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All abstracts by M Smith in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Applications of High Field Solid State NMR Techniques to Examine Problems in Geochemistry
Smith M, Howes A, Kohn S, Roome B, Couch S & Klimm K

(2005) <+>210<$>Pb-<+>226<$>Ra-<+>230<$>Th Disequilibria in Very Young Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts
Rubin K, van der Zander I, Smith M & Bergmanis E

(2005) Isotopic Effects in Reactive Fluid-Rock Systems with Fracture-Dominated Flow and Matrix Diffusion
DePaolo D & Smith M

(2005) On the <+>40<$>Ar/<+>39<$>Ar Age of Biotite in Green River Formation Ash: The Advantages of Incrementally Heating Single Crystals with a Laser
Smith M, Singer B & Carroll A

(2004) The Effect of Dissolved Water on the Intracrystalline Partitioning of Al in Orthopyroxene
Kohn S, Roome B & Smith M

(2004) Trace Element Incorporation into Garnet as a Tracer of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow and Crystal Growth
Smith M, Henderson P & Jeffries T

(2004) Is There a Genetic Link between Iron Oxide-Apatite and Cu Deposits, Norbotten, Sweden?
Gleeson S, Smith M & Storey C

(2004) LA-ICPMS Common Pb Corrected U-Th-Pb Dating of Titanite
Storey C, Jeffries T & Smith M

(2001) Geochemistry and Organic Chemistry on the Surface of Titan
Lunine JI, Beauchamp P, Beauchamp J, Dougherty D, Welch C, Raulin F, Shapiro R & Smith M

(2000) REE and Uranium in Skarn Garnets and Other Phases: Constraints on the Transport of U and REE in Skarn Forming Fluids
Smith M, Henderson P, Long J & Williams CT

(2000) Fluid Evolution and The Formation and Alteration of Allanite in Skarn from the Beinn an Dhubaich Granite Aureole, Skye
Smith M & Henderson P

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