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All abstracts by Sara S. Russell in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Sample Analysis of Phobos Regolith Returned by JAXA's Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) Mission and its Scientific Objectives
Fujiya W, Furukawa Y, Sugahara H, Koike M, Bajo K-I, Chabot NL, Miura YN, Moynier F, Russell SS, Tachibana S, Takano Y, Usui T & Zolensky ME

(2017) A Very Porous Lithology of the Acfer 094 Meteorite
Tsuchiyama A, Nakato A, Matsuno J, Miyake A, Matsumto MK-UAJ, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A, Nakano T, Vaccaro E & Russell S

(2017) Preparing for Asteroid Sample Return: The Story from CM and CI Meteorites
King A, Schofield P & Russell S

(2017) European Sample Return Missions and the Curation in Europe of Material Returned from Space
Russell S, Smith C, Hutzler A, Meneghin A, Brucato J, Ferriere L, Gounelle M, Westall F, Berthoud L & Grady M

(2017) Vanadium Isotope Composition of Lunar Basalts
Hopkins S, Prytulak J, Barling J, Russell S & Halliday A

(2017) A Nanoscale STXM Study of the Murchison CM2 Chondrite
Schofield P, King A, Kaulich B, Abyaneh M, Araki T & Russell S

(2016) Classification of Aqueously Altered Chondrites and Implications for Geological Processing on Chemically Primitive Asteroids
Russell S, King A & Schofield P

(2016) Origin of Extremely Deutrium-Rich Isotopic Compositions of Phosphates from LL4-6 Ordinary Chondrites
Itoh S, Higashi Y, Hashiguchi M, Sakaguchi I, Yanai K, Russell S, Greenwood J, Sakata S, Hirata T & Yurimoto H

(2015) Analysis of Cosmic Spherule Candidates from the Kwajalein Micrometeorite Collection
Wozniakiewicz P, Price M, Bradley J, Ishii H, Russell S, Zolensky M & Brownlee D

(2015) Aluminium-26 Systematics of CV3 Chondrules: Evidence for a Multi-Stage Thermal History
Russell S, Claydon J, Coath C, Lai Y-J & Elliott T

(2014) Extremely Heavier Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Phosphate Minerals from LL4-6 Ordinary Chondrites
Itoh S, Yanai K, Greenwood J, Russell S & Yurimoto H

(2013) High-Precision Mg-Isotope Measurements of Peridotites and Bulk Chondrites
Lai Y-J, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Elliott T, Russell S & Brooker R

(2007) Solar Nebular Fractionation of Refractory Elements Y and Ho
Pack A & Russell S

(2004) W Isotope Chronology of Asteroidal Core Formation
Scherst√©n A, Elliott T, Russell S & Hawkesworth C

(2004) Amoeboid Olivine Aggregates from the Semarkona LL3.0 Chondrite
Itoh S, Russell S & Yurimoto H

(2004) Fe-Isotope Composition of Pallasites
Mullane E, Russell S, Gounelle M & Mason T

(2003) Magmatic & Impact Processing on the HED Parent Body: Effects on Iron Isotope Signatures
Mullane E, Russell S, Gounelle M & Mason T

(2003) Amoeboid Olivine Aggregates in Carbonaceous Chondrites: Records of Nebular and Asteroidal Processes
Krot A, Petaev M, Itoh S, Fagan T, Yurimoto H & Russell S

(2002) High Precision Measurement of Ti Isotopes in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Materials
Guo Y, Maxshima A, Zhu X-K, Belshaw N, O'Nions K & Russell S

(2002) Iron Isotope Fractionation in an Archaean BIF Sample Suite
Mullane E, Herrington RJ, Russell SS, Gounelle M, Weiss D & Coles B

(2002) REEs in Al-Rich Chondrules: Clues to their Origin
Russell S, Gounelle M, Jeffries T & Alard O

(2002) Was 26Al a Chronometer or Heat Source in the Early Solar System?
Ash R, Russell S, Gounelle M, Young E & Belshaw N

(2002) On Early Solar System Chronology
Gounelle M & Russell S

(2002) Mg-Isotopes in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Olivines
Alard O, Burton KW, Bland PA & Russell SS

(2000) I-Xe Dating of CAI's and Chondrules from CV3 Meteorites
Whitby J, Turner G, Russell S & Gilmour J

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