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All abstracts by Richard J. Markey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Precise 2004 ± 9 Ma Re-Os age for Pechenga black shale: Comparison of sulfides and organic material
Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Zimmerman A, Yang G, Markey RJ & Melezhik VA

(2006) Re-Os evidence for the origin of Fe-oxide-(Cu-Au) deposits in SW Iberia at the Frasnian-Famennian boundary
Stein H, Markey R, Carriedo J & Tornos F

(2006) Timescales for fluid storage and release in porphyry Cu-Mo systems – Timescales for felsic magma storage and volcanic eruptions
 HS & Markey R

(2005) The First Re-Os Ages of Auriferous Sulfides from European Variscides
Mikulski S, Markey R & Stein H

(2004) Gold: A Re-Os Geochronometer?
Hannah J, Stein H, Markey R & Scherstén A

(2004) Characterization of a Molybdenite Reference Material for Re-Os
Markey R, Stein H, Hannah J, Selby D & Creaser R

(2003) Chondritic Initial 187Os/188Os in Paleoproterozoic Shale (Seawater) and Onset of Oxidative Weathering
Hannah J, Stein H, Bekker A, Markey R & Holland H

(2003) Power in Partnership: Re-Os Molybdenite and U-Pb Zircon Dating
Stein H, Markey R & Hannah J

(2003) Dating Young Molybdenites and LLHR Samples Using Re-Os: The Pitfalls and Overcoming Them
Stein H, Markey R & Hannah J

(2002) Late Archean-Early Proterozoic Formation and Reworking of a Porphyry Cu(Mo)Deposit Recorded in Molybdenite: Re-Os Dating at Malanjkhand, Central India
Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Zimmerman A, Markey RJ, Sarkar SC & Pal AB

(2002) Defining the Lifespan of a Giant Porphyry Cu Deposit: Re-Os Dating at Los Pelambres, Chile
Stein H, Markey R, Sillitoe R & Perelló J

(2000) Robust Re-Os Molybdenite Ages for the Hemlo Au Deposit, Superior Province, Canada
Stein HJ, Markey RJ & Morgan JW

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