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All abstracts by Jeremy Boyce in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Determination of Sulfur Speciation in Apatites from Martian Meteorites (Shergottites) Using ┬Á-XANES
Chowdhury P, Brounce M, Boyce J & McCubbin F

(2021) Water in the Crust: Implications for the Evolution of Mars
Barnes JJ, McCubbin F, Santos A, Day JMD, Boyce J, Schwenzer S, Ott U, Franchi I, Anand M & Agee C

(2020) Magma Mixing Recorded by Chronologically Constrained Melt Inclusions
Esposito R, Badescu K, Boyce J, Manning CE, Bodnar R, Steele-MacInnis M & De Vivo B

(2020) Advances in Measuring the Chlorine Isotopes of Planetary Materials
Boyce J, Zimmerman S, Hidy A, McCubbin F & Anderson T

(2018) Tandem LA-ICP-MS & LIBS; A New Micro-Analytical Technique for the Measurement of Every Element in the Periodic Table
Colucci MT, Jacobsen SB, Gonzalez J, Torres M, Lee C-T, Savard D, Neumann R & Boyce JW

(2017) Volatiles in high-K Lunar Basalts
Barnes J, McCubbin F, Messenger S, Nguyen A & Boyce J

(2017) A Quantitative Geochemical Target for Modeling the Formation of the Earth and Moon
Boyce J, Barnes J & McCubbin F

(2016) H-Isotopic Composition of Apatite in Northwest Africa 7034
McCubbin F, Barnes J, Santos A, Boyce J, Anand M, Franchi I & Agee C

(2014) Mostly Wet Apatites on a Mostly Dry Moon
Boyce J, Tomlinson S, McCubbin F, Greenwood J & Treiman A

(2014) Apatite Hygrometry
Boyce J, Tomlinson S, McCubbin F, Greenwood J & Treiman A

(2013) Petrologic and Metasomatic Controls on H and Cl Abundances and Isotopes in Lunar Rocks
Boyce J, Treiman A, Eiler J, Ma C, Guan Y, Greenwood J, Gross J & Stolper E

(2011) Sulfur Speciation in Lunar Apatite
Boyce J, Ma C, Eiler J, Liu Y, Stolper E & Taylor L

(2009) 1000 Years of Magmatic Volatiles Recorded in Apatite from Arenal Volcano
Boyce J, Hervig R, Alvarado G, Newton R & Manning C

(2008) Laser Microprobe Depth Profiling of 4He Diffusion in Durango Apatite
van Soest M, Boyce J, Monteleone B & Hodges K

(2007) A High Resolution Time-Sequential Record of Magmatic Volatiles from Apatite Phenocrysts
Boyce J & Hervig R

(2005) Laser Microprobe (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry of Monazite
Boyce J, Hodges K, Crowley J, Chatterjee N & Searle M

(2005) Detrital Mineral Thermochronology in Active Fluvial Systems and the Evolution of Modern Orogenic Landscapes
Hodges K, Ruhl K, Wobus C & Boyce J

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