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All abstracts by Irina Bundeleva in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Arsenic Enrichment and Organomineralizations in Microbial Mats of the Dead Sea Shores
Thomas C, Gedulter N, Darvasi Y, Bundeleva I, Torfstein A, Agnon A & Ariztegui D

(2021) Effect of Culture pH on Cyanobacterial EPS Composition: Implications for Carbonate Precipitation
de Brito MM, Bundeleva I, Marin F, Wilmotte A, Vennin E & T Visscher P

(2017) Factors Controlling Development of Microbialites in the Mérantaise River (France)
Roche A, Payandi-Rolland D, Vennin E, Bundeleva I, Amiotte-Suchet P, Bouton A, Courvoisier H & Visscher P

(2017) The Biochemistry of EPS from the Cyanobacterial Strain Synechococcus PCC 7942 in the Context of Calcium Carbonate Precipitation
Bundeleva I, Zeigler-Devin I, Brosse N & Marin F

(2009) Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in the Presence of Phototrophic Anaerobic Bacteria Rhodovulum sp
Bundeleva I, Shirokova L, Bénézeth P, Pokrovsky O & Kompantseva EI

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