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All abstracts by Grenville Turner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Plutonium-244 in the Early Earth
Crowther SA, Turner G, Busfield A & Gilmour JD

(2006) Recent and Future Developments of the RELAX Mass Spectrometer.
Gilmour J, Crowther SA, Blagburn DJ & Turner G

(2004) He, Hf, Nd and Double Spike Pb Isotope Geochemistry of the Canary Islands Archipelago
Mouatt J, Baker J, Harrison D, Peate D & Turner G

(2004) Xenon Isotopes in Ancient Zircons and the Pu/U Ratio of the Early Earth
Turner G, Harrison T, Mohapatra R, Mojzsis S & Gilmour J

(2003) Evidence of Extinct 244Pa in Hadean Zircons
Turner G & Harrison M

(2002) Variable 3He/4He Ratios in Volcanic Lavas Caused by Isotopic Fractionation
Harrison D, Barry T & Turner G

(2002) Geographical Variation of 3He/4He Ratios within the Canary Islands
Mouatt J, Harrison D, Turner G & Thirlwall M

(2002) Mantle Helium in Sulphides Deposited in a Palaeozoic Arc Setting
Turner G, Harrison D & Herrington R

(2002) Isotopic Order, Biogeochemical Processes, and Earth History
Turner G

(2002) Xenon Isotopes in Nanodiamonds
Holland G, Gilmour J, Verchovsky S & Turner G

(2002) I-Xe Analyses of Chainpur Chondrules
Busfield A, Holland G, Bridges J, Gilmour J & Turner G

(2002) A 3D Approach to Xenon Isotopes in Interstellar Grains
Turner G & Gilmour J

(2000) A Novel Radiometric Dating Technique
Gilmour J, Whitby J, Pattrick R & Turner G

(2000) New Ar-Ar Data on Nakhla Minerals
Burgess R, Holland G, Fernandes V & Turner G

(2000) I-Xe Dating of CAI's and Chondrules from CV3 Meteorites
Whitby J, Turner G, Russell S & Gilmour J

Kendrick M, Burgess R, Pattrick RAD & Turner G

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