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All abstracts by Emilie Bruand in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Thickness of Diversely Constructed Lithosphere Controls the Ages of Isotopic Reset in Archean Cratons
Vandenburg ED, Nebel O, Cawood PA, Smithies H, Capitanio F, Miller L, Millet M-A, Bruand E, Moyen J-F, Wang X, Raveggi M & Nebel-Jacobsen Y

(2023) Trace Elements Behaviour and Nd Isotopic Ratios in REE-Bearing Accessory Minerals along a Metamorphic Gradient: New Insights from the Chugach Metamorphic Complex (Alaska)
Biget T, Bruand E, Pereira I, Boyet M, Gasser D & St├╝we K

(2023) Rutile and Titanite Phase Stability Constraints at Subsolidus Conditions in a Mafic System: Insights from Experimental Petrology
Pereira I, Koga KT & Bruand E

(2023) Mineral-Whole Rock Isotope Fidelity in Granitoids? A Comparative Study of Hf-Nd-O Isotopes in Apatite, Titanite and Zircon
Bruand E, Fowler M, Storey C, Dhuime B & Doucelance R

(2023) High Spatial Resolution Analyses of Strontium Isotopes by LA-MC-ICP-MS: Application to Apatite Inclusions in Zircon
Buzenchi A, Moreira H, Bruguier O, Bosch D, Bruand E & Dhuime B

(2022) Insights into Secular Changes in Archean Crustal Formation Processes: The Necessity for Representative Databases
Vandenburg ED, Nebel O, Millet M-A, Bruand E, McCoy-West AJ, Cawood PA, Smithies H, Moyen J-F & Nebel-Jacobsen Y

(2022) Using Radiogenic and Stable Nd Isotopes to Trace Secular Evolution of the Archean Crust: Insights from the SWASA Collection
McCoy-West AJ, Ladwig SA, Moyen J-F, Millet M-A, Bruand E, Nebel O & Cawood PA

(2022) Mineral-Whole Rock Isotope Fidelity? A Comparative Study of Hf-Nd-O from High Ba-Sr Granites
Bruand E, Storey C, Fowler M, Dhuime B & Doucelance R

(2021) Can the Amnesia of the Earth's Continental Crust be Treated by the Resilience of Accessory Minerals?
Bruand E

(2021) Apatite Sulphur Speciation in Plutonic Rocks: A Probe for Secular Oxidation State of the Mantle?
Storey C, Moreira H, Bruand E, Darling JR & Dhuime B

(2021) Experimental Constraints on the Phase Stability of Ti Phases at Subsolidus Conditions in a Mafic System
Pereira I, Koga KT, Bruand E & Nicollet C

(2021) Ti-Mineral Stability in Metagabbros Formed at Different Stages of the Wilson Cycle
Pereira I, Bruand E, Koga KT & Nicollet C

(2021) Redox Control on Chromium Isotope Behaviour in Silicate Melts
Bonnand P, Bruand E, Matzen A, Jerram M, Wood BJ, Boyet M & Halliday AN

(2019) Trace Elements in Apatite and Titanite: A New Proxy to Discriminate Magma Evolution ?
Bruand E, Storey C, Fowler M, Antoine C, Guitreau M & Laurent O

(2019) In situ Determination of Nd Isotope Ratios in Apatite
Doucelance R, Bruand E, Matte S, Bosq C, Auclair D & Gannoun A-M

(2017) Oxygen Isotopes in Titanite and Apatite. A New Tool for Crustal Evolution?
Bruand E, Storey C, Fowler M & Heilimo E

(2017) Rutile: A Recorder of Extreme Conditions
Hart E, Storey C & Bruand E

(2017) Utilising Mineral Inclusions in Detrital Rutile
Storey C, Hart E & Bruand E

(2017) Evolution of F and Cl Relative to Lithophile Trace Elements in Oceanic Crust, from Oceanic to Subduction Metamorphisms in Western Alps
Koga KT, Rose-Koga EF, Nicollet C & Bruand E

(2016) O Isotopes in Underexplored Accessory Minerals (Titanite and Apatite). A New Tool for Crustal Evolution?
Bruand E, Storey C, Fowler M, Heilimo E & Laurent O

(2016) The Secular Evolution of Titanite and Apatite Trace Element Chemistry as a Tracer of Magmatic Evolution
Bruand E, Laurent O, Fowler M, Storey C & Heilimo E

(2015) Mineral Inclusions in Rutile: Novel Recorders of Extreme Metamorphism
Hart E, Storey C & Bruand E

(2015) Apatite and Titanite as Tracers of Magma Petrogenesis and Recorders of Geodynamic Evolution
Storey C, Bruand E, Fowler M & Heilimo E

(2015) In situ Isotopic Measurements on Mineral Inclusions as a New Window on Crustal Evolution Studies
Dhuime B, Delavault H, Hawkesworth C, Cawood P, Marschall H, Bruand E, Kemp T, Lewis J &  EIMF

(2015) The Use of Apatite and Titanite as a New Window into Magma Genesis and Early Earth
Bruand E, Fowler M, Storey C & Heilimo E

(2013) Can Mineral Inclusions in Metamorphic Rutile Help to Constrain P-T Conditions of Formation?
Hart E, Storey C & Bruand E

(2012) Geochemical Insights from Accessory Phases in a Sanukitoid-Like Suite: Towards Understanding Temporal Changes in Subduction Style
Bruand E, Storey C & Fowler M

(2011) Classical Geothermobarometry Versus Pseudosections: Practical Experiences and Strange Encounters
Proyer A & Bruand E

(2011) Fate of an Eocene HT Metamorphic Complex in a Forearc Location
Bruand E, Gasser D & Stuewe K

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