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All abstracts by Didier Louis Bourlès in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Meteoric 10Be in Soils of Loessic Origin- a Case Study of Luvisols from Northern France
Jagercikova M, Cornu S, Mayor M, Guillou V & Bourlès D

(2013) Paleo-Denudation Rates at the Plio-Pleistocene Transition from in situ Produced Cosmogenic 10Be: Method and New Results from the Tianshan and the Himalayas
Charreau J, Puchol N, Blard P-H, Pik R, Braucher R, Leanni L, Bourles D, Lave J & Bourles O

(2013) Cosmogenic 3He and 10Be Production Rates at High Elevation (> 3800 m)
Blard P-H, Braucher R, Bourles D & Lave J

(2012) High 36Cl/Cl Ratios and non Reactive Transport in Chernobyl Groundwaters
Roux C, Le Gal La Salle C, Simonucci C, Bassot S, Bourles D, Fifield K, Van Meir N, De Windt L, Bugai D & Lancelot J

(2011) Volcanic, Solar Activity, and Atmospheric Circulation Influences on Cosmogenic 10Be Fallout at Vostok and Concordia (Antarctica) over the Last 60 Years
Baroni M, Bard E, Petit J-R, Magand O & Bourles D

(2011) Deglaciation Pattern during the Late-Glacial / Holocene Transition in the Southern French Alps. Chronological Data from the Clarée Valley (Durance Catchment, S. France)
Cossart E, Bourles D, Braucher R, Fort M, Perrier R & Siame L

(2011) Irregular Retreat of Tropical Glaciers during the Holocene
Jomelli V, Khodri M, Favier V, Brunstein D, Ledru MP, Wagnon P, Blard PH, Sicart JE, Braucher R, Grancher D, Bourles D, Barconnot P & Vuille M

(2011) Himalayan Erosion Rates and 10Be Systematics in the Ganga Basin
Lavé J, Lupker M, Blard P-H, France-Lanord C, Bourlès D, Charreau J, Leanni L, Pik R & Puchol N

(2011) Quantifying Weathering and Erosion Rates Using Cosmogenic Nuclides
Bourlès D, Braucher R & Siame L

(2009) 10Be and 36Cl Interlaboratory Comparisons: Implications for Terrestrial Production Rates?
Merchel S, Bremser W, Alfimov V, Arnold M, Aumaître G, Benedetti L, Bourlès DL, Braucher R, Caffee M, Christl M, Fifield LK, Finkel RC, Freeman SPHT, Ruiz-Gomez A, Kubik PW, Rood DH, Sasa K, Steier P, Tims SG, Wallner A, Wilcken KM & Xu S

(2009) Cosmogenic 36Cl Production Rate Calibration from Ca and K Spallation
Schimmelpfennig I, Benedetti L, Garreta V, Pik R, Blard PH, Bourlès D, Finkel R, Ammon K & Dunai T

(2009) Control of Frost-Induced Processes on Catchment Denudation Rates: Insight from in situ Produced 10Be Concentrations in Stream Sediments (Ecrins-Pelvoux Massif, French Western Alps)
Delunel R, van der Beek P, Bourlès D & Carcaillet J

(2008) In situ Cosmogenic 36Cl Production Rate Calibration from Ca and K in Lava Flows
Schimmelpfennig I, Benedetti L, Pik R, Burnard P, Blard PH, Dunai T & Bourlès D

(2008) 10Be Dating of Erratics at Hell Creek (Coast Mountains, BC, Canada)
Ortuño M, Evans S, Clague J, Pallàs R, Rodés Á, Cuman A, Braucher R & Bourlès D

(2008) How Minimum are the Minimum Ages of Deglaciation Deduced from Surface Exposure Dating? Assessment Based on Data from the Pyrenees (Iberian Peninsula)
Pallàs R, Rodés A, Braucher R & Bourlès D

(2008) Climate during the Last Glacial Cycle in the Pyrenees Inferred from 10Be Dating and Paleoglacier Modeling
Rodés Á, Plummer M, Pallàs R, Braucher R & Bourlès D

(2008) Muon Produced Neon in Quartz at Large Depths: BeNe Project Progress Report
Fernández-Mosquera D, Marti K, Hahm D, Vidal-Romani JR, Braucher R & Bourles D

(2007) Dating Carbonate Rocks with in situ Produced Cosmogenic Be-10: Why it Often Fails
Merchel S, Braucher R, Benedetti L, Grauby O & Bourlès D

(2007) In situ Cosmogenic 36Cl Production Rate Calibration on Basaltic Flows of Mount Etna (Sicily, 38°N)
Schimmelpfennig I, Benedetti L, Pik R, Burnard P, Blard P-H & Bourlès D

(2004) High Elevation Cosmogenic 3He Production Rates (Central Nepal) Determined from 10Be Cross-Calibration
Gayer E, Pik R, France-Lanord C, Lave J, Bourles D & Marty B

(2002) High-Resolution Authigenic 10Be/9Be Records: A Proxy Indicator of the Past Geomagnetic Field Variability
Carcaillet J, Bourlès DL & Thouveny N

(2002) Younger Dryas Glacial Expansion in the Discontinously Glaciated Area of Western and Central Europe
BourlËs D, Braucher R, Brown E, Kalvoda J & Mercier J-L

(2002) Re-evaluation of 10Be Production by Muons
Braucher R, Bourlès DL, Brown ET & Colin F

(2002) Cosmogenic 3He Production Rate: Comparison of He and Be Data from Himalayan Samples
Gayer E, Pik R, France-Lanord C, Marty B & Bourles D

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