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All abstracts by Elvira Bura-Nakić in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Assessment of Cu(I) in Marine Waters: Evaluating Possible Impact of Antifouling Coating on Cu Redox Cycling
Bura-Nakić E & Crmarić D

(2019) Behavior of Beryllium in the Weathering Environment and its Delivery to the Oceans
Suhrhoff TJ, Rickli J, Crocket K, Bura-Nakic E & Vance D

(2017) Experimental Confirmation of Isotope Fractionation in Thiomolybdates Using Ion Chromatographic Separation and Detection by Multi-Collector ICP-MS
Kerl CF, Lohmayer R, Bura-Nakic E, Vance D & Planer-Friedrich B

(2015) Molybdenum and Uranium Isotopes in a Euxinic Lake
Bura Nakic E, Andersen MB, Archer C & Vance D

(2015) Determination of Thiomolybdates in Natural Waters by IPC-ICP-MS
Lohmayer R, Reithmaier GMS, Bura-Nakic E & Planer-Friedrich B

(2011) Nanoparticles in Aqueous Environments: Electrochemical, Nanogravimetric, STM and AFM Studies
Ciglenečki I, Bura-Nakić E, Margus M, Milanović I, Batina N, Avalos-Perez A & Krznarić D

(2011) Vertical Distribution of Fe and S Species in Anoxic Water Column of Pavin Lake (France); Electrochemical Evidence for Nanoparticulate FeS
Bura-Nakić E, Ciglenečki I & Viollier E

(2009) Seasonal Variations of Reduced Sulfur Species in a Stratified Seawater Lake (Rogoznica Lake, Croatia); Evidence for Organic Carriers of Reactive Sulfur
Bura-Nakić E, Helz GR, Ciglenečki I & Ćosović B

(2007) Voltammetry as a Tool for Detecting Metal Sulfide Particles and Nanoparticles in Natural Waters
Bura-Nakic E, Krznaric D, Helz GR & Ciglenecki I

(2007) Voltammetry of Chalcogenide Nanoparticles; The Preconcentration Mechanism at Hg(0) Surfaces
Krznaric D, Helz G & Bura-Nakic E

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