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All abstracts by Jordi Bruno in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Experimental Evidence for Coffinite Formation from UO2+x
Alby D, Szenknect S, Mesbah A, Lin J, Duro L, Lopez-Garcia M, Zetterström-Evins L, Wang C, Ewing R, Dacheux N & Bruno J

(2019) The Contribution of Geochemistry to Circular Economy: Promises and Challenges
Bruno J

(2019) The Contribution of Surface Geochemistry to Nuclear Waste Management. Tribute to George Calas
Bruno J

(2017) Mechanisms for UO2 Alteration to Coffinite: Reconciling the Laboratory and Natural Analogue Evidences
Bruno J, Duro L & Zetterström Evins L

(2017) The Thermodynamics of Uranium(IV) Oxide in Aqueous Solutions. Myths and Realities
Bruno J & Spahiu K

(2015) Modeling Degradation of Cement at Different pCO2 in Flow-Through Conditions
Borkel C, Grivé M & Bruno J

(2013) Assessment of the Evolution of the Redox Conditions in a Low and Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste Repository (SFR1, Sweden)
Duro L, Domènech C, Grivé M, Roman-Ross G, Bruno J & Källström K

(2013) The Stability of Uraninite in Anaerobic Conditions: Revisiting Cigar Lake and Oklo Natural Analogues
Bruno J & Spahiu K

(2013) Gas Discharges for Continental Spain: Geochemical and Isotopic Features
Vaselli O, Nisi B, Tassi F, Darrah T, Bruno J, Elio J, Grandia F & Del Villar LP

(2012) From Aqueous to Solid Solutions: A Process Understanding of Trace Metal Incorporation into Solid Structures
Bruno J

(2012) On the Use of Hydrochemical Mixing Models to Conceptualize Hydrogeology in Fractured Rocks
Bruno J, Molinero J, Trinchero P & de Vries LM

(2009) Trace Element Behaviour in Connection to the Geological Storage of CO2. Lessons from Natural Analogues
Bruno J, Grandia F & Vilanova E

(2007) Modelling of Denitrification Plumes Induced by Organic Matter Injection in Aquifers
Grandia F, Domènech C, Jordana S, Coscera G, Arcos D, Duro L, Guimerà J & Bruno J

(2007) Modelling of Radium-Barium Sulphate Co-precipitation in the Near Field of a HLNW Repository
Grivé M, Grandia F, Merino J, Duro L & Bruno J

(2005) Presentation of the Funmig Integrated Project within the 6TH FP of the EC
Buckau G, Duro L, Kienzler B & Bruno J

(2005) Geochemical Modelling Challenges in the Sitting of Deep (and not so Deep) Repositories for Spent Fuel Disposal
Bruno J

(2004) Radionuclides Sorption onto Mineral Surfaces. The Role of Carbonate as the Linkage between Uranium and Iron Cycling
Grivé M, Duro L, de Pablo J & Bruno J

(2004) Evaluation of Current Zr(IV) Solubility Data and their Influence on the Stability of Aqueous and Solid Hydroxides
Domènech C, Duro L, Ripoll S, Bruno J & Giffaut E

(2004) Sorption and Reduction of Uranium at the Surface of Anoxically Produced Steel Corrosion Products
Duro L, Rovira M, de Pablo J, El Aamrani S, Grivé M & Bruno J

(2003) Geochemical Issues in Deep Underground Disposal of Wastes
Chapman N & Bruno J

(2002) Geochemical Model of the Granite-Bentonite-Groundwater at Ƒspˆ (LOT Experiment)
Arcos D, Bruno J & Karnland O

(2000) Experimental and Modeling Study of the Interaction between Uranium(vi) and Magnetite
El Aamrani F, Casas I, De Pablo J, Duro L, Grivé M & Bruno J

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