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All abstracts by Dirk Bosbach in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Kinetics of 226Ra Incorporation into (Ba, Ra)SO4 Solid Solutions
Rudin S, Kowalski P, Klinkenberg M, Bornhake T, Bosbach D & Brandt F

(2023) AI Assisted Quantification of the Metastability of ACC in the Presence of Metallic Ions
Obaied A, Bosbach D & Poonoosamy J

(2023) A Lab on a Chip Concept for Rationalizing Hydro-Geochemical Processes at the Pore Scale
Poonoosamy J, Lönartz MI, Ait-Mouheb N, Obaeid A, Yang Y, Kaspor A, Deissmann G & Bosbach D

(2023) The Effect of Porosity Clogging on the Diffusivity of Porous Media: Novel Microfluidic Experiments and Pore-Scale Modelling Approaches
Lönartz MI, Yang Y, Deissmann G, Bosbach D & Poonoosamy J

(2023) Innovative Microfluidic Experiments for Investigating the Co-precipitation of Metals and Radionuclides with Carbonate Phases
Poonoosamy J, Kaspor A, Rudin S, Murphy GL, Bosbach D & Deissmann G

(2022) Crystal Growth of the Barite (001)-Surface in Aqueous Solution via a Hybrid DFT- Continuum Solvation Approach
Rudin S, Kowalski P, Klinkenberg M, Bosbach D & Brandt F

(2022) Preferential Crystallization in Larger Pores: Myth or Reality
Poonoosamy J, Curti E, Deissmann G & Bosbach D

(2022) A Lab on a Chip Approach for Deciphering Porosity Clogging at Barrier Interfaces in Deep Geological Repositories for Radioactive Wastes
Lönartz MI, Poonoosamy J, Yang Y, Deissmann G & Bosbach D

(2021) Unravelling (Ba, Sr)SO4 Oscillatory Zoning: A Lab-on-A-Chip Approach Integrating in situ Characterisation and Reactive Transport Modelling Diagnostics
Poonoosamy J, Mahrous M, Curti E, Bosbach D, Churakov SV, Deissmann G, Geisler T & Prasianakis NI

(2021) Insight into Disorder, Stress and Strain of Radiation Damaged Pyrochlores
Finkeldei SC, Chang S, Brandt F, Bosbach D, Ionescu M, Avdeev M, Simeone D & Thorogood GJ

(2021) Effects of Hydrodynamic Heterogeneity on Mineral Reactivity and Nucleation in Porous and Fractured Porous Media
Poonoosamy J, Roman S, Soulaine C, Yang Y, Bosbach D & Deissmann G

(2021) Impact of Phthalates on the Migration Behaviour of Eu(III) and Am(III) in a Cementitious Repository Environment
Ait-Mouheb N, Deissmann G, Henocq P, Macé N & Bosbach D

(2021) Insight into the Order-Disorder Transition of Irradiated Pyrochlore Solid Solutions as Potential Nuclear Waste Forms
Chang S, Thorogood GJ, Avdeev M, Brandt F, Bosbach D, Ionescu M, Simeone D & Finkeldei SC

(2020) A “Lab-on-A-Chip” Experiment for Assessing Mineral Reactivity in Porous Media: Effects of Hydrological Heterogeneity
Poonoosamy J, Roman S, Soulaine C, Deissmann G & Bosbach D

(2020) Insights into the Fabrication and Structure of Plutonium Pyrochlores as Nuclear Waste Form
Finkeldei S, Stennett M, Kowalski P, Hyatt N, Bosbach D & Brandt F

(2019) VESPA II Project: Behavior of Long-Lived Fission and Activation Products in the Near-Field of a Repository for Nuclear Waste and Possibilities of their Retention
Altmaier M, Bischofer B, Bosbach D, Brendler V, Daniels N, Geckeis H, Hagemann S & Müller K

(2019) Diffusion of 226Radium Through Opalinus Clay: A Combined Diffusion and Sorption Study
Brandt F, Van Loon L, Klinkenberg M, Poonoosamy J, Glaus M & Bosbach D

(2019) The Uptake of 226Ra during the Recrystallization of Barite: Effect of Ionic Strength, Sraq and Temperature
Klinkenberg M, Brandt F, Poonoosamy J, Weber J & Bosbach D

(2019) A Microfluidic Experiment and Pore Scale Modelling for Assessing Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution in Confined Spaces
Poonoosamy J, Deissmann G, Mahrous M, Curti E, Churakov S, Klinkenberg M, Bosbach D & Prasianakis N

(2019) Surface Reactivity and Transport Concepts: Lessons Learned from Submillimetre Reactive Transport Modelling
Iraola A, Trinchero P, Molinero J, Gylling B, Selroos J-O, Deissman G & Bosbach D

(2019) Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Assess Changes in Transport Properties of Porous Media due to Dissolution and Precipitation Processes
Poonoosamy J, Pohlmeier A, Haber-Pohlmeier S, Klinkenberg M, Bosbach D & Deissmann G

(2019) Deep Geological Disposal of Used Nuclear Fuel: Studies on Irradiated MOX and Related Model Systems
Bosbach D, Kegler P, Brandt F, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Alekseev E, Kowalski P, Vinograd V, Verwerft M, Mennecart T & Lemmens K

(2018) Precipitation Processes in Porous Media and Consequences on Permeability
Poonoosamy J, Klinkenberg M, Brandt F, Deissmann G, Bosbach D & Kosakowski G

(2018) Solid Solution – Aqueous Solution Systems and the Safety Case for Nuclear Waste Disposal
Bosbach D, Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Vinograd V, Weber J & Deissmann G

(2018) Ra Uptake by the Sr-Rich Solid Solution of (Sr, Ba)SO4
Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Poonoosamy J, Barthel J, Weber J & Bosbach D

(2017) Solubility of Ln-Phosphate Waste Forms and Aqueous Ln-Speciation Under Conditions Relevant to Geological Disposal
Deissmann G, Filby A, Neumeier S & Bosbach D

(2017) Thermochemistry of Zr-Containing Layered Double Hydroxides
Poonoosamy J, Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Kegler P, Winkler B, Stekiel M, Deissmann G & Bosbach D

(2017) Fabrication of UO2-based Model Systems for Spent Nuclear Fuel
Baena A, Brant F, Klinkenberg M, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Bosbach D & Finkeldei S

(2017) Retention Mechanisms for Safety Relevant Radionuclides in Cementitious Materials
Lange S, Isaacs M, Klinkenberg M, Read D, Bosbach D & Deissmann G

(2017) Experimental Studies in the System (Ba, Sr, Ra)SO4 + H2O
Klinkenberg M, Brandt F, Weber J, Barthel J & Bosbach D

(2017) Structural Insights into UO2-based Model Systems for Spent Nuclear Fuel
Finkeldei S, Baena A, Palomares R, Brandt F, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Lang M, Ewing R & Bosbach D

(2017) Incorporation of Radionuclides into Nuclear Waste-Related Materials: Joint Atomistic Modeling and Experimental Approach
Kowalski P, Beridze G, Ji Y, Arinicheva Y, Finkeldei S, Huittinen N, Kennedy B, Murphy G, Neumeier S, Zhang Z & Bosbach D

(2016) ThermAc: A Joint Project on Aquatic Actinide Chemistry and Thermodynamics at Elevated Temperature Conditions
Bosbach D, Altmaier M, Gaona X, Endrizzi F, Brendler V, Steudtner R, Franzen C, Tsushima S, Panak P, Skerencak-Frech A, Hagemann S, Brandt F, Krüger S, Colas E, Grive M, Thoenen T, Kulik D & Finkeldei S

(2016) Structural Studies on Rhabdophane-Monazite Phase Tranformation in La1-xLnxPO4 (x=Eu, Gd)
Arinicheva Y, Clavier N, Huittinen N, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Stumpf T, Dacheux N & Bosbach D

(2016) Characterization of Radiation Effects in Complex-Oxide Nuclear Waste Forms: New Application of Neutron and X-Ray Total Scattering Techniques
Lang M, Shamblin J, Tracy CL, Finkeldei S, Bosbach D & Ewing RC

(2016) Reliable Atomistic Modeling of Monazite and Pyrochlore Ceramics as Matrices for Immobilization of Nuclear Waste
Kowalski P, Li Y, Beridze G, Ji Y, Finkeldei S, Kegler P, Neumeier S, Vinograd V, Arinicheva Y & Bosbach D

(2016) Pyrochlore Disorder: A Combined Experimental and Atomistic Simulation Study
Finkeldei S, Kowalski P, Kegler P, Brandt F, Vinograd V, Shelyug A, Navrotsky A & Bosbach D

(2015) Phase Equilibria in the System (Ba, Sr, Ra)SO4 + H2O
Vinograd V, Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Weber J, Rozov K, Kulik D, Winkler B & Bosbach D

(2015) Atomistic Simulations of Novel Nuclear Waste Forms: Cases of Monazite and Pyrochlore Ceramics
Li Y, Kowalski P, Beridze G, Vinograd V & Bosbach D

(2015) Corrosion Behaviour of High-Level Radioactive Waste Forms in a Geological Repository in Boom Clay in the Netherlands
Deissmann G, Haneke K, Filby A, Wiegers R & Bosbach D

(2015) Replacement of Barite by (Ba, Ra)SO4 at T = 25 – 90℃
Brandt F, Rozov K, Klinkenberg M & Bosbach D

(2015) Characterization of (Ba, Ra)SO4 Solid Solutions with True nm-Scale Resolution
Weber J, Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Breuer U, Barthel J, Savenko A & Bosbach D

(2015) Actinide Pyrochlores: Fabrication and New Structural Insights
Finkeldei S, Brandt F, Stennett M, Holliday K, Hyatt N & Bosbach D

(2015) Solubility of the Rhabdophane (LnPO4.nH2O): A Low Temperature Precursor of the Monazite
Gausse C, Szenknect S, Mesbah A, Clavier N, Neumeier S, Bosbach D & Dacheux N

(2014) Thermochemistry of Metastudtite and Amorphous UO3
Guo X, Ushakov S, Navrotsky A, Labs S, Curtius H & Bosbach D

(2014) Phase Relations of the Solid Solutions Sm(Ca, Ce)PO4 and La(Sr, Ce)PO4
Neumann A, Hirsch A, Heuser J, Jung PC, Zaddach J, Neumeier S, Schlenz H, Bosbach D, Peters L & Roth G

(2013) Raman Spectroscopy and Powder Diffraction Study of Synthetic Coffinite (USiO4) at High Pressures
Bauer JD, Labs S, Weiss S, Bayarjagal L, Curtius H, Morgenroth W, Bosbach D, Hennig C & Winkler B

(2013) Effects of Lead and Strontium on Radium Uptake by Barite: Atomistic Simulations and Thermodynamic Assessment
Rozov K, Vinograd V, Kulik D, Brandt F, Winkler B & Bosbach D

(2013) Solid Solution Formation and Uptake of Radium in the Presence of Barite
Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Vinograd V, Rozov K & Bosbach D

(2013) Evaluation of the Corrosion Behaviour of Potential Plutonium Wasteforms Under Conditions Relevant for Geological Disposal
Deissmann G, Brandt F, Neumeier S, Modolo G & Bosbach D

(2013) Dissolution Kinetics of ZrO2 Based Innovative Waste Forms
Finkeldei S, Brandt F, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Modolo G & Bosbach D

(2013) A Microscopic and TOF-SIMS Study on the Ra Uptake by Barite
Klinkenberg M, Brandt F, Breuer U & Bosbach D

(2013) Raman and IR Spectroscopy of Monazite-Type Ceramics for the Nuclear Waste Management
Heuser J, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Brandt F, Schlenz H, Dacheux N, Clavier N, Neumann A, Hirsch A & Bosbach D

(2012) Replacement of Barite by Radiobarite at Close to Equilibrium Conditions and Room Temperature
Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Rozov K, Modolo G & Bosbach D

(2012) Synthesis, Characterization and Stabilities of Mg-Zr(IV)-Al-Cl Containing Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs)
Rozov K, Curtius H & Bosbach D

(2012) Recrystallization of Barite in the Presence of Ra at Elevated Temperatures up to 90℃
Klinkenberg M, Brandt F, Rozov K, Modolo G & Bosbach D

(2011) Selenide Retention by Mackinawite: A Multi-Edge XAS Approach
Finck N, Dardenne K & Bosbach D

(2011) Hydrothermal Synthesis of Lentil Shaped ThSiO4 Nanoparticles
Labs S, Curtius H & Bosbach D

(2010) Guest Ion Speciation in a Homogeneous Solid Solution by Polarisation-Dependent TRLFS
Schmidt M, Bosbach D, Stumpf T & Walther C

(2010) Selenium Retention by Iron Sulfides
Finck N, Dardenne K & Bosbach D

(2009) Solid Solution in the System Calcite – NaEu(CO3)2
Vinograd V, Luchitskaia M, Joswig W, Stumpf T, Bosbach D & Winkler B

(2009) Interaction of Carboxylated Latex Colloids with Mineral Surfaces Studied by AFM Force Spectroscopy
Filby A, Plaschke M, Geckeis H & Bosbach D

(2009) Structural Incorporation of Neptunyl(V) into Calcite – Interfacial Reactions
Heberling F, Denecke M, Luetzenkirchen J & Bosbach D

(2009) Lu(III) Coprecipitation with Hectorite: A P-EXAFS Approach
Finck N, Schlegel M & Bosbach D

(2008) Ln(III) Coprecipitation with Trioctahedral Smectite Hectorite
Finck N, Schlegel ML, Stumpf T, Walther C, Dardenne K & Bosbach D

(2008) Actinide Uptake by Powellite
Bosbach D, Dardenne K, Roemer J, Vinograd V & Stanjek H

(2008) Neptunium(V) Incorporation into Calcite
Heberling F, Brendebach B, Lindqvist-Reis P, Bauer A & Bosbach D

(2007) Surface Analytical Studies of Feldspar Surface Reaction with U(VI)
Chardon E, Bosbach D, Livens F, Lyon I, Marquardt C, Romer J, Schild D, Wincott P, Wogelius R & Vaughan D

(2007) Np(V) Coprecipitation with Calcite
Heberling F, Denecke MA & Bosbach D

(2007) Structural Incorporation of Trivalent F Elements into the Trioctahedral Clay Mineral Hectorite
Finck N, Dardenne K, Schlegel M & Bosbach D

(2004) Cm(III)/Eu(III)- Coprecipitation with Trioctahedral Smectite (Hectorite)
Pieper H, Bosbach D, Panak P, Dardenne K, Rothe J, Denecke M & Fanghänel T

(2004) Uranyl Uptake at the Calcite (104) Single Crystal Surface – A Spectroscopic and Microscopic Study
Bosbach D, Denecke M, Dardenne K, Rothe J & Fanghaenel T

(2004) Incorporation of Trivalent Actinides (Cm(III)) in Calcite: A Time Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy (TRLFS) Study
Marques Fernandes M, Stumpf T, Rabung T, Bosbach D, Bauer A & Fanghaenel T

(2002) Cm(III) / Eu(III) Coprecipitation Wit´h Powellite (CaMoO4) during HLW Glass Corrosion
Bosbach D, Bosbach D, Rabung T & Luckscheiter B

(2002) Cm(III) / Eu(III) Coprecipitation Wit´h Powellite (CaMoO4) during HLW Glass Corrosion
Bosbach D, Bosbach D, Rabung T & Luckscheiter B

(2002) Reduction of Mercury by Surface Fe(II)and the Formation of Hg° in Hydromorphic Soils
Charlet L, Peretyashko T, Grimaldi M & Bosbach D

(2001) The Effect of Secondary Iron Mineral and Colloid Formation on Uranium Sorption during the Dissolution of Chlorite
Krawczyk-Bärsch EE, Arnold T, ̧ttig GH, Zänker H, Brandt F, Bosbach D & Bernhard G

(2001) Weathering of Chlorite in Dilute Acid Solutions: A Combined Macroscopic and Microscopic Approach
Brandt F, Bosbach D, Krawczyk-Baersch E & Arnold T

(2001) Barite-Water Interface Structures and Adsorption of a Growth Inhibitor: X-Ray Reflectivity Results
Fenter P, McBride MT, Srajer G & Bosbach D

(2000) Experimental Measurements and Modelling of Fundamental Attachment and Detachment Reactions on Barium Sulphate (001) Using Hydrothermal Scanning Probe Microscopy
Higgins S, Bosbach D, Eggleston C & Knauss K

(2000) Molecular Simulations and AFM Observations on the Interaction of Organic Growth Inhibitors and Ionic Strength on the Crystal Growth of Barite and Celestite
Becker U, Risthaus P & Bosbach D

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