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All abstracts by Roman E. Botcharnikov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Low Cu/Ag in Continental Crust and Slab Melts
Portnyagin M, Botcharnikov R, Yogodzinski G, Hoernle K & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2019) Low-SiO2 Melt Inclusions in Olivine Originate by Dehydration of Initially H2O-Rich Island-Arc Melts
Mironov N, Portnyagin M, Botcharnikov R, Gurenko A, Almeev R, Luft C & Holtz F

(2019) Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in Olivine: An Experimental Technique for Fluid-Melt Trace Element Partitioning in Basaltic Systems
Zemlitskaya A, Botcharnikov R, Derrey I, Portnyagin M, Mertz-Kraus R, Buhre S, Weyer S & Holtz F

(2019) Sapphire-Bearing Rocks as Indicators of Continent-To-Continent Collision Events
Sorokina ES, Botcharnikov RE, Berndt J, Häger T & Hofmeister W

(2018) Magma Composition, and Architecture of the Active Deep Plumbing System at Oldoinyo Lengai Carbonatite Volcano, Tanzania
France L, Mollex G, Bonnet R, Botcharnikov R, Wilke S & Deloule E

(2018) Insights on Decompression-Induced Crystallization and Degassing Processes Revealed by 3D Rock Textures
Cichy SB, Botcharnikov RE, Friese K-I, Cluzel N, Holtz F & Marone F

(2018) Tracking Basalt Degassing Using Volatile Stable Isotope Fractionation
Hughes E, Blundy J, Brooker R, Imf E, Cartigny P, Botcharnikov R, Balzer R, Bindeman I, Kilgour G & Mader H

(2017) The Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano Plumbing System Architecture, and Composition from Source to Surface
Mollex G, France L, Füri E, Bonnet R, Botcharnikov R, Zimmermann L, Wilke S, Deloule E, Chazot G, Kazimoto E, Marty B & Burnard P

(2017) Experimental Investigation of Copper Transport in Fluids: Cu Solubility and Isotopic Fractionation
Qi D, Behrens H, Lazarov M, Botcharnikov R & Holtz F

(2016) Radiation-Induced Oxidation of Fe in Hydrous Basalt Glasses
Cottrell E, Lanzirotti A, Kelley K, Newville M, Birner S, Davis F, Mysen B & Botcharnikov R

(2016) Cu-Rich Serpentine at a Crust-Mantle Transition Zone – Remnants of Primary Sulfide Accumulation?
Ciazela J, Koepke J, Dick H, Muszynski A, Botcharnikov R, Kuhn T & Albrecht M

(2015) Recovering Initial CO2 Content of Island-Arc Magmas from Experimental Homogenization of Melt Inclusions in Olivine at High H2O Pressure
Mironov N, Portnyagin M, Botcharnikov R, Gurenko A, Hoernle K & Holtz F

(2015) Platinum Group and Chalcophile Elements in Sulfides from Picrites of Ophiolite Complex from Kamchatsky Mys Peninsula (Kamchatka, Russia)
Savelyev D, Botcharnikov R, Filosofova T, Portnyagin M & Danyushevsky L

(2015) Anorthositic Melts – Quenched Fluid?
Zirner A, Ballhaus C, Fonseca R & Botcharnikov R

(2014) Metal Mobility in Granite-Related Hydrothermal Ore Deposits: a Synthetic Fluid Inclusion Study
Derrey IT, Albrecht M, Botcharnikov R, Horn I, Weyer S & Holtz F

(2014) Synthesis of Fluid Inclusions: Experimental Tests on Achieving Equilibrium
Derrey IT, Botcharnikov R, Albrecht M, Dupliy E & Holtz F

(2013) New Constraints on the Pre-Eruptive Storage Conditions of the Campanian Ignimbrite (Campi Flegrei, IT)
Fanara S, Botcharnikov R, Palladino DM, Husen A, Macchi Ceccarani G, Righi S & Behrens H

(2013) The Role of Alkalis in the Solubility of H2O and CO2 in Silicate Melts
Vetere FP, Behrens H, Botcharnikov R, Holtz F & Fanara S

(2013) Metal Mobility in Hydrothermal Fluids: Experimental Investigations
Derrey IT, Botcharnikov RE, Albrecht M, Horn I, Weyer S & Holtz F

(2011) The Effect of Cl on the Solubilty of Au and Pd in Andesitic Melts
Botcharnikov R, Linnen R, Guillong M, Holtz F & Kamenetsky V

(2011) Magma Storage Conditions of Mutnovsky Volcano, Kamchatka
Shishkina T, Almeev R, Botcharnikov R, Holtz F & Portnyagin M

(2011) Tracing Magma Chambers in the Lab: A Case Study on Lascar Volcano
Stechern A, Banaszak M, Botcharnikov RE, Holtz F & Wörner G

(2010) Gold Fertility of Sulfur-Bearing Magmas
Botcharnikov R, Linnen R, Wilke M, Holtz F, Jugo P & Berndt J

(2009) Preeruptive Conditions and Dynamic Processes in Magmatic Systems: The Example of Unzen 1991-1995 Eruption
Cichy SB, Holtz F, Botcharnikov RE, Behrens H, Vetere F & Sato H

(2009) Experimental Phase Relation in Lamprophyric Magmas from Agardag Dike Complex, Russia
Kalugin V, Almeev R, Botcharnikov R, Holtz F & Dziony W

(2009) Solubility of H2O and CO2 in Low-K High-Al Island-Arc Basalt from Mutnovsky Volcano, Kamchatka
Shishkina T, Botcharnikov R, Almeev R, Holtz F & Portnyagin M

(2009) Experimental Constraints on the Phase Relations in Axial Magma Chambers Under Ocean Ridges
Koepke J, Berndt J, Feig S & Botcharnikov R

(2009) Solubility of Au in Cl- and S-Bearing Hydrous Silicate Melts
Botcharnikov R, Linnen R & Holtz F

(2007) The Effect of fO2 and Composition on Sulphur Solubility and Speciation in Hydrous Silicate Systems
Klimm K, Kohn SC, Botcharnikov R & Smith ME

(2007) Sulphur Solubility in Andesitic to Basatic Melts: An Example of Hekla Volcano
Moune S, Holtz F & Botcharnikov R

(2007) The Late-Stage Evolution of Oceanic Gabbros – Combined Experimental and in situ Isotope Study on Gabbros from Southwest Indian Ridge
Botcharnikov R, Koepke J, Horn I & Holtz F

(2007) Sulfur Saturation of Etna Basalt at 200 Mpa: Experimental Setup and First Results
Beermann O, Nowak M, Botcharnikow R & Holtz F

(2007) In situ Fe Isotope Measurements in Gabbros and Basalts from the Ocean Crust
Koepke J, Steinhoefel G, Schuessler J, Horn I, Dziony W & Botcharnikov R

(2007) Sulfur Speciation in Quenched Melts by Micro-XANES – The Nature of S(IV+) in Glasses
Wilke M, Jugo PJ, Botcharnikov RE & Susini J

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