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All abstracts by Delphine Bosch in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Garnet Pyroxenites from the External Ligurian Ophiolites Link Mafic Crust Recycling to HIMU Basalts Genesis
Secchiari A, Montanini A, Tribuzio R & Bosch D

(2021) The Impact of Subaerial LIPs Weathering and Landmass Emergence on the Seawater Nd Isotopic Composition at the Onset of the GOE
Narduzzi F, Bosch D & Philippot P

(2021) Multiple Isotope (O, S, Sr) Constraints on the Early Paleoproterozoic Great Oxidation Event from the Minas Supergroup, Minas Basin, Brazil
Rossignol C, Lalonde SV, Bosch D, Thomazo C, Cartigny P, Narduzzi F & Philippot P

(2021) Element Mobility Related to Low Temperature (<150℃) Hydrothermal Activity: Implication for (U-Th)/He Apatite Dating
Milesi G, Pérotin L, Monié P, Soliva R, Bosch D, Labasque T, Münch P, Taillefer A, Bruguier O, Bonno M & Martin C

(2021) High Precision Sr Isotope Analyses in Apatite by LA-MC-ICP-MS: From Mineral Inclusions in Zircon to Crustal Evolution Models
Buzenchi A, Moreira H, Bruguier O, Bosch D & Dhuime B

(2021) A Case Study of in situ Analyses (Major and Trace Elements, U-Pb Geochronology and Hf-O Isotopes) of a Zircon Megacryst: Implication for the Evolution of the Egéré Terrane (Central Hoggar, Tuareg Shield, Algeria)
Bruguier O, Caby R, Bosch D, Ouzegane K, Deloule E, Dhuime B, Bendaoud A & Kienast JR

(2021) The Columbia Supercontinent Reconstruction: Perspectives of The Île de Cayenne Complex (French Guiana)
Pinon H, Bosch D, Heuret A, Aertgeerts G, Monie P, Bruguier O, Triantafyllou A & Fernandez F

(2020) Local Control of Subaerial Large Igneous Provinces on Paleoproterozoic Seawater Isotopic Composition: A Nd Perspective
Narduzzi F, Bosch D & Philippot P

(2020) The New Caledonia Mantle Section: Tracking Source Depletion and Contamination Processes in a Supra-Subduction Setting
Montanini A, Secchiari A, Bosch D, Cluzel D & Macera P

(2019) Magmatic Sulphide Composition at La Fossa Active Volcano (Italy)
Costa S, Fulignati P, Gioncada A, Pistolesi M, Bosch D & Bruguier O

(2019) Primary Characteristics and Metamorphic Evolution of Pyroxenite and Gabbro Layers from a Mantle Sequence Enclosed in the Middle Continental Crust (Ivrea-Verbano Zone, Italy)
Tribuzio R, Ferrari E, Bosch D, Bruguier O & Zanetti A

(2019) West Gondwana Assembly: A View from the Tuareg Shield
Bosch D, Bruguier O & Caby R

(2019) Witness of UHP Metamorphism in the Western Mediterranean
Bruguier O, Bosch D, Caby R, Vitale-Brovarone A, Fernandez L, Hammor D, Laouar R, Ouabadi A & Abdallah N

(2019) Origin of Chemical and Nd-Hf Isotope Heterogeneity in Depleted Mantle Domains from the Alpine-Apennine Ophiolites
Montanini A, Tribuzio R, Bosch D & Rumbolo T

(2017) Nile Margin Sediments: Archives of Landscape Instability over the Nile Catchment
Revel M, Bastian L, Colin C, Bonneau L & Bosch D

(2017) A Middle Jurassic Age for Ophiolitic Fragments in the Queyras Area (Western Alps)
Klaessens D, Bosch D, Caby R & Bruguier O

(2017) Age and Geochemical Characteristics of Kinzigites from the Collo Area (NE Algeria)
Bruguier O, Bosch D, Costa S, Abdallah N, Ouabadi A, Laouar R & Abbasene F

(2017) Ultramafics in the Western Mediterranean: A Geochemical Perspective from the Collo Area (NE Algeria)
Bosch D, Bruguier O, Costa S, Abdallah N, Ouabadi A, Laouar R & Abbasene F

(2017) High-Pressure Rock Carbonation: A Sr-Nd Isotopes Perspective
Piccoli F, Bosch D & Vitale Brovarone A

(2014) Geochemical and Petrologic Consequences of Off-Axis Melt Delivery: Evidence from the Oman Ophiolite
Nicolle M, Reisberg L, Jousselin D & Bosch D

(2014) Zircon Megacryst from a Neoproterozoic Eclogite of Central Hoggar (Algeria): U-Pb, Trace Elements and Oxygen Isotopes Data
Bruguier O, Caby R, Ouzegane K, Bendaoud A, Bosch D, Deloule E & Kiénast J-R

(2013) Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Interactions (Middle Atlas, Morroco): Geochemical Highlights
Fernandez L, Bosch D, Elmessbahi H, Bodinier J-L, Dautria J-M & Verdoux P

(2013) Mantle Source Heterogeneity beneath the Garrotxa Volcanic Field (NE Spain)
Gasperini D, Gisbert G, Gimeno D, Aulinas M, Macera P & Bosch D

(2013) Insights on the Protracted Evolution of the Deep Crust of the Arabo-Nubian Shield
Bosch D

(2012) Contrasting on- and Off-Axis Melt Delivery: A Sr and Nd Isotopic Study of the Moho Transition Zone of the Oman Ophiolite
Nicolle M, Bosch D, Reisberg L, Jousselin D & Stephant A

(2011) Origin and Signficance of Basic and Ultrabasic Outcrops from Northeastern Algeria (Edough Massif)
Bosch D, Hammor D, Bruguier O, Caby R & Mechati M

(2011) Geochemical and Age of Collision-Related Volcanism Following the Closure of the Neotethys Ocean (Lesser Caucasus, Armenia)
Sahakyan L, Bosch D, Sosson M, Bruguier O, Rolland Y, Galoyan G & Avagyan A

(2011) The Pan-African Reconstruction of NW Angola: Petro-Structural and Temporal Constraints
Monie P, Bosch D, Bruguier O, Vauchez A, N'Sungani P & Rolland Y

(2009) In situ Laser Ablation (LA-) ICP-MS Zircon Dating on Thick Sections: An Example from the Lagoa Real Area (South Bahia, Brazil)
Bruguier O, Caby R & Bosch D

(2009) Record of the ∼540 My Collision-Stage of Gondwana in NW Angola
Nsungani P-C, Bosch D & Monié P

(2009) Mantle Heterogeneity Records by Xenoliths beneath In Teria (SE Algeria)
Kaczmarek M-A, Alard O, Bodinier J-L, Bosch D, Dautria J-M & Tommasi A

(2008) Sampling an Active Continental Paleo-Margin: A LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Zircon Study from the Adrar des Iforas (Mali)
Bruguier O, Bosch D, Caby R, Galland B & Hammor D

(2008) Accessory Minerals as Petrogenetic Tracers: Insights from in situ Analyses
Bosch D, Garrido C, Bruguier O, Dhuime B, Bodinier J-L & Galland B

(2008) Isotopic Systematic of the In’Teria Lithospheric Mantle (Hoggar, SE Algeria)
Kaczmarek M-A, Bosch D, Alard O, Dautria J-M & Bodinier J-L

(2007) Pinpointing the Temporal Evolution of an Intra-Oceanic Arc System: The Case of the Kohistan Arc Complex
Bosch D, Dhuime B, Garrido C, Bruguier O, Bodinier J-L, Hussain S & Dawood H

(2007) Miocene Incorporation of Peridotites into the Lower Crust during Opening of the Algerian Basin: Insight from U-Pb LA-ICP-MS Analyses
Bruguier O, Bosch D, Hammor D & Caby R

(2004) HIMU-Oib Magmatism in Subduction Zones: An Example from the Italian South-Eastern Alps
Macera P, Gasperini D, Bosch D, Faccenna C, Piromallo C, Ranalli G & Mahatsente R

(2004) Geochemical Heterogeneity of South Alpine Subcontinental Lithosphere: Mantle Xenoliths Evidence
Gasperini D, Bosch D, Braga R, Bondi M, Macera P & Morten L

(2000) Ancient Oceanic Plateaus in the Source of EMI Basalts: Evidence from Sardinian Basalt Geochemistry
Gasperini D, Blichert-Toft J, Bosch D, del Moro A, Macera P, Télouk P & Albarède F

(2000) Paleozoic-Triassic Plume-Derived Magmas in the Canadian Cordillera Play a Key Role in Continent Growth
Lapierre H, Bosch D, Tardy M & Struik L

(2000) Remnants of the Cretaceous Colombian Oceanic Plateau in Ecuador: Evidenced by the Petrology and the Geochemistry of Picrites and Mg-Rich Basalts
Mamberti M, Lapierre H, Bosch D, Eggins S, Jaillard E, Hernandez J & Polvé M

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