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All abstracts by Yoshiro Nishio in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) The Origin of Lithium in Playas in Nevada, USA: Constraints by Lithium Isotope Ratio
Araoka D, Kawahata H, Takagi T, Watanabe Y, Nishimura K & Nishio Y

(2012) Lithium Isotopic Signature Oman Ophiolite during Hydrothermal Alteration of the Ancient Oceanic Crust
Kim T, Nakai S, Kawahata H, Yamaoka K & Nishio Y

(2012) Lithium Isotope Ratio of Samples Collected from Salt Lakes at Nevada, USA: Implication for Lithium Origin in Salt Lakes
Araoka D, Nishio Y, Takagi T, Watanabe Y & Kawahata H

(2006) Lithium isotopic signature of the Indian Ocean DUPAL source
Nishio Y, Nakai S, Ishii T & Sano Y

(2004) Li-Sr-Nd Isotopic Compositions of Polynesian OIBs: Implications for the Origin of HIMU Source
Nishio Y, Nakai S, Kogiso T & Barsczus H

(2003) Li-Sr-Nd Isotopic Systematics of the Mantle-Derived Xenoliths
Nishio Y, Nakai S, Yamamoto J, Sumino H, Matsumoto T & Prikhod’ko V

(2002) Li Isotopic Systematics of Volcanic Rocks in Marginal Basins
Nishio Y, Nakai S, Hirose K, Ishii T & Sano Y

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