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All abstracts by Samuel A. Bowring in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Insights into the End-Permian Mass Extinction from High-Precision U-Pb Geochronology: Progress and Future Prospects
Ramezani J, Shen S-Z, Chen J, Erwin D, Zhang H, Henderson C & Bowring S

(2016) A Permo-Triassic Ca Isotope Record from Meishan, China
Wang J, Jacobson A, Zhang H, Ramezani J, Sageman B, Hurtgen M, Bowring S & Shen S

(2015) Growth of Continental Crust Begins in Earnest at ~3.8 Ga
Vervoort J, Fisher C, Kemp A, Bauer A & Bowring S

(2014) U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Data from 3.3-4.0 Ga Acasta Gneiss Zircon: How Reliable are Hf Isotopic Constraints?
Bauer A, Bowring S, Vervoort J & Fisher C

(2013) Timescales of Partial Melting and UHP Exhumation, Papua New Guinea
DesOrmeau J, Gordon S, Little T & Bowring S

(2012) A Thermal and Erosional History of Cratonic Lithosphere over Billion-Year Time Scales
Blackburn T, Bowring S, Perron T, Mahan K & Dudas F

(2011) Phosphate Dissolution/Precipitation Controls on Isotopic Compositions of Continental Assimilants
Barkman J, Bryce J, Watson B, Blichert-Toft J, Baxter E & Bowring S

(2011) A Long-Term Record of Continental Lithosphere Exhumation via U-Pb Thermochronology of the Lower Crust
Blackburn T, Bowring S, Perron T, Mahan K & Dudas F

(2010) Slow Cooling in the Lowermost Crust of a Continent-Continent Collision: Evidence from Accessory Phase U-Pb Thermochronology of Deep Crustal Xenoliths from the Mozambique Belt, Tanzania
Blondes M, Rudnick R, Ramezani J, Piccoli P & Bowring S

(2010) Collaboration of EarthChem and EARTHTIME to Develop a Geochronology and Thermochronology Database
Walker JD, Ash JM, Bowring J, Bowring SA, Deino AL, Kislitsyn R, Koppers AA & Lehnert KL

(2009) Multi-Step Dissolution of Baddeleyite for ID-TIMS U-Pb Dating
Rioux M, Bowring S, Dudás F & Hanson R

(2008) Synthetic U-Pb ‘standard’ Solutions for ID-TIMS Geochronology
Condon D, McLean N, Schoene B, Bowring S, Parrish R & Noble S

(2007) Recent Developments in U-Pb Thermochronology
Schoene B & Bowring S

(2007) High-Precision U-Pb Zircon Geochronology: Progress and Potential
Bowring S, Crowley J, Ramezani J, McLean N, Condon D & Schoene B

(2006) The Permian-Triassic boundary event and eruption of the Siberian flood basalts: an inter-laboratory U-Pb dating study
Kamo S, Crowley J & Bowring SA

(2006) EARTHTIME U-Pb Tracer For Community Use
Parrish R, Bowring S, Condon D, Schoene B, Crowley J & Ramezani J

(2006) U-Pb zircon geochronology of the end-Permian mass extinction
Crowley J, Bowring S, Shen S, Wang Y, Cao C & Jin Y

(2006) What is a magma crystallization age? Insight from micro-sampling of chemical domains in zircon from the Fish Canyon Tuff
Crowley J, Bowring S & Hanchar J

(2006) Testing the Carboniferous Fire Clay Tonstein as a Sanidine 40Ar/39Ar Standard
Machlus M, Bowring S, Hemming S, Rasbury T, Swisher C & Turrin B

(2006) Constraining the timing of basal metazoan radiation using molecular biomarkers and U-Pb isotope dating
Love GD, Fike DA, Grosjean E, Stalvies C, Grotzinger J, Bradley AS, Bowring S, Condon D & Summons RE

(2005) U-(Th)-Pb Dating of Monazite and Xenotime by EMPA, LA-ICPMS, and IDTIMS: Examples from the Yilgarn Craton and Himalayas
Crowley J, Chatterjee N, Bowring S, Sylvester P, Myers J & Searle M

(2005) U-Th-Pb Systematics of Monazite, Xenotime, and Zircon from Pleistocene Leucogranites at Nanga Parbat (Pakistan Himalaya)
Crowley J, Bowring S & Searle M

(2005) The Manicouagan Impact Melt Rock: A Proposed Standard for the Intercalibration of U-Pb and <+>40<$>Ar/<+>39<$>Ar Isotopic Systems
Ramezani J, Bowring S, Pringle M, Winslow F & Rasbury T

(2005) EARTHTIME: A Community-Based Effort Towards High-Precision Calibration of Earth History
Bowring S, Erwin D, Parrish R & Renne P

(2005) Combined (U-Th)/He and U-Pb Thermochronometry of Rift-Flank Exhumation in East-Central Africa
MacPhee D, Bowring S & Reiners P

(2005) New ID-TIMS U-Pb Zircon Ages for the Carboniferous-Permian Boundary Sections of the Southern Urals˜Russia, Kazaskhstan
Schmitz M, Davydov V, Snyder W, Ramezani J & Bowring S

(2005) Temporal Constraints on the Juxtaposition and Exhumation of Deep Crustal Domains, East Athabasca Region, Western Canadian Shield
Flowers R, Pringle M, Mahan K, Bowring S, Williams M, Hodges K & Reiners P

(2002) Decoupling of the Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd Isotopic Systems in Granulitic Lower Crust beneath Southern Africa
Schmitz MD, Vervoort JD, Bowring SA & Patchett PJ

(2001) U-Pb Geochronology and the Calibration of Metazoan Evolution: Progress and Promise
Bowring SA, Martin MW & Grotzinger JP

(2000) Nd-Hf Isotope Constraints on the Petrogenesis of Al-Depleted and Al-Undepleted Komatiites, the Onverwacht Group, South Africa
Chavagnac V, Bowring SA, Parman SW & Carlson RW

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