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All abstracts by Y Li in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2010) Enhanced Mobility of Fullerene (C60) Nanoparticle in the Presence of Stabilizing Agents
Wang Y, Li Y, Costanza J, Abriola LM & Pennell KD

(2006) Carbonate Assimilation in the Alkaline Hortavær Igneous Complex, Norway
Barnes C, Li Y, Barnes M, McCulloch L, Frost C, Prestvik T & Allen C

(2005) Grenville U-Pb Zircon Ages of Surface and Subsurface Samples from Texas and Southern New Mexico
Barnes C, Li Y & Barnes M

(2005) Interpreting Cosmogenic Nuclide Concentrations in Areas with Complex Exposure-Burial Histories Under Ice Sheets: How Sensitive are Results to Variations in the Ice Cover Proxy Curve?
Li Y, Harbor J, Fabel D & Stroeven A

(2005) ICRONUS Meets CRONUS-Earth: Improved Calculations for Cosmogenic Dating Methods-From Neutron Intensity to Previously Ignored Correction Factors
Zreda M, Desilets D, Li Y, Bradley E & Anderson KM

(2005) Radiometric Dating for the Timescale of UHP Metamorphism in the Dabie Orogen of China
Zheng Y, Wu Y & Li Y

(2005) Moessbauer Spectroscopy of Extracellular Tabular Magnetite Formed during Microbial Iron Reduction
Li Y, Zhang CL, Vali H, Cole DR & Phelps TJ

(2004) Last 30 kyr Climate Change of Qinghai-Xizhang (Tibet) Plateau Recorded by Carbon and Oxygen Stable Isotopes of Zabuye Lake Sediments
Li Y, Zheng M & Yue G

(2004) Sulfur Isotope Anomaly Discovered in Sulfide Bed of Later Archean Jingangku Formation, Wutai Group, Shanxi Province, China
Ding T, Wan D, Zhang Z, Wang C & Li Y

(2003) The Abnormity of Tellurium in Deep Sea Sediments
Li Y, Wang Y, Song H & Li J

(2003) Variation in Surface Characteristics of Clay Minerals in Diagensis Processes and their Relationship to the Generation and Primary Migration of Hydrocarbon
Lu X, Li Y, Liu Q & Zhang L

(2001) Environmental Impacts of Mining the Giant Panzhihua V-Ti Magnetite Deposit, SW China
Ni S, Zhang C, Teng Y, Ma Y, Zhou M-F, Sun M, Malpas J, Li Y & Wang Z

(2001) The Mobility of Arsenic in Chemically Treated Soil Under Dynamic Flow Conditions
Donahoe RJ, Graham EY, Li Y, Schexnayder J & Howell JR

(2000) Carbon Concentrations and Isotopic Ratios of Eclogites from the Dabie and Sulu Terranes in China
Zheng Y, Gong B, Li Y, Wang Z & Fu B

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