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All abstracts by Conel M. O'D. Alexander in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) On Volatiles (H, N, C) of Enstatite Meteorites and the Accretion of Earth
Gray ML, Weisberg M, Alexander CMO, Wang J, Foustoukos D & Ebel DS

(2023) Re-evaluating Bulk H Measurements of Aubrites Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Peterson L, Newcombe M, Nielsen SG, Alexander CMO, Wang J, Klein F & Bekaert DV

(2021) Highly Volatile Element (H, C, F, Cl, S) Abundances and H Isotopic Compositions in Chondrules from Carbonaceous and Ordinary Chondrites
Shimizu K, Alexander CMO, Hauri EH, Sarafian AR, Nittler LR, Wang J, Jacobsen SD & Mendybaev RA

(2021) The Water Content of the Ureilite Parent Body
Peterson L, Newcombe ME, Nielsen SG, Wang J, Sarafian AR & Alexander CMO

(2021) Coordinated Analysis of the Functional Group Chemistry, Elemental and Isotopic Composition of Extraterrestrial Insoluble Organic Matter at the Nanoscale
Stroud RM, De Gregorio BT, Nittler LR & Alexander CMO

(2019) Solar System Hygrometry with Nominally Anhydrous Minerals
Newcombe ME, Nielsen SG, Sarafian AR, Wang J, Alexander CMO, Shimizu K & Nittler LR

(2018) Late Formation of Silicon Carbide in Type II Supernovae
Liu N, Nittler L, Alexander C & Wang J

(2018) Heterogeneous Distribution of Presolar SiC in the Tagish Lake Meteorite
Riebe M, Busemann H, Alexander C, Nittler L, Maden C, Herd C & Wieler R

(2017) Stellar Origins of Type AB Grains
Liu N, Stephan T, Boehnke P, Nittler L, Alexander C, Wang J, Trappitsch R, Pellin M & Davis A

(2016) Identifying the most Primitive Asteroids: Amorphous Material in CO Meteorites and SOFIA Observations of 10 Hygiea
McAdam M, Sunshine J, Howard K, McCoy T, Alexander C & Kelley M

(2016) Inorganic and Organic Sulfur in Murchison and Other Chondrites Carry Isotope Anomalies
Labidi J, Farquhar J, Alexander C & Cody G

(2015) Are Radicals the Carriers of D in IOM?
Alexander C, Nilges M, Cody G & Herd C

(2015) Theme 24: Cosmochemistry and Astrophysics
Alexander C

(2015) Evidence from Hydrogen Isotopes in Meteorites for a Subsurface Hydrogen Reservoir on Mars
Usui T, Alexander C, Wang J, Simon J & Jones J

(2015) Simultaneous Measurements of C and O Isotopic Composition in Carbonates by NanoSIMS
Wang J, Hauri E & Alexander C

(2014) Presolar Materials and Isotope Anomalies in the Unique Carbonaceous Chondrite Miller Range 07687
Davidson J, Nittler L & Alexander C

(2014) Cr Isotope Anomalies, their Origins and Implications
Qin L, Xia J, Alexander C, Nittler L, Carlson R & Wang J

(2012) Primordial Delivery of Potassium to Mercury and Enstatite Chondrites
Ebel DS, Alexander CMO & Sack RO

(2012) The Origin of Water in Asteroids and the Terrestrial Planets
Alexander C, Bowden R, Fogel M, Howard K & Herd C

(2012) Evidence from D/H and Volatile Abundances of Impact Melts for a Surficial Water Reservoir on Mars
Usui T, Alexander C, Wang J, Simon J & Jones J

(2012) A Plausible Relationship between D/H in Primitive Solar System Organic Solids, their Origin, and their Associated Water
Cody G, Wang Y, Kebukawa Y, Fogel M & Alexander C

(2011) Martian Magmatic Volatiles Recorded in Olivine-Bearing Melt Inclusions and Matrix of Shergottite Y-980459
Jones J, Usui T, Alexander CO, Wang J & Simon J

(2011) Quantitative Deuterium NMR as a Site-Specific D/H Probe to Study Organic Matter
Wang Y, Cody G, Alexander C & Fogel M

(2011) Mercury and Enstatite Chondrite Origins by Equilibrium Condensation from chondritic-Idp Enriched Vapor
Ebel DS & Alexander C

(2010) The Consequences of Isotopic Variability in the Early Solar Nebula
Carlson R, Qin L & Alexander C

(2010) Redox-Dependent, Diffusion-Driven Fractionation of Fe Isotopes in Silicate Melts and its Structural Controls
Roskosz M, Alexander C, Sio K, Wang J, Watson H, Dauphas N & Mysen B

(2009) Highly Siderophile Element Evidence from Early Solar System Processes in Ordinary Chondrite Components
Horan M, Alexander C & Walker R

(2009) Correlated Microanalysis of Extraterrestrial Carbonaceous Nanoglobules
Nittler L, Alexander C, Cody G, De Gregorio B, Kilcoyne D, Stroud R & Zega T

(2008) Sub-Micron XANES Analysis of the Organic Structure of Comet Wild 2/81P Particles
Cody G, Yabuta H, Alexander C & Kilcoyne D

(2008) Chromium Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Bulk and Components of Chondrites
Qin L, Alexander C, Carlson R & Horan M

(2008) Finding Needles in the Haystack: Coordinated Analyses on Planetary Materials
Zega T, Alexander C, Busemann H, Cody G, Kilcoyne D, Nguyen A, Nittler L & Stroud R

(2007) High-Precision Isotope Acquisition with the NanoSIMS 50L
Alexander C, Hauri E, Wang J & Hillion F

(2007) More on Os Isotope Anomalies in Chondrites: Possible Carriers
Yokoyama T, Rai V, Alexander C & Walker R

(2007) Volatile Abundances and H Isotope Signatures of Melt Inclusions and Nominally Anhydrous Minerals in the Nakhlites and Chassignites
Boctor N & Alexander C

(2005) Microscale D/H and C/H Imaging of Meteorites and IDPs – Calibration of Ion Microprobe Data with Terrestrial Analogues and Meteoritic Residues
Busemann H, Alexander C & Nittler L

(2004) Sulfur Isotope Signatures of Sulfides from Boriskino CM Chondrite
Boctor N, Wang J, Alexander C, Hauri E, Kurat G & Nazarov M

(2002) H Isotope Signatures of Minerals, Melt Inclusions, and Impact Glasses in SNC Meteorites
Boctor N, Alexander C, Wang J & Hauri E

(2002) Origin of Enstatite Chondrites and Implications for the Inner Planets
Ebel DS & Alexander CMO

(2002) How did chondrules/CAIs Acquire their O Anomalies?
Alexander C

(2002) The Chemical Origins and Evolution of Organic Matter in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Cody G, Alexander C & Tera F

(2001) The Source of Extraterrestrial Water in Martian Meteorites: Clues from Hydrogen Isotope Composition of Impact-Melted Glasses and Magmatic Melt-Inclusion Glasses
Boctor NZ, Alexander CMO, Wang J & Hauri E

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