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All abstracts by Thomas Algeo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) A General Theory of Mass Extinctions
Algeo T & Shen J

(2023) Getting Salty: A History of the Development of Elemental Salinity Proxies for Shales
Algeo T & Wei W

(2022) The Nickel Isotope Evolution of Seawater Through the Phanerozoic Eon
Sun M, Archer C, Sweere T, Shen Y, Algeo T, Dickson AJ, Gill B, Dahl TW & Vance D

(2021) Nickel Isotope of Paleo-Seawater at the End-Ordovician
Sun M, Archer C, Li M, Shen Y, Algeo T & Vance D

(2020) Co-evolution of Earth Systems during the Devonian Period
Algeo T

(2020) Transient and Stepwise Ocean Oxygenation during the Ediacaran Shuram Excursion
Li Z, Cao M, Loyd S, Algeo T, Wang X & Zhao L

(2020) Abrupt Decline in Primary Productivity Coincident with the End-Ordovician Mass Extinction: Cadmium Isotopic Evidence from South Chin
Zhao H, Algeo T, Chen Z, Poulton S, Liu Y, Hu Z, Wang X & Zhang L

(2020) Decoupled Marine Carbon-Sulfur Isotopes on the Yangtze Platform during the Early to Middle Smithian (Early Triassic) Climate Warming
Zhang L, Zhao L, Algeo TJ, Chen Z-Q, Li C & Zhang Z

(2020) Elemental Proxies for Paleosalinity Analysis
Wei W & Algeo T

(2020) A Re-assessment of Elemental Proxies for Paleoredox Analysis
Algeo T & Liu J

(2020) Marine Productivity Variations and Environmental Perturbations Across the Early Triassic Smithian-Spathian Boundary: Insights from Zinc and Carbon Isotopes
Wang X, Zhao L, Cawood P, Algeo T, Chen Z-Q, Zhang L & Lyu Z

(2019) Patterns of Selenium Isotope Variability within and Among Phanerozoic Black Shales
Kipp M, Algeo T & Buick R

(2019) Transient Rise of Atmospheric O2 Levels and Marine Shelf Oxygenation at ~1.36 Ga
Wang H, Li C, Algeo T, Cheng M, Wang W & Zhang Z

(2019) Redox Gradients in the Early Mississippian Appalachian Basin: Evidence from Iron Speciation and Trace Metal Abundances
Gilleaudeau G, Algeo T, Lyons T, Bates S & Anbar A

(2018) Uranium Isotope Variation Across the Smithian-Spathian Boundary
Zhao H, Zhang F, Algeo T, Romaniello S & Anbar A

(2018) Intense Chemical Weathering during Early Triassic Revealed by Mg Isotopes
Chen X-Y, Teng F-Z, Huang K-J & Algeo T

(2018) Identification of Paleoredox Thresholds Based on Differential Responses of Elemental Proxies
Algeo T

(2018) Diagenesis is not a Dirty Word
Romaniello SJ, Chen X, Zhang F, Algeo TJ & Anbar AD

(2018) The Role of Modern Marine Systems in Paleoproxy Development
Algeo T

(2017) Significance of Marcasite Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary
Lounejeva E, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Algeo T, Grice K, Rodemann T, Davidson G & Steadman J

(2017) Constraining Drivers of the End-Permian Mass Extinction Using High-Resolution Records of Marine Anoxia
Romaniello SJ, Zhang F, Algeo TJ & Anbar AD

(2016) Evidence for Transient Deep-Water Oxygenations in Early Cambrian Nanhua Basin (South China)
Cheng M, Li C, Zhang F, Romaniello S, Feng L-J, Zhou L & Algeo T

(2016) Vanadium Isotope Fractionation in Low-Temperature Environments
Wu F, Qi Y, Zhang F, Algeo T, Yu H & Huang F

(2016) Validation of the Carbonate 238U/235U Paleoredox Proxy: Evidence from Multiple Localities Spanning the Permian-Triassic Boundary
Romaniello S, Zhang F, Algeo T, Lau K, Chen X, Elrick M, Herrmann A & Anbar A

(2016) Oceanic Rift-Driven Transition from Carbonate to Biosilica Sedimentation in the Western Tethyan Lagonegro Basin (Southern Italy) during the Late Triassic
Casacci M, Bertinelli A, Algeo T & Rigo M

(2016) Oxygenation of Deep Continental Basins and Colonization of Complex Marine Biotas during Cambrian Age 4 (~514-509 Ma) in South China
Jin C, Li C, Algeo TJ, Planavsky NJ, Cheng M, Yang X, Zhao Y & Xie S

(2016) Multiple Sulfur-Isotopic Evidence for Prolonged Earliest Jurassic Euxinia
Luo G, Richoz S, van de Schootbrugge B, Algeo T, Xie S, Ono S & Summons R

(2016) A Highly Redox-Heterogeneous Ocean in South China during the Early Cambrian (~529-514 Ma): Implications for Biota-Environment Co-evolution
Li C, Jin C, Algeo T, Planavsky N, Cui H, Yang X, Zhao Y, Zhang X & Xie S

(2015) The Early Triassic Sulfur Isotope Curve of Seawater Sulfate from Marine Carbonates in the Neo-Tethys
Stebbins A, Algeo T, Hart R, Krystyn L, Williams J, Brookfield M & Hannigan R

(2015) Diagenetic Uptake of P-Tr Conodont Rare Earth Elements from Shallow to Deep Environments: An Assessment
Li Y, Zhao L, Chen Z-Q, Algeo T & Chen J

(2015) Uranium (U) Isotope Variation in Marine Carbonates Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary
Zhang F, Romaniello S, Algeo T, Herrmann A & Anbar A

(2014) Smithian-Spathian Boundary Event Recorded in the Shitouzhai Section, Guizhou, South China: Carbon and Sulfur Isotopes and Trace Elemental Analysis
Zhang L, Zhao L, Chen Z-Q, Algeo T, Chen J & Wang R

(2013) Molybdenum and Uranium Isotope Dynamics in a Paleozoic Epicontinental Black Shale
Herrmann A, Algeo T, Romaniello S, Gordon G & Anbar A

(2010) Deoxygenation of Permo-Triassic Oceans: The Role of Elevated Continental Weathering Fluxes
Algeo T & Rowe H

(2010) Use of Sedimentary Trace-Metal Concentration Data to Constrain Hydrographic Conditions in Ancient Marine Systems
Algeo T & Lyons T

(2007) Significance of Biomarkers for P/T and F/F Mass Extinctions
Grice K, Nabbefeld B, Maslen E, Summons R, Twitchett R, Turgeon S, Algeo T & Bötccher M

(2006) Re-Os depositional ages and seawater Os estimates for the Frasnian-Famennian Boundary
Turgeon S, Creaser R & Algeo T

(2003) Trace Element Behavior and Redox Facies Analysis of Core Shales of Upper Pennsylvanian Kansas-Type Cyclothems
Algeo T & Maynard B

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