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All abstracts by Peter Burnard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Geochemistry of Gas Seeps from Haiti: Evidence of Plate Boundary Faults and Underthrusting of Oceanic Crust
Battani A, Mercier de Lepinay B, Stuart F, Burnard P, Pujol M & Momplaisir R

(2017) The Diffusion Coefficients of Noble Gases (He-Ar) in a Synthetic Basaltic Liquid: One-Dimensional Diffusion Experiments
Tissandier L, Burnard P, Amalberti J & Laporte D

(2017) The Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano Plumbing System Architecture, and Composition from Source to Surface
Mollex G, France L, Füri E, Bonnet R, Botcharnikov R, Zimmermann L, Wilke S, Deloule E, Chazot G, Kazimoto E, Marty B & Burnard P

(2017) Storage and Diffusion of Helium in Olivine Grain Boundaries
Delon R, Demouchy S, Marrocchi Y, Bouhifd A & Burnard P

(2016) Incorporation and Diffusion of Noble Gases in Grain Boundaries
Delon R, Demouchy S, Marrocchi Y, Bouhifd A & Burnard P

(2016) Experimental Protocol for Diffusion of Noble Gas in Polycrystalline Olivine
Burnard P, Demouchy S, Delon R, Arnaud N, Bouhifd MA, Marrocchi Y, Cordier P & Addad A

(2016) Chondritic Xenon in a Mantle Plume beneath Eifel (Germany): Implications for Early Earth's Differentiation
Caracausi A, Avice G, Burnard P, Furi E & Marty B

(2016) 3He Excess in Air, a New Potential Tracer for Volcanic CO2 Emissions in the Atmosphere
Boucher C, Marty B, Lan T, Mabry J, Burnard P, Boucher P, Zimmermann L, Ayalew D, Fischer T, De Moor JM & Zelenski M

(2015) Genesis and Evolution of Highly Alkaline Magmas at Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania
Mollex G, France L, Burnard P & Boudoire G

(2015) Distinguishing Recycled Heavy Noble Gases from Atmosphere Contaminants
Delon R, Burnard P & Marrocchi Y

(2015) The Controversy of the Variation of the Helium Isotopes Ratio in Air with Latitude
Boucher C, Lan TF, Bekaert D, Mabry J, Marty B & Burnard P

(2014) Geochemical Insights into the Composition of the Archean Atmosphere
Marty B, Avice G, Burgess R, Burnard P, Hebrard E, Kuga M, Philippot P, Pujol M & Zimmermann L

(2013) He and Ar Diffusivity in Basaltic Glasses and Melts
Amalberti J, Burnard P & Laporte D

(2013) Temporal Variations of Atmospheric Helium Isotopes
Mabry J, Lan T, Burnard P & Marty B

(2013) High-Precision Atmospheric Helium Isotope Measurement in Volcanic Areas
Lan TF, Mabry JC, Marty B, Burnard P, Füri E, de Moor JM, Fischer TP & McMurtry GM

(2012) Diffusion Compensation and Application of Graham's Law to Noble Gas Diffusivities
Burnard P

(2012) He and Ar Diffusivity in Natural MORB Glasses
Amalberti J & Burnard P

(2012) Investigations into Temporal and Spatial Variations in Atmospheric Helium Isotopes
Mabry J, Marty B & Burnard P

(2012) 'Bubble-Less' Degassing of MORB Magmas
Burnard P & Colin A

(2011) Magma Degassing Timescales from Vesicle Size Distribution and Bubble Composition Heterogeneity in MORB Glasses
Colin A, Burnard P & Marty B

(2011) Variations in Atmospheric Helium Isotopes
Mabry J, Marty B & Burnard P

(2009) Distinguishing Nucleogenic from Mantle Derived 3He in a 120 Ma Uranium Deposit
Burnard P & Hu R

(2009) Xenon in Archean Barite
Pujol M, Marty B, Burnard P & Philippot P

(2009) Does Magma Degassing Affect Rhenium Contents of MORB?
Reisberg L & Burnard P

(2009) Large Scale Nitrogen Isotope Variation in the Solar System
Marty B, Zimmermann L & Burnard P

(2009) A Study of Degassing at Mid-Oceanic Ridges by Bubble-By-Bubble Analyses
Colin A, Burnard P & Marty B

(2008) Assessing a Plume Contribution to the Galapagos Speading Center by Neon Isotopes
Colin A, Burnard P, Marty B & Graham D

(2008) Ar Solubility in Mantle Phases (Revisited)
Burnard P, Toplis M & Marrocchi Y

(2008) In situ Cosmogenic 36Cl Production Rate Calibration from Ca and K in Lava Flows
Schimmelpfennig I, Benedetti L, Pik R, Burnard P, Blard PH, Dunai T & Bourlès D

(2007) Genesis and the Isotopic Composition of Nitrogen in the Solar Wind
Marty B, Zimmermann L & Burnard P

(2007) Further Constraints on Helium Partitioning in Mantle Minerals
Burnard P, Farley K & Toplis M

(2007) Low-Latitude Calibrations of Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates
Williams A, Pik R & Burnard P

(2007) In situ Cosmogenic 36Cl Production Rate Calibration on Basaltic Flows of Mount Etna (Sicily, 38°N)
Schimmelpfennig I, Benedetti L, Pik R, Burnard P, Blard P-H & Bourlès D

(2007) Helium and Argon Solubility in Silicate Melts: Relationship between Solubility and Liquid Structure
Marrocchi Y, Toplis MJ & Burnard P

(2007) Neon and Plume – MORB Mixing along the Galapagos Spreading Center
Poirier V, Burnard P, Graham D & Marrocchi Y

(2006) High resolution, multicollector noble gas mass spectrometry: HELIX-MC
Burnard P, Pujol M, Basset R & Marty B

(2006) Xe isotopes in carbonatites: Oldonyo Lengai, East African Rift
Burnard P, Basset R, Marty B, Fischer T, Palhol F, Mangasini F & Makene C

(2005) Helium Solubility in Carbonate Liquids: Potential for Generating High <+>3<$>He/U Mantle
Burnard P & Toplis M

(2004) Importance of Mantle Derived Fluids during Granite Associated Hydrothermal Circulation
Burnard P & Polya D

(2004) Correlation between Helium and Sulfur Isotopes Observed in the Machangqing Cupper Deposit, China
Hu R, Bi X, Burnard P & Zhou M

(2003) Diffusive Fractionation of Helium Isotopes during Mantle Melting
Burnard P

(2002) Mantle-Derived Components in Xiangshan Uranium Deposit, Jiangxi, China
Hu R-Z, Zhao J, Peng J, Bi X, Farley KA & Burnard P

(2001) Volatiles in the Source of Basalts from the Southeast Indian: Degassing Corrections from Noble Gas Trajectories
Burnard PG, Farley KA & Graham DW

(2000) Fractionation of Noble Gases during Mantle Melting: Amsterdam-St. Paul's Plateau, South East Indian Ridge
Burnard P, Farley K, Graham D & Mukhopadhyay S

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