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All abstracts by Takaaki Noguchi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Space Weathering Influence on Ryugu's IR Signature: Insights from Nanoscale Vibrational Spectroscopy in the STEM
Laforet S, Leroux H, Le Guillou C, Jacob D, de La Pena F, Marinova M, Walls M, Tizei L, Beck P, Phan VTH & Noguchi T

(2023) Nanoscale Mineralogy and Organics in Ryugu Samples Investigated with AFM-Ir
Beck P, Phan VTH, Rebois R, Noguchi T & Sand Team H2

(2022) Elastic and Thermodynamic Properties of Asteroid Ryugu Return Samples
Hu M, Lavina B, Zhao J, Alp E, Roskosz M, Beck P, Viennet J-C, Nakamura T, Amano K, Kikuiri M, Morita T, Yurimoto H, Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Yabuta H, Naraoka H, Sakamoto K, Tachibana S, Watanabe S-I & Tsuda Y

(2022) Space Weathering Formation of Glassy Layers at the Surface of Ryugu: A STEM-Edx Study
Laforet S, Leroux H, Le Guillou C, Jacob D, Marinova M, de La Pena F & Noguchi T

(2022) Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry of Asteroid Ryugu Samples
Yurimoto H, Nakamura T, Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Yabuta H, Naraoka H, Tachibana S, Watanabe S-I, Tsuda Y & Team TH-I-A

(2022) Electron Microscopy of Organic Matter in Returned Samples from Asteroid Ryugu
Stroud RM, De Gregorio BT, Burgess KD, Cymes BA, Barosch J, Nittler LR, Yabuta H & Noguchi T

(2022) Large Scale NanoIR Mapping of Ryugu Samples: First Results and Implications for Ryugu’s Formation
Dominguez G, Gainsforth Z, Amano K, Kagawa E, Matsumoto M, Fujioka Y, Nakamura T, Morita T, Kikuiri M, Yurimoto H, Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Yabuta H, Naraoka H, Sakamoto K, Tachibana S, Watanabe S-I & Tsuda Y

(2022) Initial Analysis of Macromolecular Organic Matter in the Asteroid Ryugu Samples: Overview
Yabuta H, Naraoka H, Yurimoto H, Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Sakamoto K, Tachibana S, Nakamura T, Watanabe S-I & Tsuda Y

(2022) Nanoscale Mineralogy and Organic Structure in Carbonaceous Chondrites Studied with AFM-Ir Spectroscopy
Phan VTH, Rebois R, Beck P, Quirico E, Bonal L & Noguchi T

(2021) Chemical Functional Characterization of Coals and Extraterrestrial Materials Using Infrared Spectroscopy: From Bulk Toward to Nanoscale
Phan VTH, Rebois R, Beck P, Quirico E, Noguchi T & Takase M

(2016) Relationships Among Morphology, Microstructure, and Noble Gas Signatures of Four Itokawa Grains
Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Mitsunari T, Tobimatsu Y, Uesugi M, Yada T, Karouji Y, Hidaka H & Kimura M

(2016) Interactive Evolution of Inorganic and Organic Materials and Water in Comets and Icy Bodies
Nagahara H, Noguchi T, Yabuta H, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Mitsunari T, Okubo A, Okazaki R, Nakamura T, Tachibana S, Terada K, Ebihara M, Imae N & Kimura M

(2013) Organic Nitrogen Cosmochemistry of Ultracarbonaceous Micrometeorite
Yabuta H, Noguchi T, Itoh S, Tsujimoto S, Sakamoto N, Hashiguchi M, Abe K, Kilcoyne D, Okubo A, Okazaki R, Tachibana S, Terada K, Nakamura T, Ebihara M & Nagahara H

(2002) REE, Th and U Abundances in Individual Chondrules from Dhajala, Allegan and Bjurböle Chondrites
Ebihara M, Hayano K & Noguchi T

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