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All abstracts by Matthias Stefan Brennwald in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) From Quantum Mechanics to Molecular Diffusion and Climate Reconstruction
Tyroller L, Magalhaes HP, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2018) CO2 Capture Processes Monitored with Noble Gas Measurements
Weber UW, Sundal A, Brennwald M, Ringrose P, Aagaard P & Kipfer R

(2018) Quantifying Air/Water Exchange Using High-Resolution Time Series of Dissolved Atmospheric Ar, Kr, and N2 in Shallow Surface Waters
Brennwald MS, Weber UW, Cook P, Kipfer R & Stieglitz T

(2018) Quantifying the Contribution of Snowmelt to Groundwater Recharge with Portable Mass Spectrometry-Based Dissolved Gas Analysis
Schilling OS, Brennwald M, Kipfer R & Therrien R

(2017) Underground Production of 81Kr Detected in Subsurface Fluids
Purtschert R, Onstott T, Lu Z-T, Jiang W, Müller P, Zappala J, Yokochi R, Van-Heerden E, Lau M, Kieft T, Brennwald M & Cason E

(2017) On-Site Analysis of Gas Concentrations at Lake Kivu, Central Africa
Bärenbold F, Schmid M, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2017) Strange Isotopic Fractionation of Noble Gases Diffusing Through Water
Magalhães HP, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2017) Paleo-Temperature and Hydrological Signal from Water and Noble Gas Amounts of Swiss Stalagmite
Ghadiri E, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2017) High-Resolution (Noble) Gas Time Series for Environmental Research
Brennwald MS, Cook P, Stieglitz T, Banks E, Popp A, Weber U, Moeck C & Kipfer R

(2017) Noble Gas Analysis of Sediment Pore Fluids Near Black Smoker
Horstmann E, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald M, Schmidt M & Kipfer R

(2017) On-Line Monitoring of the Gas Composition in the Full-Scale Emplacement Experiment at Mt. Terri (Switzerland)
Tomonaga Y, Giroud N, Brennwald MS, Horstmann E, Kipfer R & Wersin P

(2017) Continental Rifting and 4He Reserves
Ballentine C, Barry P, Fontijn K, Hillegonds D, Bluett J, Abraham-James T, Danabalan D, Gluyas J, Brennwald M, Plüss B, Seneshen D & Sherwood Lollar B

(2017) A Multitracer Approach to Estimate Groundwater Mixing Ratios
Popp A, Brennwald M, Möck C, Radny D & Kipfer R

(2017) Apparent Heating of Groundwater in the Gardermoen Aquifer, Norway
Sundal A, Kipfer R & Brennwald M

(2016) Continuous Noble Gas Analysis to Estimate Artificial Groundwater Recharge for Drinking Water Production
Popp A, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2016) Noble-Gas Temperature Reconstructions on Swiss Stalagmite during the Last Glacial – Interglacial Transition
Ghadiri E, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2016) The Story of Real-Time Noble Gas Analysis in the Field, Black Smokers and the Paleocene-Eocene-Thermal Maximum
Brennwald MS, Schmidt M & Kipfer R

(2016) Advances in the on-Site and Remote-Controlled Analysis of Dissolved (Noble) Gases in Water Bodies
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS, Rüssel R & Kipfer R

(2015) Landing (Noble) Gas Analytics in the Field: Towards Real Time Insitu Gas Determination
Brennwald MS, Rüssel R & Kipfer R

(2015) Recent Advances in the on-Site Analysis and Process-Based Interpretation of Dissolved (Noble) Gases in Water Bodies
Brennwald MS, Rüssel R & Kipfer R

(2015) Noble Gas Isotope Ratios as Tracer for Molecular Diffusion in Lake Sediments
Tyroller L, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2013) Flow Dynamics and 3H/3He Ages of Deep Groundwater at Gardermoen (Oslo Airport, Norway)
Sundal A, Aagaard P, Wejden B & Brennwald MS

(2013) Earthquake-Driven Noble-Gas Geochemistry in Lake Van (Turkey)
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS, Maden C, Meydan AF & Kipfer R

(2013) Linking Noble Gas and CH4 Concentrations in the Sediment Porewater of Lake Lungern, Switzerland
Tyroller L, Brennwald M, Ndayisaba C, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2013) 81Kr Concentrations in Deep Fracture Waters of the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa
Purtschert R, Onstott T, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Müller P, van Heerden E, Erasmus M, Borgonie G, Linage B, Kuloyo O, Kipfer R, Brennwald M, Visser B, Maphanga S & Joubert L

(2013) Halogenated Anthropogenic Trace Gases: The Atmospheric Imprint and the Search for New Tracers
Vollmer MK & Brennwald M

(2013) Recent Advances of Noble Gas Geochemistry in Aquatic Systems
Brennwald M, Maden C, Vogel N, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2013) Noble Gases as Physiological Tracers for Gas Dynamics in Human Blood
Brennwald M, Lundby C, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2013) Noble Gas Temperature Determination in Fluid Inclusions – Method, Tests, Future Applications
Vogel N, Brennwald M, Meckler N, Fleitmann D, Maden C, Wieler R & Kipfer R

(2013) Using Noble Gases for Real-Time Tracing of Oxygen Turnover in Aquatic Systems
Mächler L, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2012) Concentrations and Isotope Ratios of He and Other Noble Gases in the Atmosphere during 1978-2011
Brennwald MS, Vollmer MK, Vogel N, Figura S, North RP, Langenfelds R, Steele LP & Kipfer R

(2012) Noble Gases in the Sediment Pore Water as Proxies for Physical Transport Processes in Lake Van (Turkey)
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2012) Mechanisms of Subglacial Groundwater Recharge as Derived from Noble Gas, 14C, and Stable Isotopic Data
Grundl T, Magnusson N, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2012) Noble Gases in Geothermal Waters as Tracers for Deep Fluid Circulation
Klump S, Brennwald M, Morrison D & Kipfer R

(2011) Noble Gases in the Sediment Pore Water as Proxies for Physical Transport Processes and Past Environmental Conditions in Lake Van?
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2011) Simultaneous Analysis of Dissolved Noble Gases, SF6 and CFCs in Water
Brennwald MS, Hofer M & Kipfer R

(2011) Are Noble Gases in the Sediment Pore Water of Lake Van Promising Proxies for Paleoclimate Conditions?
Blaettler R, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS, Kwiecien O & Kipfer R

(2011) Comparison of 4He and 14C Dating, Noble-Gas Temperatures and Stable Isotope (δ2H, δ18O) Data for Groundwater in Stratified Aquifers (Tomsk-7, SE Siberia)
Tokarev I, Kipfer R, Tomonaga Y, Brennwald M & Vereschagina E

(2011) A Field Method for the in situ Determination of Excess Air and Oxygen Consumption in Groundwater
Mächler L, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2011) On the Fate of 220Rn in Partially Saturated Media
Huxol S, Brennwald MS, Hoehn E & Kipfer R

(2011) Growth Conditions of Stalagmites Derived from Noble Gas Concentrations in Fluid Inclusions
Scheidegger Y, Vogel N, Figura S, Brennwald M, Wieler R, Fleitmann D & Kipfer R

(2011) Noble Gas in Basin Centred Gas: Sampling Techniques and Preliminary Results
Pujol M, Van den Boorn S, Bourdon B, Kipfer R, Wieler R & Brennwald M

(2009) Dissolved Atmospheric Noble Gases: Just Contamination? Yes, but with Potential...
Kipfer R, Brennwald MS & Ui Group, W+T, Eawag 

(2009) What do Noble Gases in Surface-Water Sediments Tell us?
Brennwald M, Tomonaga Y & Kipfer R

(2009) A New Analytical Field Method for the in situ Determination of the Oxygen Dynamics in Groundwater
Mächler L, Brennwald M & Kipfer R

(2009) Vacuum Extraction of Volatile Organic Compounds from Water for Compound-Specific Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis at the sub-µg/L Level
Amaral HIF, Brennwald M, Hofer M, Berg M & Kipfer R

(2007) Spatial Variability in the Release of Terrigenic He from the Sediments of Lake Van (Turkey)
Tomonaga Y, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2006) New applications of noble gases as environmental proxies in unusual aquatic environments
Brennwald MS, Scheidegger Y, Tomonaga Y, Holzner CP, Wieler R & Kipfer R

(2006) Noble gases as tracers for gas-exchange processes at bubble-streams in lakes and oceans
Holzner CP, Graser N, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R

(2004) Assessment of Methane Emission from Bubble Plumes in the Black Sea by Noble Gases
Holzner C, Amaral H, Brennwald M, Klump S & Kipfer R

(2003) Reconstruction of Lake Levels and Recharge Altitude by Atmospheric Noble Gases
Kipfer R, Brennwald M, Löw S & Lützenkirchen V

(2002) Noble Gases Dissolved in Porewater of Lacustrine Sediments
Brennwald MS, Kipfer R, Peeters F, Hofer M, Aeschbach W & Imboden D

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