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All abstracts by Volker Brüchert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Trace Element (Ag, Cd, Re) Enrichment Patterns in Organic-Rich Sediments from the Benguela Upwelling System
Gäng F, Warnatz J, Pahnke K, Brüchert V, Lahajnar N & Böning P

(2022) Geochemical Characterization of Sediments from the Benguela Upwelling System (BUS): New Insights into Lithogenic Inputs and Enrichment Mechanisms of Trace Elements (Ba, U, Ni)
Gäng F, Böning P, Brüchert V, Lahajnar N & Pahnke K

(2021) The Critical Role of Sediment Nutrient Cycling for the Nutrient Budget of the Laptev and East Siberian Shelf Sea
Sun X, Humborg C, Mörth C-M & Brüchert V

(2018) Using an Isotope, Reaction-Transport Model to Assess Controls on the Efficiency of Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Baltic Sea Sediments
Lapham L, Alperin M, Fossing H, Ferdelman T, Brüchert V, Rehder G & Jørgensen BB

(2017) Benthic-Pelagic Coupling in the East Siberian Sea from Nitrate Isotopes
Fripiat F, Declerq M, Sapart C, Anderson L, Bruechert V, Deman F, Fonseca-Batista D, Humborg C, Roukaerts A & Dehairs F

(2017) Early Diagenesis of Silica in the Arctic Ocean Sediments Inferred by Porewater Stable Silicon Isotopes
Sun X, Humborg C, Mörth C-M & Brüchert V

(2017) Manganese, Iron, and Sulfate Reduction Rates in Terrestrial Carbon-Dominated Siberian Arctic Shelf and Slope Sediment
Brüchert V, Sawicka J, Sun X, Bröder L, Mörth M, Humborg C, Joye S & Samarkin V

(2017) What Controls Ikaite (CaCO36H2O) Formation in Ikka Fjord, Greenland?
Stockmann G, Tollefsen E, Skelton A, Brüchert V, Balic-Zunic T, Langhof J & Skogby H

(2013) A Constant Flux of Diverse Anaerobic Thermophilic Endospores into Cold Marine Sediments
Hubert CR, Bell E, de Rezende JR, Hanson CA, Suárez-Suárez A, Head IM, Loy A, Müller A, Baranyi C, Ferdelman TG, Nickel M, Vandieken V, Arnosti C, Brüchert V, Finster K, Kjeldsen KU & Barker Jørgensen B

(2013) Iron and Manganese Reduction and Associated Phosphorus Release in Coastal Baltic Sea Sediment
Downs K & Bruchert V

(2013) Seasonal Methane Fluxes and Sulfate Reduction Rates in a Eutrophied Baltic Estuarine System
Sawicka JE, OIsson C & Brüchert V

(2009) Sulfide-Oxidizing Bacteria Mediate Apatite Formation in Phosphorite-Bearing Sediments of the Namibian Upwelling System – Evidence from 33P-Labeling Experiments
Brüchert V, Goldhammer T, Ferdelman T & Zabel M

(2007) Stable Sulfur and Carbon Isotopes of Pore-Water and Solid-Phase Compounds in Sediments of the Chapopote Asphalt Volcano, Southern Gulf of Mexico
Wilhelm T, Bruechert V, Pape T, Schubotz F, Hinrichs K-U & Kasten S

(2004) Dynamics of Methane and Hydrogen Sulphide in the Water Column and Sediment of the Namibian Shelf
Bruechert V, Currie B, Peard K & Endler R

(2004) Organic Sulfur in Namibian Shelf Sediments – Rates and Processes
Dübecke A & Brüchert V

(2002) RNA as a Biomarker: Isolation of Small-Subunit Ribosomal RNA for Stable Isotopic Characterization
MacGregor BJ, Brüchert V, Fleischer S & Amann R

(2000) Dynamics of Dissolved Inorganic and Organic Sulfides in Upwelling Sediments off Namibia
Brüchert V, Neumann K & Jørgensen BB

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