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All abstracts by John Brodholt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Post-Stishovite Transition of Eclogitic Stishovite: Insights from in situ XRD and Ultrasonic Interferometry
Rosenthal A, Crichton W, Thomson AR, Druzhbin D, Myhill R, Huang R & Brodholt J

(2022) Hydrous Silicate Melts and the Deep Mantle H2O Cycle
Lord OT, Drewitt J, Walter MJ, Brodholt J & Muir J

(2021) Superionic Iron-Hydrogen Alloys in Earth's Inner Core
Wang W, Li Y, Brodholt J, Vočadlo L, Walter MJ & Wu Z

(2021) Thermodynamics in the Fe-Si-O System up to 300 GPa
Boukaré C-É, Badro J & Brodholt J

(2020) Water Partitioning between Liquid Iron and Silicate Melt
Li Y, Vočadlo L, Sun T & Brodholt J

(2019) Transition-Zone Hydrous Melts
Drewitt J, Walter M, Brodholt J & Muir J

(2019) Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Investigation of SiO2 Precipitation in Earth’s Core
Huang D, Badro J, Brodholt J & Li Y

(2019) Silica Phase Transitions at Lowermost Mantle and Core Conditions
Das PK, Mohn CE, Trønnes RG & Brodholt JP

(2019) Wet Grain Boundaries of the Earth’s Lower Mantle
van Driel J, Brodholt J, Dobson D & Muir J

(2018) Crystallographic Incorporation of Hydrogen in Ringwoodite
Thomson A, Dobson D, Brodholt J, Crichton W, Cerantola V & Piltz R

(2013) Earth’s Building Blocks: The “Core Spyglass”
Badro J, Brodholt J, Siebert J & Ryerson F

(2013) Anisotropy: A Cause of Heat Flux Variation at the CMB?
Walker A, Ammann M, Stackhouse S, Wookey J, Brodholt J & Dobson D

(2012) The Major Element Composition of Earth's Core
Badro J, Brodholt J & Cote A

(2011) The Composition of the Earth’s Outer Core from First Principles
Côté A, Brodholt J & Badro J

(2011) Ferrous Iron Diffusion in Ferro-Periclase Across the Spin Transition – A DFT Study
Ammann M, Brodholt J & Dobson D

(2009) The Rheological Properties of Postperovskite and Implications for D′′
Brodholt J, Ammann M, Hunt S, Walker A & Dobson D

(2009) Absolute Diffusion Rates in MgSiO3 Perovskite and Post-Perovskite
Ammann M, Brodholt J & Dobson D

(2006) Unsolved problems in the lowermost mantle
Hirose K, Karato S, Cormier V, Brodholt J & Yuen D

(2000) Molecular Dynamics Modelling of Zn2+ Speciation in Hydrothermal Fluids
Harris D & Brodholt J

(2000) Equation of State and Elasticity of MgSiO3 Perovskite at High Temperatures from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics: Towards Interpreting Seismic Tomography
Oganov AR, Brodholt JP & Price GD

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