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All abstracts by Agnès Brenot in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Dynamic of Groundwater Circulation and Source of Salinity in Large Sedimentary Aquifers (Adour-Garonne District, SW France): Sulfate and Strontium Isotopes Constraints
Petelet-Giraud E, Négrel P, Brenot A, Malcuit E & Millot R

(2014) Water-Rock Interaction and Groundwater Salinity in Large Sedimentary Basins: An Inverse Modeling Approach
Négrel P, Millot R, Petelet-Giraud E, Malcuit E & Brenot A

(2013) How Isotopic Hydrogeochemical Tools can Help Policy Makers to Target Priority Area for Drinking Water Preservation?
Brenot A, Gourcy L, Petelet-Giraud E & Négrel P

(2013) Lithium Isotopes in Surficial Waters: Examples from Rivers and Peatlands
Millot R, Négrel P, Desaulty AM & Brenot A

(2007) Compared Mg Isotope Compositions of Plants, Rocks and Waters
Bolou bi EB, Vigier N, Poszwa A & Brenot A

(2005) The Mackenzie River Basin: Limited Atmospheric CO<->2<$> Comsumption by Rock Weathering
Calmels D, Gaillardet J, Brenot A & France-Lanord C

(2004) Sources of Dissolved Sulfate in the Upper Moselle River (France): S and O Isotopes
Brenot A, Carignan J & France-Lanord C

(2004) Silicate Weathering Mechanisms Inferred from Direct Measurements of 176Hf/177Hf Ratios in River Waters
Bayon G, Vigier N, Burton K, Brenot A, Carignan J & Chu N

(2003) Paleosalinity Reconstruction of Lake Issyk-Kul Utilizing Dissolved Noble Gases in Sediment Pore Water
Brennwald M, Hofer M, Kipfer R & Imboden D

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