Samples
Lumpkin G, Smith K, Gieré R & Williams T

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