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All abstracts by Valérie Bosse in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Origins and Significance of U-Th-Pb Isotopic Disturbance in Monazite from UHT Context (Napier Complex, East Antarctica)
Turuani M, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Harley SL, Laurent AT, Fougerouse D, Bosse V & Reddy SM

(2019) Early Cadomian Metagranitoids in the Metamorphic Basement of the Sakar-Strandzha Zone, Bulgaria
Vladinova T, Georgieva M & Bosse V

(2019) Jurassic Detrital Zircons from Asenitsa Metasedimentary Rocks, Central Rhodope Massif, Bulgaria
Georgieva M, Vladinova T & Bosse V

(2018) Monazite Petrochronology in Internal Rif Units (Beni Bousera, Northern Morocco): New Insights of Permian and Oligo-Miocene Events
El Bakili A, Bosse V, Corsini M, Nicollet C, Lardeau JM & Chalouan A

(2017) Strenght and Weakness of Zircon and Monazite as Geochronometers during Ultra-High Temperature Granulite Facies Metamorphism
Laurent AT, Duchene S, Bingen B, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M & Bosse V

(2017) Low Temperature Alteration of Monazite Phenocrysts in Pegmatite: A General Feature
Bingen B, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Corfu F, Whitehouse MJ, Bosse V, Müller A & Guillaume D

(2017) Rate of Detachment of Continental Slices from the Downgoing Slab in a Subduction Zone
Manzotti P, Bosse V, Pitra P, Robyr M, Schiavi F & Ballèvre M

(2016) TEM/STEM Nanoscale Imaging of Zircon and Monazite Sharpens Geochronological Interpretations
Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Laurent A, Grand'homme A, Bingen B, Janots E, Bosse V, Duchene S & Guillaume D

(2015) Linking Mineralogical and Geochronological Record of Monazite during Ultra-High Temperature Granulite-Facies Metamorphism
Laurent A, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Duchene S, Bingen B, Bosse V & Gouy S

(2015) Experimental Pb Incorporation during Hydrothermal Monazite Replacement in Alkali Conditions
Grand'Homme A, Janots E, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Guillaume D, Magnin V, Hövelmann J, Höschen C & Bosse V

(2013) Sub-Micrometer Scale Chemical Mapping of Complex Monazites: The Contribution of the NanoSIMS
Bosse V, Didier A, Paquette J-L, Mostefaoui S & Devidal J-L

(2013) NanoSIMS Mapping Combined to in situ Trace Element Analyses and U-Th-Pb Dating in Monazite: A Chemical Record of Three Successive Events
Didier A, Bosse V, Mostefaoui S, Bouloton J, Devidal J-L & Paquette J-L

(2013) Fluid-Mediated Re-equilibration and Self-Irradiation in Complex U-Th-Rich Assemblages of Pegmatites: A Case from Norway and Implications for U-Th-Pb Dating of Ore Deposits
Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Bingen B, Duran C, Bosse V, Paquette J-L, Guillaume D, de Parseval P & Ingrin J

(2012) Multi-Tool Dating for Polymetallic Deposits (Antimony Line, RSA)
Jaguin J, Poujol M, Boulvais P, Ruffet G, Robb L, Bosse V & Paquette J-L

(2012) Disturbance of the U/Pb and Th/Pb Chronometers during Low-T Alteration of Monazite
Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Montel J-M, Bingen B, Bosse V, de Parseval P, Paquette J-L, Janots E & Wirth R

(2012) The Role of Fluids in the Monazite Record during Successive Partial Melting Events: A Textural, Chemical and in situ Dating Study in Grt-Ky Gneisses of the Central Rhodope (Bulgaria, Greece)
Didier A, Bosse V, Cherneva Z, Georgieva M, Pierre G, Paquette J-L & Gerdjikov I

(2007) Temporal Evolution of the Cabo Verde Archipelago: New Constraints from 40Ar-39Ar Data
Bosse V, Doucelance R, Fornari M & Mata J

(2007) Disturbance of the Monazite U-Th-Pb Chronometer by Fluids: A Study Combining Stable Isotopes and in situ Dating
Boulvais P, Bosse V, Gautier P, Tiepolo M, Ruffet G & Devidal J-L

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