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All abstracts by Raymond Burgess in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Origin of the ~3.5 Ga Bon Accord Ni Deposit, Barberton, South Africa
Clay PL, O'Driscoll B, Day JMD, Burgess R, Bonnand P & Busemann H

(2018) Primordial and Recycled Noble Gases in the Deep Mantle
Street K, Hartley M, Holland G, Burgess R, Waters E, Shorttle O & Haldorsson SA

(2018) Source vs. Contamination in Martian Shergottites: Noble Gas and Halogen Insights
Ruzie-Hamilton L, Clay P & Burgess R

(2018) Lunar Halogen Determinations Using a Noble Gas Approach
Burgess R, Clay P, Joy K, McDonald F, Busemann H, Ruzie-Hamilton L, Joachim B, Tartese R, Lyon I & Ballentine C

(2018) Halogens as Key Tracers of Volatile Evolution in the Terrestrial Planets
Clay PL, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruziè-Hamilton L, Joachim B, Day JMD, Lyon I, King A, Russell SS, Schofield P & Ballentine CJ

(2018) Halogens in Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle beneath Southern Patagonia
Sumino H, Burgess R, Jalowitzki T, Kobayashi M & Conceicao R

(2018) Tracing Slab Volatiles during Subduction Through the Noble Gas Isotope and Halogen Systematics of Ophiolites
Carter E, O'Driscoll B, Burgess R & Clay P

(2017) Generation and Evolution of Volatile-Rich Magmas from El Hierro, Canary Islands
Taracsák Z, Hartley ME, Longpré M-A, Burgess R & Edmonds M

(2017) Insights into a HIMU Mantle Source: A Combined Noble Gas and Halogen Study of La Palma, Canary Islands
Jones R, Ruddy L, Walowski K, Burgess R & Ballentine C

(2017) Quantifying Subducted Volatiles from the Leka Ophiolite, Norway
Carter E, O'Driscoll B, Burgess R, Clay P & Holland G

(2017) Water Subduction Processes Constrained by Halogens and Noble Gases in the Sanbagawa Metamorphic Rocks
Sumino H, Burgess R, Kouketsu Y, Mizukami T, Kobayashi M, Endo S, Yoshida K, Hirajima T, Wallis S & Ballentine C

(2017) Nearside Lunar Mantle Halogen Composition from Mare Basalts
McDonald FE, Clay PL, Joy KH, Ballentine CJ & Burgess R

(2017) Effect of Water on the F and Cl Partitioning Behavior between Olivine and Silicate Melt
Joachim B, Stechern A, Ludwig T, Konzett J, Ruzié-Hamilton L, Clay P, Burgess R & Ballentine C

(2017) Halogens (F, Cl, Br, I) in High Pressure Subduction Zone Minerals from the Western and Central Alps
Hughes L, Burgess R, Pawley A, Chavrit D, Lyon I, Tartese R, Droop G & Ballentine C

(2017) Process of Volatile Addition to Earth Revealed by Halogens in Chondrites
Clay P, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruziè-Hamilton L, Joachim B, Day J & Ballentine C

(2016) Halogen Geochemistry of Lunar Rocks
Clay PL, McDonald FE, Joy KH, Burgess R, Ruziè-Hamilton L, Joachim B & Ballentine CJ

(2016) Iodine Budget in the Manus Back-Arc Basin: Implication for the Iodine Cycle in the Earth’s Mantle
Ruzie L, Chavrit D, Hilton D, Burgess R, Joachim B, Clay P, Sinton J & Ballentine C

(2016) Identifying Metasomatic Components within the SCLM Using Halogens and Noble Gases
Broadley M, Barry P, Burgess R, Sumino H, Ballentine C & Taylor L

(2016) Noble Gas and Halogen Variation of Volcanic Rocks from the Izu-Mariana Subduction Zone
Sumino H, Kobayashi M, Burgess R, Jepson L, Machida S, Shimizu A, Hahm D, Hilton D & Ballentine C

(2016) Halogen and Noble Gas Systematics within Mantle Xenoliths from Intraplate Settings
Kobayashi M, Sumino H, Burgess R, Iizuka T, Nagao J, Nakamura M, Takahashi E & Ballentine C

(2016) Halogens in the Bon Accord Ni-Sulphide Deposit
O'Driscoll B, Clay PL, Bonnand P & Burgess R

(2016) Noble Gas Evolution in Submarine Volcanoes: New Forecasting Perspectives
Álvarez-Valero AM, Burgess R, Bárcena MÁ, Fraile-Nuez E, Ban M, Flores JA, Recio C, Ruzie L, Geyer A, Giralt S, Recio G & Jordan R

(2016) Halogen Fluxes at Mid-Ocean Ridges and Budget in Surface Environments
Kagoshima T, Ruzié-Hamilton L, Burgess R, Takahata N & Sano Y

(2015) Archaean Mantle Halogen Composition from Komatiites
McDonald F, Clay P, Joy K, Ruzie L, Ballantine C & Burgess R

(2015) Mantle Metasomatism in Subduction Zone and Intraplate Settings Based on Halogen and Noble Gas Systematics
Kobayashi M, Sumino H, Nagao K, Burgess R, Ishimaru S, Arai S, Yoshikawa M, Kawamoto T, Kumagai Y, Kobayashi T, Nakamura M, Takahashi E & Ballentine C

(2015) Halogen Abundances in OIB Source Regions
Joachim B, Pawley A, Lyon I, Henkel T, Marquardt K, Clay P, Burgess R & Ballentine C

(2015) Multiple Metasomatic Events within the Siberian SCLM Revealed by Halogen and Noble Gas Analysis
Broadley M, Barry P, Burgess R, Sumino H, Ballentine C, Zedgenizov D & Taylor L

(2015) Post-Basin Impact Modification of the Lunar Highlands Recorded by Apollo 16 Impact Splash Coats
Joy KH, Burgess R, Clay PL, Ruzie L, Curran NM & McDonald FM

(2015) Across-Arc Noble Gas and Halogen Variation of Volcanic Rocks from the Izu-Ogasawara Subduction Zone
Sumino H, Burgess R, Jepson L, Chavrit D, Shimizu A, Machida S & Ballentine C

(2015) The Evolution of the Isotopic Composition of the Atmosphere Through Time
Avice G, Marty B, Burgess R & Zimmermann L

(2014) Halogen and Noble Gas Evolution along the Emperor Seamount Chain
Broadley M, Burgess R, Graham D & Ballentine C

(2014) Age & Chemical Diversity of Basaltic Particles in the Apollo 12 Regolith
Joy KH, Burgess R, Ruzie L, Clay P, Snape JF, Alexander L & Crawford IA

(2014) Halogen Geochemistry of Planetary Building Blocks
Clay PL, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruzie L, Joachim B & Ballentine C

(2014) Mineralogical and Spatial Control of Seawater-Derived Noble Gases and Halogens in the Oceanic Crust
Chavrit D, Burgess R, Sumino H, Teagle D & Ballentine CJ

(2014) The Timing of Volcano-Ice Interactions in Iceland
Street K, Burgess R, Brocklehurst S & McGarvie D

(2014) Halogen Incorporation in Forsterite at Earth´s Mantle Conditions
Joachim B, Marquardt K, Pawley A, Lyon I, Henkel T, Burgess R & Ballentine C

(2014) Evidence for Volatile Recycling from Determination of the OIB Mantle Source Halogen Concentration
Joachim B, Pawley A, Lyon I, Henkel T, Clay P, Ruzié L, Burgess R & Ballentine C

(2014) Geochemical Insights into the Composition of the Archean Atmosphere
Marty B, Avice G, Burgess R, Burnard P, Hebrard E, Kuga M, Philippot P, Pujol M & Zimmermann L

(2014) Tracing Seawater Contamination within a MORB Pillow
Broadley M, Burgess R, Kumagai H & Ballentine C

(2014) Neutron Irradiation Noble Gas Mass Spectrometric Technique for Quantifying Cl, Br and I in Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial Rock Samples
Ruzie L, Clay PL, Burgess R, Sumino H, Kobayashi M & Ballentine C

(2014) Spatial Distribution of Halogens (Cl, Br, I) in Back-Arc Basin Basalts
Chavrit D, Ruzié L, Burgess R, Hilton DR, Sinton J & Ballentine CJ

(2013) Noble Gas and Halogen Recycling at Subduction Zones
Sumino H, Kobayashi M, Chavrit D, Jepson L, Shimizu A, Kimura J-I, Burgess R & Ballentine C

(2013) The Halogen Cycle in Subduction Zones: Insight from Back-Arc Basin Basalts
Chavrit D, Ruzie L, Burgess R, Hilton DR, Sumino H, Sinton J & Ballentine CJ

(2013) Halogen Partitioning Behavior at Earth's Mantle Conditions
Joachim B, Lyon I, Pawley A, Henkel T, Ruzie L, Clay P, Burgess R & Ballentine CJ

(2013) Halogens in Basalts of the Azores, Canaries and Tristan da Cunha
Jepson L, Burgess R, Fernandes V, Murphy D & Ballentine C

(2013) Recycled Volatiles beneath the Western Antarctic Rift
Broadley M, Ballentine C, Dallai L & Burgess R

(2013) The Composition of the Archean Atmosphere as a Tracer of Volatile Exchange between the Mantle, the Surface and the Outer Space
Marty B, Pujol M, Burgess R, Hébrard E, Zimmermann L & Philippot P

(2013) Subducted Halogens and Noble Gases in the Mantle Wedge Peridotites
Kobayashi M, Sumino H, Nagao K, Ishimaru S, Arai S, Yoshikawa M, Kawamoto T, Kumagai Y, Kobayashi T, Burgess R & Ballentine CJ

(2013) Halogen (Cl, Br and I) Inventory of the Primitive Meteorites
Clay P, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruzie L, Joachim B & Ballentine C

(2013) Halogen Abundances of the Martian Mantle
Burgess R, Cartwright J & Filiberto J

(2013) Combined Halogen (Cl, Br, I) and Noble Gas Mantle Geochemistry
Ballentine C, Burgess R, Sumino H, Hilton D, Graham D, Van Keken P, Chavrit D, Ruzie L, Clay P, Joachim B, Moorsom B, Jepsom L & Broadley M

(2013) Halogen Systematics of the Manus Spreading Center
Ruzie L, Chavrit D, Burgess R, Clay P, Joachim B, Hilton DR, Sinton JM & Ballentine CJ

(2012) Halogens and Noble Gases Subducted into the Mantle: Constraints from Mantle Wedge Peridotites and Olivines in Arc Lavas
Sumino H, Abbott L, Shimizu A, Burgess R & Ballentine C

(2012) Continental Surface Temperatures Inferred from the Investigation of Fossil Hydrothermal Systems
Dallai L & Burgess R

(2012) Nitrogen Composition of the Ancient Atmosphere from Fluid Inclusion Analysis of Archean Quartz
Marty B, Zimmermann L, Pujol M, Burgess R & Phillipot P

(2012) Noble Gases and Halogens in the Oceanic Crust
Chavrit D, Burgess R, Weston B, Abbott L, Teagle D & Ballentine C

(2011) Noble Gases and Halogens in the MORB-Source Mantle: Recycled?
Ballentine C, Burgess R, Weston B, Chavrit D, Sumino H & Teagle D

(2011) Recycled Halogen Signature Preserved in the Tristan Hotspot
Abbott L, Burgess R, Murphy D & Ballentine C

(2011) The Noble Gas and Halogen Composition of the Hydrated Oceanic Crust
Chavrit D, Burgess R, Ballentine C, Weston B & Teagle D

(2011) Noble Gases and Halogens in Icelandic Basalts
Weston B, Burgess R & Ballentine CJ

(2011) Slab-Derived Halogens and Noble Gases with a Marine Pore-Fluid Signature
Sumino H, Ballentine C, Burgess R, Endo S, Yoshida K, Mizukami T, Holland G, Wallis S & Hirajima T

(2011) Diamond-Facies Fluid Flow during Subduction: Evidence & Consequence
Quas-Cohen A, Cuthbert S, Droop G, Ballentine C & Burgess R

(2010) Norwegian Garnet Websterites: Analogues for Mantle Metasomatism?
Cuthbert S, Qas-Cohen A, Ballentine C, Burgess R & Droop G

(2009) Developing Models of Disequilibrium Magma Degassing
Weston B, Burgess R & Ballentine C

(2009) Fluid Origins in Orogenic Au Mineralization Defined by Noble Gas-Halogen Systematics, Alpine & Otago Schists, New Zealand
Goodwin N, Burgess R, Craw D, Sumino H, Teagle D & Ballentine C

(2009) Petrography and Chronology of Lunar Meteorite NWA 4472
Joy KH, Burgess R, Hinton R, Fernandes VA, Crawford IA, Kearsley A & Irving A

(2008) Preliminary Ar-Ar Studies of Lunar Basaltic Meteorite Dhofar 287-A
Fernandes V, Becker T, Renne P & Burgess R

(2008) Ar-Ar Ages for Lunar Basalt Meteorites: A 881757, Y 793169, MIL 05035, LAP 02205, NWA479 and EET 96008
Morris A, Fernandes V & Burgess R

(2008) 40Ar/39Ar Age Constraints for the D2 Variscan Extension in the Porto-Viseu Metamorphic Belt (Portugal)
Valle Aguado B, Azevedo M, Nolan J & Burgess R

(2008) Combined Noble Gas-Halogen Study of Mesothermal Au Fluid Origin, Alpine & Otago Schists, NZ
Goodwin N, Ballentine C, Burgess R, Craw D, Sumino H & Teagle D

(2007) Possible Paleo-Climatic Record from Fossil Hydrothermal Systems in the Ross Sea Area, Antarctica
Dallai L & Burgess R

(2007) A Noble Gas Approach to Fluid Origin in Mesothermal Gold Deposits, Otago & Alpine Schists, New Zealand
Goodwin N, Ballentine C, Burgess R, Craw D, Sumino H & Teagle D

(2007) Subducted Noble Gas and Halogen Preserved in Wedge Mantle Peridotite from the Sanbagawa Belt, SW Japan
Sumino H, Burgess R, Mizukami T, Wallis S & Ballentine C

(2006) Primitive mantle source components with variable initial (U+Th)/He and U/Pb inferred from new data from Tristan da Cunha
Murphy D, Ballentine C, Burgess R & Kamber B

(2004) Halogen Concentrations of Banded Iron Formations ? Implications for the Chemical Evolution of Precambrian Oceans
Goldsmith S, Burgess R, Gilmour J & Polya D

(2004) SWIR Off-Axis Dredging by SWIFT
Storey M, Mahoney J, Nikolajsen S, Burgess R, Poulsen D & Ludden J

(2003) Noble Gas and Halogen Evidence on the Origin of Scandinavian Sandstone Hosted Pb-Zn Deposits
Kendrick M, Burgess R, Harrison D & Bjørlykke A

(2000) New Ar-Ar Data on Nakhla Minerals
Burgess R, Holland G, Fernandes V & Turner G

Kendrick M, Burgess R, Pattrick RAD & Turner G

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