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All abstracts by Mark Brandon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Organic Molecular and Inorganic Isotope Records of Cenozoic Topography, Ecosystem and Climate Evolution of the Southern Central Andes
Hren M, Brandon M, Fennell L, Smolen J & Super J

(2018) A High Resolution Carbonate-Clumped Terrestrial Temperature Record from a Cretacous-Paleogene Section in North Dakota, USA
Gray K, Brandon M & Pearson D

(2013) A Lithospheric Mantle Source for Etna Magmatism
Young HP, Wang Z & Brandon M

(2011) From Thermochronometric Ages to Exhumation Rates
Willett S, Brandon M, Fox M & Herman F

(2009) Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Reconstruction of the Paleoelevation of the Western U.S
Hren M, Pagani M & Brandon M

(2007) Fo 99.8 Olivine in Basalts: Assimilation of Meta-Serpentinites or Oxidation of Magmatic Phenocrysts?
Blondes M, Brandon M, Reiners P, Kita N, Page FZ & Valley J

(2006) Thermochronologic Approaches to Paleotopography
Reiners P, McPhillips D, Brandon M, Mulch A & Chamberlain CP

(2005) Five Ways to Examine What Isn‚t in There with Cosmogenic Isotopes
Gosse J, Baker S, Pazzaglia F, Brandon M, Karlstrom K, Pederson J & Finkel R

(2005) Laser-Ablation ICP-MS Zonation-Dependent Alpha-Ejection Correction of Zircons in (U-Th)/He Chronometry
Hourigan J, Reiners P, Brandon M & Plank T

(2005) Using Thermochrometry to Image Topographic Evolution in the Northern Apennines, Italy
Brandon M, Zattin M, Isaacson P, Braun J & Reiners P

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