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All abstracts by Roger Buick in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Progressive Planetary Oxygenation: Multiple Lines of Evidence Confirm an Archean Oxidation Event at 2.5 Ga
Anbar AD, Buick R, Gordon G, Johnson A, Kendall B, Lyons TW, Ostrander CM, Planavsky NJ, Reinhard CT & Stüeken EE

(2022) A Shale-Hosted Selenium Isotope Record of Paleozoic Ocean Oxygenation
Kipp MA, Bubphamanee K, Stüeken EE, Tissot FLH, Algeo TJ, Brocks JJ, Dahl TW, Kinsley J & Buick R

(2020) Phosphorite Deposition and Earth System Oxygenation in the Paleoproterozoic Era
Kipp M, Lepland A & Buick R

(2019) Patterns of Selenium Isotope Variability within and Among Phanerozoic Black Shales
Kipp M, Algeo T & Buick R

(2019) Atmospheric CO2 Levels from 2.7 Billion Years ago Using Micrometeorite Oxidation
Lehmer O, Catling D, Buick R, Brownlee D & Newport S

(2018) Nutrient Cycling in the Permian Phosphoria Formation
Meixnerová J, Smith B, Kipp M & Buick R

(2017) Analysis of Organic Carbon Isotope Composition: Contamination Issues and New Decarbonation Process
Muller E, Stueeken E, Ader M, Thomazo C, Hallmann C, Buick R, Chaduteau C, Cartigny P, Baton F & Philippot P

(2017) Nitrogen in Minerals and Atmospheres – A Sign of Life?
Stueeken E, Kipp M, Koehler M, Schwieterman E, Johnson B & Buick R

(2016) Selenium Isotopes as a Proxy for Deep-Ocean Redox State during the Paleoproterozoic Lomagundi Event
Kipp M, Stüeken E, Bekker A & Buick R

(2013) Archean Hydrocarbon Biomarkers: Ancient or Not?
French K, Hallmann C, Hope J, Buick R, Brocks J & Summons R

(2011) Earth's Early Atmospheric Density Revealed from Archaean Raindrop Imprints
Som S, Catling D & Buick R

(2009) Stability of Complex Hydrocarbons within Fluid Inclusions in Rocks Exposed to High Temperatures
George S, Dutkiewicz A, Volk H, Ridley J & Buick R

(2009) Selenium Biogeochemistry as a Deep-Time Redox Proxy
Foriel J, Stüeken E, Nelson B & Buick R

(2007) Late Archean Biospheric Oxygenation and Atmospheric Evolution
Kaufman A, Johnston D, Farquhar J, Masterson A, Lyons T, Bates S, Anbar A, Arnold G, Garvin J & Buick R

(2007) A Whiff of Oxygen Before the Great Oxidation Event?
Anbar A, Duan Y, Lyons T, Arnold G, Kendall B, Creaser R, Kaufman AJ, Gordon G, Garvin J & Buick R

(2007) Earliest Evidence of Life on Earth
Buick R

(2006) Oil and its biomarkers trapped inside fluid inclusions ca. 2.45-2.0 Ga
Dutkiewicz A, Volk H, George S, Ridley J, Mossman D & Buick R

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