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All abstracts by Jay Brandes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Mapping Microplastics in Georgia's Estuaries: Engaging the Citizen Scientist
Brandes J & Sanders D

(2017) What can Carbon Isotopes Tell us About the Nature of Photo-Labile Dissolved Organic Carbon?
Brandes JA, Ryan K, Stubbins A & Powers L

(2017) Moderate Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DI13C) Isotope Enrichment (MoDIE) for Improved Evaluation of DIC Photochemical Production in Seawater
Powers L, Ryan K, Brandes J, Stubbins A & Miller W

(2016) How did Ferruginous Archean Oceans Make Methane?
Glass J, Bray M, Wu J, Reed B, Kretz C, Stewart F, DiChristina T, Brandes J, Fowle D & Crowe S

(2016) Inner-Sphere Covalent Interactions Control the Ferric Organic Carbon Pump in Marind Sediments
Barber A, Brandes J, Leri A & Gélinas Y

(2014) Probing the Composition of Sediment Organic Matter Using Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy
Barber A, Brandes J & Gélinas Y

(2014) Carbon Cycling in a Well-Constrained Southeastern US Salt Marsh
Brandes J, Edwards C, Bittar T, Robertson C, Stubbins A & Savidge W

(2012) X-Ray Spectromicroscopy: Illuminating the Biogeochemical Cycles of Elements in the Marine Environment
Brandes J, Ingall E & Diaz J

(2008) Investigating Marine Organic Matter Diagenesis Using STXM and Carbon K-Edge XANES
Brandes J, Haberstroh P & Wirick S

(2006) Nanoscale Geochemistry of Phosphorus Within Marine Sediments
Brandes J, Ingall E, Paterson D & De Jonge M

(2005) Oxygen Isotope Fractionation during Respiration in Marine Sediments
Hartnett H, Devol A, Brandes J & Chang B

(2002) Abiotic Carbon Fixation Promoted by Transition Metal Sulfides Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Cody G, Boctor N, Brandes J, Filley T, Hazen R & Yoder Jr H

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