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All abstracts by Romain Bousquet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) World Map of Orogens: Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Orogenic Belts (IGCP 667 Project)
François C, Pubellier M, Robert C, Bousquet R, Jamaludin SNF & Team I6

(2021) First Discovery of Gabbroic Rocks from the Discovery Deep, Red Sea Rift Axis
Follmann J, van der Zwan FM, Bousquet R & Augustin N

(2015) A Numerical Thermodynamic/Thermokinematic Investigation of Metamorphic Processes in Subduction Zones
Duesterhoeft E, Quinteros J, Bousquet R & De Capitani C

(2015) Zircon Petrochronology Constrains Retrograde Metamorphism and Dike Emplacement in the Gruf Complex
Oalmann J, Möller A & Bousquet R

(2014) Linking Zircon Growth Zones to P-T Conditions: An Example from the Gruf Complex, Central Alps
Oalmann J, Möller A & Bousquet R

(2013) P-T Modeling Reveals Juxtaposition of Units within the Gruf Complex (Central Alps) during Orogenesis
Oalmann J, Möller A & Bousquet R

(2013) Ages and Deformation of Felsic Dikes within Granulites and Gneisses of the Gruf Complex, Central Alps
Savage J, Möller A, Oalmann J & Bousquet R

(2011) In situ U-Pb Dating of Rutile in UHT Granulites from the Gruf Complex, European Central Alps
Oalmann J, Möller A & Bousquet R

(2009) Transport of Heat and Mass in a Barrovian Belt: What do We Know from Nature ?
Berger A, Bousquet R, Engi M, Janots E, Rubatto D, Schmid S & Wiederkehr M

(2008) Sapphirine Granulites of the Gruf Complex (Central Alps, N-Italy): In situ Monazite Dating by SHRIMP and Confocal Synchrotron µ-XRF
Möller A, Schmitz S, Wilke M, Nelson DR, Malzer W, Kanngießer B, Schefer S & Bousquet R

(2007) Petrogenesis of Meta-Peridotites in the Takab Area, NW Iran
Hajialioghli R, Moazzen M, Jahangiri A, Droop G, Bousquet R & Oberhänsli R

(2006) Feedback of the metamorphic changes on the subducting processes
Bousquet R, De Capitani C & Arcay D

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