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All abstracts by Eelco Johan Rohling in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Recent Advances in Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry: Towards High-Resolution Paleoclimate Reconstructions from Marine Sediments
Bernasconi S, Fernandez A, M├╝ller I, van Dijk J, Rodriguez-Sanz L, Rohling E, Radke J & Schwieters J

(2017) Snowball Earth Ocean Chemistry Driven by Weathering of a Shallow Ridge System during Rodinia Breakup
Gernon T, Hincks T, Tyrrell T, Rohling E & Palmer M

(2016) More Efficient CO2 Sequestration in the North Atlantic Ocean during the Last Glacial
Yu J, Thornalley D, Jin Z, Rohling E, McCave IN, Menviel L, Foster G, McManus JF, Anderson RF, Zhang F & Wang X

(2012) The Relationship between CO2 and Ice-Volume on Geological Timescales
Foster G & Rohling E

(2010) Continuous 520, 000-Year Sea-Level Record in 250-Year Timesteps, on an Independent Radiometrically Calibrated Chronology
Rohling E

(2010) Do the Sunda Shelf and Barbados Timings for Mwp-1a Agree?
Stanford J, Rohling E & Challenor P

(2007) Breaching the North African Watershed: Driver for Mediterranean Anoxia?
Osborne A, Vance D & Rohling E

(2002) Nd Data for the Nile, Eastern Mediterranean and Forams Document Nile Outflow Increases during S1 and S5
Scrivner AE, Vance D & Rohling EJ

(2002) Ecology and Shell Chemistry: A Whole-Fauna Stable Isotope Study of Eemian Sapropel S5
Rohling EJ

(2000) Geochemical and Micro-Palaeontological Evidence of a Climatic Perturbation during Formation of the most Recent Eastern Mediterranean Sapropel
Thomson J, Mercone D, Abu-Zied R, Croudace I & Rohling E

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