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All abstracts by Z Li in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2010) Mineralogy and Magnetic Parameters of Burning Coal Waste Piles Materials: A Preliminary Insight
Ribeiro J, Sant'Ovaia H, Gomes C, Correa Ribeiro H, Li Z, Ward C & Flores D

(2006) Fluid mobile element budget in the “in-situ” serpentinized harzburgites from the Feather River Ophiolite.
Agranier A, Li Z, Lee C-T & Leeman W

(2005) Helium and Sulfur Isotopic Geochemistry of Furong Tin Deposit in Hunan Province
Li Z, Hu R, Peng J & Bi X

(2005) Effects of Brucite on Ozonation Treatment of dye Wastewater
Yin L, Zhao B & Li Z

(2005) Distribution of Radioactive Uranium and Radon in Sedimentary Environments
Wang X, Tuo J, Li Z & Yan H

(2005) Carbon, Oxygen, and Strontium Isotope Investigation of MVT Pb-Zn Deposits in Kangdian Area, China: Implication for Ore Genesis
Li Z, Wang J, Li B, Liu W & Shi Z

(2005) The La-La Iron-Oxide (Cu-Au-Ree) Deposit, China: REE Mineralization
Wang J, Li Z & Li C

(2005) Similar V/Sc Systematics in MORBs and Arc Basalts: Implications for the Oxygen Fugacities of their Mantle Source Regions
Lee C, Leeman W, Canil D & Li Z

(2004) Lead Isotope Investigation of MVT Pb-Zn Deposits in Kangdian Area, China: Implication for Ore Genesis
Li Z & Wang J

(2004) Melt Inclusions in Hetai Lode Gold Deposit, Southeast China: Implication to Gold Mineralization
Zhai W, Li Z & Wen Y

(2004) Characteristics of Mo Mineralization in Lala Iron Oxide (Cu-U-Au- REE) Deposit, SW-Sichuan, China
Wang J, Li Z & Ni S

(2003) Origin of Fe-Oxide-Cu-Au-Mo Deposits and Response to Convergent Event of Rodinia, Southwest China
Wang J, Li Z, Liu J & Li C

(2003) New Genetic Model for Porphyry Copper Deposit
Li Z, Ni S, Wang J & Wang J

(2003) Gas-Chemical Compositions of Mantle-Derived Rocks and their Redox Characteristics
Wang X, Li Z, Zhang M, Ye X & Yan H

(2001) Chemical Modification of Natural Zeolites for Environmental Applications
Bowman RS, Li Z & Sullivan EJ

(2001) Kinetics of the Fluid-Mineral Reactions in the Eocene Lacustrine Sandstone, Jianghan Basin, SE China
Ni S, Qing H, Tang J, Liu J & Li Z

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